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  • ONE DANCE - DRAKE (Josh Levi Cover)[Intro - Kyla & Wizkid:] Baby, I Like Your Style [Verse 1 - Drake:] Grips On Your Waist Front Way, Back Way You Know That I Don't Play Streets Not Safe But I Never Run Away Even When I'm Away Oti, Oti, There's Never Much Love When We Go, 02:26

  • InnaFLY LIKE A WOMAN (You Belong To Me I Belong To You. Fire From My Heart's Burning Just 4 You. When You're Far Away I`m In Love With U.Feeling That So High.Walking Like Do You... Walking Like Do You...Fly Like You Do It.) 03:37

  • I Never Return To Love Somebody Now All That I Need Is All I See In You And Only You And If You Get Lost I'll Always FindYou're All That I Need Your Heart Will Keep You True My Only You You Make Me Fall And I Can't Sleep You're Holding On But It's Too Deep And I Can't Give It Away03:36

  • Kevin RudolfGreat Escape .... I Wasn't Happy For So Longm , So Many Times I Walked Away . Think I Was Searching For Something , Not Knowing What I Had To Face . Until I Found Out The Reason , That's When I Made My Great Escape....06:37

  • ●Bullet For My Valentine - The EndYour Hair Reminds Me Of A Time When We Once Were Your Fingernails That Marked My Back Now Rot In Earth The Sheets We Slept In Blew Away And Now The Storm Is Over The Taste Of You Inside My Mouth Remains But Still I’m Hearing: There’s No Love, Everybod06:56

  • Liz McClarnonWomen In Love...With You Eternally Mine, In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start,That You And I Live In Each Other's Hearts...We May Be Oceans Away,You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say No Truth Is Ever A Lie, I Stumble And03:23

  • Jungkook Lately I’ve Been Thinking Thinking ‘bout What We Had I Know It’s Hard There Was All That We’d Knew Have You Been Drinking? To Take All The Pain Away I Wish That I Could Give You What You Deserve ‘Cause Nothing Can Ever Ever Replace You Nothing Nothing Like Us (Justin Bieber Cover) Lately I’ve Been Thinkin’, Thinkin’ ’bout What We Had I Know It Was Hard, It Was All That We Knew, Yeah. Have You Been Drinkin’, To Take All The Pain Away? I Wish That I Could Gi03:11

  • BONESShave My Head, Change My Name, And Run Away Anything That Will Take The Attention Away From Me Now What's That Say I Don't Give A Fuck 'bout The Fame That's The Last Thing I Wanted To Gain Been A Minute Since We Spoke, Still I'm Turnin01:26

  • Bleeding LoveBut I Don't Care What They Say,I'm In Love With You,They Try To Pull Me Away,But They Don't Know The Truth ,My Heart's Crippled By The Vein,That I Keep On Closing...You Cut Me Open And I Keep Bleeding... Keep, Keep Bleeding Love...03:51

  • Ramzi Ft. Ash King & Massari - Love Is Blind I Really Don't Wanna See U Cry,, Don't Wanna See Another Tear In Your Eye, Baby Break Away, Let Him Go, I Don't Know He's Done To You, But I Know That It's Time To Move On, Girl Your 04:16

  • ☞David GuettaIt's Not That Far Away Far Away03:21

  • Grey Holiday - You Belong To Me Fly Like You Do It Like You're High Like You Do It Like You Try Like You Do It Like A Women You Belong To Me I Belong To You. Fire From My Heart's Burning Just 4 You. When You're Far Away I`m In Love With U.Feeling That So 03:35

  • ZexyZekYou Thought I Used XRAY" A Minecraft Song Parody Of Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away"03:44


  • ColdplayAdventure(maxwell Cover, Izzamuzzic "Зажги свою магию!" — скажет мне она. — ‘Everything You Want's A Dream Away, "Все желания лишь в одном сне от тебя. We Are Legends, Every Day' Мы легенды", — вот, что она That's 04:34

  • Within Temptation - PaleI Have To Try To Break Free From The Thoughts In My Mind. Use The Time That I Have, I Can't Say Goodbye, Have To Make It Right. Have To Fight, Cause I Know In The End It's Worthwhile, That The Pain That I Feel Slowly Fades Away. It Will Be Alright04:30

  • Skillet люсиHey Lucy, I Remember Your Name I Left A Dozen Roses On Your Grave Today I'm In The Grass On My Knees, Wipe The Leaves Away I Just Came To Talk For A While I Got Some Things I Need To Say Now That It's Over I Just Wanna Hold Her I'd Give Up Al04:20

  • Drewsif Stalin's Musical EndeavorsThe One That Got Away (Katy Perry Cover)04:20

  • MassariI Really Can't See Me Without You And Now You're Runnin Round In My Head I'm Never Gonna Let You Slip Away Again It's Real Love That You Don't Know About04:09

  • ♫ Barbara StreisandWith You Eternally Mine In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start , That You And I Would Live In Each Other's Hearts. We May Be Oceans Away You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say...03:54

  • HoobastankThe Reason...I'm Sorry That I Hurt's Something I Must Live With Everyday And All The Pain I Put You Through I Wish That I Could Take It All Away And Be The One Who Catches All Your Tears..thats Why I Need You To Hear03:52

  • Yah Azizi Is Mahiri...I Really Don't Wanna See U Cry...Mujko Samjho Dil Peh Mat Lo...Don't Wana See Another Tear In Your Eye...Baby Break Away...Let Him Go...I Don't Know What He's Done To You...But I Know That It's Time To Move On...04:16

  • UsherSaid You'll Neva Give Away Your Heart Again I'll Be Knockin' 'til You Let Me In I Know You Told Me, You'd Rather Be Lonely You Don't Even Know Me That's Why I No Longer Wanna Be A Stranger05:12

  • ✿ Armin Van Buuren Ft. Aruna With Mark EtesonLet Go (For Love, I Fought, I've Waited All That I Had Inside, I Gave It Tried To Believe, In Time, I'd Save It Sometimes The Truth Is Hard To Take There's Nothing To Do But Walk Away)03:29

  • Eric Clapton – August Label:Warner Bros. Records – WX 71, Warner Bros. Records – 925 476-1, Duck Records (2) – 925 476-1 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold Country:UK & Europe Released:1986 Genre:RockA1 It's In The Way That You Use It Producer – Eric Clapton 4:09 A2 Run 3:38 A3 Tearing Us Apart 4:14 A4 Bad Influence 5:06 A5 Walk Away Keyboards – Richard Feldman 3:51 A6 Hung Up On Your Love 3:4224:05

  • Trading YesterdayRevolutionOpen Up My Eyes, To Dreams That Should Have Died. I Was Made For More Than This. Take Away My Name, For I Will Never Be The Same. I Have Not Begun To Live. For Eden's Sons Engulf My Eyes, Bringing My Heart To Life. I Will Be A Revolution,04:19

  • NickelbackThrow Yourself Away...Baby's Born On A Bathroom Floor Her Mother Prays That It'll Never Cry But Nothing's Wrong You've Got Your Prom Dress On When They Ask You'll Say "it Isn't Mine" You Know There Gonna Know You Lied03:54

  • ArnejThe Ones That Get Away (Dejan Gruevski's Afterlove Mix)06:40