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  • FeistClosing Time (OST Take This Waltz)02:35

  • Jason CollettRave On Sad Songs (OST "Take This Waltz")03:46

  • Gabrielle LouiseTake This Waltz (Leonard Cohen Cover, Lyrics After Lorka)05:09

  • Doug PaisleyWide Open Plain (OST Take This Waltz)05:34

  • Jonathan GoldsmithTake This Waltz_Enduring ( D.S.edit 130331 )03:36

  • Russell CroweTake This Waltz03:12

  • FeistClosing Time (extract From Take This Waltz)04:48

  • MARTIN MARTINI AND THE BONE PALACE ORCHESTRA - Dream Until You Die (2006) 12. Take This Waltz04:46

  • Leonard CohenTake This Waltz05:59

  • Fantastic Merlins With Kid DakotaTake This Waltz06:03

  • Martin Martini & The Bone Palace OrchestraTake This Waltz04:43

  • Takeshi KaneshiroTake This Waltz04:27

  • Leonard CohenTake This Waltz06:01

  • Take This Waltz OST, Ennio MorriconeTake This Waltz04:00

  • Micah P. HinsonClose Your Eyes (OST Take This Waltz)03:05

  • JoeyTake This Waltz07:23

  • Micah P. HinsonDon't You (Pt. 1 & 2) (OST Take This Waltz)05:55

  • Buffalo TalesTake This Waltz05:22

  • Leonard Cohen Live 2009Take This Waltz09:20

  • Adam CohenTake This Waltz04:46

  • Corinna Rose & The Rusty Horse BandGreen Mountain State (OST Take This Waltz)03:16

  • Leonard Cohen Take This Waltz - читает Борис Гребенщиков 01:14

  • Take This Waltz OSTSubtitles Music03:43

  • Ebba ForsbergTa Min Vals (Take This Waltz)06:06

  • Patricia O'CallaghanTake This Waltz03:59

  • Ivan AugustTake This Waltz05:28

  • Famous BluebirdTake This Waltz06:31

  • Leonard CohenTake This Waltz05:57

  • Charles SpearinVittoria (OST Take This Waltz)03:14

  • Leonard Cohen Take This Waltz06:32