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  • Gokukoku No Brynhildr / Brynhildr In The Darkness [Soundtrack]Черный полюс Брунхильды / Брунхильда во тьме01:30

  • TES V: Special Edition Soundtrack[2011 - Cd3] - Death In The Darkness02:37

  • Catherine Wheel (The Darkness 2 SoundTrack)Waydown03:14

  • Call Of Juarez: The Cartel (Original Game Soundtrack)Shots In The Darkness02:25

  • Hal David And John Cacavas (The Darkness 2 SoundTrack)The Way To Your Heart03:03

  • The Darkness II [Soundtrack] Main Menu Theme02:38

  • Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX SoundtrackDARKNESS OF THE UNKNOWN FULL AND COMPLETE HD07:38

  • The Darkness 2 SoundtrackTogether Again...02:45

  • Dean Martin (The Darkness 2 SoundTrack)In The Chapel In The Moonlight02:34

  • Kevin Kiner Darkness On Umbara (Star Wars: The Clone Wars OST)02:09

  • Fallout 3: Original Game SoundtrackClues In The Darkness08:42

  • The Darkness II SoundtrackSeeing Jenny Again01:29

  • World Of Darkness SoundtrackSomething In The Air02:25

  • Dead Island SoundtrackOut Of The Darkness01:45

  • Hans ZimmerRisen From Darkness (Bonus Track) | The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack04:26

  • EgonThe Darkness (Starcraft 2: Corrupted Soundtrack)03:18

  • Necromania: Trap Of Darkness SoundtrackThe Traps01:49

  • Resident Evil 4 HD The Darkness WorldResident Evil Boss Outbreak Soundtrack - Thanatos -01:52

  • In FlamesWhere The Dead Ships Dwell (The Darkness 2 SoundTrack) (

  • The Darkness Original SoundtrackAction Theme 105:17

  • Durarara!! Original Soundtrack №1Darkness That Tears At The Darkness03:04

  • Joseph LoDuca 'Evil Dead 3 Army Of Darkness Soundtrack' [1992] 09The Forest Of The Dead / Graveyard00:30

  • Devil May Cry 2 Original SoundtrackDarkness Instinct (Argosax The Chaos Battle)02:07

  • Soundtrack - Interview With The VampireBorn To Darkness Pt 201:11

  • SoundtrackLet Her Go Into The Darkness01:19

  • Wizardry: Tale Of The Forsaken Land SoundtrackWorld Of Darkness01:40

  • НеизвестенThe Darkness II [Soundtrack] Main Menu Theme02:38

  • Darkness Leads The Way (8-bit Original)My New Soundtrack04:53

  • Dir En GreyHageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami...Hageshisato/The Violence And The Darkness, Coiled Around My Body (Saw 3D Official Soundtrack)04:03

  • Soundtrack - Interview With The VampireBorn To Darkness03:04

  • Chaos Legion SoundtrackWelcome To The Darkness04:01

  • ஐ Game "ShaoLin / Lord Of Fist" (PlayStation 1) ஐ•• Soundtrack "Into The Darkness" ••05:03

  • Aubrey HodgesQuest For Glory 4 Shadows Of Darkness (OST-2015) - 16 - The Lake - Soundtrack Version (Real Instruments) (15-16k)02:24

  • Hans Zimmer06. Born In Darkness [The Dark Knight Rises (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]01:56