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  • My EmptinessDeath Of The Star04:45

  • Seduced By SuicideThe Death Of My Life03:56

  • My Chemical RomanceGoodnite, Dr. Death [Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys]01:59

  • The Death Of Pop Tell Me My Name03:28

  • The Death Of PopSun In My Eyes03:30

  • Queen 1975 A Night At The OperaFull: 01-Death On Two Legs,02-Lazing On A Sunday,03-I'm In Love With My Car,04-You're My Best Friend,05-39,06-Sweet Lady,07-Seaside Rendezvous,08-The Prophet's Song,09-Love Of My Life,10-Good Company,11-Bohemian Rhapsody,12-God Save The Queen43:13

  • Mastodon - Blood And ThunderI Think That Someone Is Trying To Kill Me Infecting My Blood And Destroying My Mind No Man Of The Flesh Could Ever Stop Me The Fight For This Fish Is A Fight To The Death White Whale - Holy Grail What Remorseless Emperor Commands Me I No Longer 03:48

  • Tapinoma SayFrom The Depths Of My Death (Rise Of The Winter 2012)08:28

  • The HextallsMy Xbox Got The Red Ring Of Death02:30

  • Henry PurcellCD 6: Come, Ye Sons Of Art (Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Z323 / Rejoice In The Lord Alway "The Bell Anthem", Z49 / My Beloved Spake, Z23 / John Blow: Ode On The Death Of Mr. Henry Purcell) (The Deller Consort, Alfred Deller), 200801:10:40

  • I Miss My DeathIn The Dark Garden Of The Vampire (2014 - In Memories)06:36

  • Anger CellThe Skin Of My Knees[death Metal]04:45

  • The Death Of PopSun In My Eyes03:33

  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynnOne More Soul To The Call (OST Silent Hill Homecoming) Enough... With The Light... Tell Me One... More Time... My Blood... Your Line... Is This You, Inside? Death... To The Living... The Flame Has No Living Heart In The Order, Of Life, They Know You...06:05

  • Power Of ZeusI Lost My Love/The Death Trip09:36

  • Legion Of The DamnedDeath Is My Master (Slay For Kali)05:09

  • Joe HisaishiKahsan No Shi (The Death Of My Mother)02:56

  • Old WitchThe Vague Fears That Bother My Waking Life Regarding The Inevitability Of Death And What May Or May Not Lie Beyond12:13

  • HIMFor You...In The Grace Of Your Love I Writhe, Writhe In Pain In 666 Ways I Love You And I Hope You Feel The Same I'm For You I'm For You I'm Killing Myself For Your Love And Again All Is Lost In 777 Ways I Love You 'til My Death Do Us Ap04:00

  • Mad MaxThoughts Of A Dying Man - Feeling Like Having Broken Wings I'm Expecting The End Of My Time In My Dreams I Hear The Bells Of Heaven Armies Of Angels Give The Deadly Sign I Know I'm A Child Of Death Standing On The Edge Of My Life I See The Tears 06:18

  • Seduced By SuicideThe Death Of My Life [2006]03:55

  • Death Sentence The Flame Of Hope In My Heart 04:17

  • Tentacle 1971 / The Angel Of Death / 1.My Destiny My Faith20:20

  • Vbots.ruЩас блять романтику схуярю Take Me To Church I'll Worship Like A Dog At The Shrine Of Your Lies I'll Tell You My Sins And You Can Sharpen Your Knife Offer Me That Deathless Death Good God, Let Me Give You My Life 06.0500:14

  • The Death Of PopTell Me My Name03:25

  • With Darkness Deep, As Is My Woe, Hide Me, Ye Shades Of Night;Your Thickest Veil Around Me Throw, Conceal'd From Human Sight. Or Come Thou, Death, Thy Victim Save, Kindly Embosom'd In The Grave. 'Theodora' (Maureen Forrester, J.Somary, 1968)04:14

  • Death Enters My OceanIn The Eye Of Our Beholder04:57

  • Funeral Of My DeathThe Time To Die Is Now(Instrumental)02:40

  • NekrorgasmWhen The River Of Gore Burst My Eyes [Demo Bonus] [Brutal Death Hip-Hop / Goregrind Hip-Hop]02:11

  • Dimas & MartinezThe Death Of My Soul (Adolf Marsan Mix)08:50

  • Blue Water White DeathThis Is The Scrunchyface Of My Dreams02:04

  • Your Voice Inside My HeadThe Story Of My Death [demo-version]03:37

  • The NamesMy Angel Of Death06:27

  • My Dying BrideThe Return Of The Beautiful (

  • Metal StringsShadow Of My Grave (Escape From The Death_2012)04:14

  • Shadow Of My DeathThe Sea Of Pain02:53

  • My Meaningless ExistenceThe Only Happy Day In Life Is The Day Of Death05:10

  • Reptilian DeathMarvelous Gods - The Apple Of My Eye03:32

  • DodsferdDeath Set The Beginning Of My Journey07:50

  • James Dean Death SceneThe Ballad Of Old Gravey (I Lost My Head)04:59

  • Dimas & MartinezThe Death Of My Soul (Original Version)09:34

  • Hans Zimmer ( Gwen Stacy Death )Rest Of My Life (OST The Amazing Spider-man 2)02:50

  • VitasThe Birthday Of My Death05:11

  • (Hardcore) The Dope-XThe Day Of My Death05:41

  • F.H.What You're Doing To Me,you're My World,my Everything,you're Gonna Be The Death Of Me,so Let Me Go! Just Let Me Go.03:34