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  • The CrampsFever04:16

  • The CrampsI Can't Hardly Stand It02:43

  • SpoonTV Set (The Cramps Cover)03:14

  • The CrampsI Was A Teenage Werewolf03:03

  • The CrampsLike A Bad Girl Should03:05

  • Hanni El KhatibHuman Fly (The Cramps Cover)02:57

  • The CrampsSurfin' Dead04:12

  • The CrampsAll Women Are Bad03:09

  • The CrampsHuman Fly02:15

  • The CrampsI Can't Hardly Stand It02:42

  • The CrampsPrimitive03:32

  • The CrampsI Wanna Get In Your Pants04:19

  • The CrampsI Walked All Night02:49

  • The CrampsGoo Goo Muck03:06

  • The CrampsCan Your Pussy Do The Dog?03:21

  • The CrampsFever04:16

  • The CrampsHuman Fly02:14

  • The CrampsGarbageman03:31

  • The CrampsCaveman03:50

  • The CrampsLike A Bad Girl Should03:07

  • The Cramps I Walked All Night02:49

  • The CrampsBikini Girls With Machine Guns03:17

  • The CrampsNew Kind Of Kick03:30

  • The CrampsLove Me02:02

  • The CrampsGod Damn Rock'n'Roll02:38

  • The CrampsSunglasses After Dark03:47

  • The CrampsThe Crusher01:48

  • CrampsWhat's Behind The Mask03:16

  • The CrampsLet's Get Fucked Up02:47

  • The CrampsSurfin' Bird05:13

  • The CrampsShe Said03:17

  • THE CRAMPSPapa Satan Sang Louie02:48

  • The CrampsFever04:17

  • Hanni El KhatibHuman Fly (The Cramps Cover)02:57

  • Wanda Jackson Feat. The CrampsFunnel Of Love02:29

  • The CrampsThe Way I Walk02:42

  • The CrampsWhat's Inside A Girl?03:22

  • The CrampsGeorgia Lee Brown03:19

  • The CrampsJackyard Backoff03:18

  • The CrampsDrug Train02:37

  • The CrampsGoo Goo Muck02:36

  • Hanni El KhatibHuman Fly (The Cramps Cover)(реклама Nissan Qashqai)02:55

  • Жёлтые FantomasыBikini Girls Любят Лётчиков (The Cramps - V.Shumov)04:31

  • The CrampsLonesome Town03:02

  • The CrampsLet's Get Fucked Up03:55

  • The CrampsCreature From The Black Leather Lagoon03:06

  • The CrampsHuman Fly02:16

  • The CrampsGarbage Man03:37

  • The CrampsHuman Fly02:16

  • The CrampsFever04:16

  • The CrampsElvis Fucking Christ!03:18

  • The CrampsCramp Stomp03:25

  • The CrampsQueen Of Pain03:50

  • The CrampsZombie Dance01:55

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