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  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand (Basslouder Remix 2k11)04:15

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand (New Kids Nitro OST)05:10

  • MadonnaWhen You Call My Name05:22

  • 2Brothers On The 4FloorCome Take My Hand05:10

  • 2 Brothers On The 4Th FloorCome Take My Hand05:13

  • Take A Breath, Rest Your Head, Close Your Eyes. You're Alright. Just Lay Down. Turn My Side. Do You Feel My Heat On Your Skin? Take Off Your Clothes, Blow Out The Fire. Don't Be So Shy. You're Alright You're Alright Take Off My ClothImany, Filatov & Karas - Don't Be So Shy 02:57

  • Dj Night Style ExoticHot Girl ...Sexy Girl ...(Come On Sexy Girl Lets Me Take To The Club Shes Come To Be My Super Star)[Dj Night Style Exotic Rmx]05:27

  • Take My HandDJ BL3ND (Coming Out Soon On LokoSound)03:53

  • Club RAЙ - Mix By Dj MillerYour Love Is Amazing, It Makes Me Go Crazy, You Take Me Higher, My Heart Is On Fire...03:50

  • My OwnTake On Дудос (loop)00:16

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand [1995]04:00

  • Тимати Ft. Snoop Dogg |Альбом: The Boss|14 - Groove On (Give Me Some More Get On The Floor And Baby Just Stop Take A Minute And Look At My Watch Look At These Diamonds I Got Some Are Little Blue Some Are Red Some Are White From Afar You Would Think I Was A Cop As Soon As I Stepp03:53

  • Glimmer Of BloomsTake My Hand (On_June_Remix)03:19

  • KaciParadise (When I'm With You It's Paradise,No Place On Earth Could Feel So Nice,Through The Crystal Waterfall I Hear You Call,Just Take My Hand It's Paradise,You Kiss Me Once I'll Kiss You Twice,As I Gaze Into Your Eyes I Realize It's P04:02

  • INNA [Verse 1] Come On Ladies Get Ready The Music Is Playing One More Time Let's Go Crazy Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I'mma Gonna Take You So High [Chorus] Can You Hear My Heart Beating For You? Dream Wide Awake, Boy, Make It True Can You Hear My HYalla02:49

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand (Extended Version)05:13

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand04:04

  • ღ♪♫ James Blunt ♪♫ღ - Goodbye My LoverGoodbye My Friend.You Have Been The One.You Have Been The One For ME.I Am A Dreamer But When I Wake,You Can't Break My Spirit-it's My Dreams You Take.And As You Move On,remember Me,Remember US And All We Used To Be04:18

  • Avril Lavigne - Alice In WonderlandI Found Myself In Wonderland Get Back On My Feet Again Is This Real? Is This Pretended? I'll Take A Stand Until The End05:01

  • Sisters On WireTake My Hand04:11

  • Take The CookiesI'am On My Way (Original Mix)05:25

  • RufusTwo Clocks03:03

  • Scott Dunbar Tinfoil Hat (уличный певец)I'm Gonna Tell My Eyes Not To See No Colours Tell My Ears Not To Take No Lovers Keep My Head Underneath The Covers Keep My Eyes On You I Don't Need No Others Throw Away All My Old Letters Sit In The Kitchen And Trim My Feathers Got A Picture Of Y03:26

  • PiumaCome On Take My Hand(ОСТ "Тело в любви")03:34

  • You Take The Bus When You're DeadWhat Are You Doing On My Beach?05:42

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand (The Viper Remix)04:22

  • [Madonna]When You Call My Name It's Like A Little Prayer, I'm Down On My Knees, I Wanna Take You There. In The Midnight Hour I Can Feel Your Power, Just Like A Prayer You Know I'll Take You There.05:40

  • 2 Brothers On The 4th FloorCome Take My Hand (The Viper Remix) (HQ Rip)02:46

  • Jazz Dance OrchestraEnglishman In New York [Lounge Fm]I Don't Drink Coffee I Take Tea My Dear I Like My Toast Done On The Side And You Can Hear It In My Accent When I Talk I'm An Englishman In New York See Me Walking Down Fifth Avenue A Walking Cane Here At My Side 04:50

  • Take CareOn My Own02:54

  • MELANIE C - Rock MeRock Me Baby Rock Me Better Into The Beat You Make Me Wanna Throw My Hands In The Air, Air Air Rock Me Baby Rock Me Take Me Over Come On Lets Go Everybody Throw Your Hands In The Air, Air, Air 03:10

  • 2 Brothers On The 4-th Floor Come Take My Hand05:10

  • StickTake My Place [Prod. By KE On The Track] Http://

  • DeleriumDo You Believe In Dreams , That's How I Found You ? ... But I Can't Be With You , Till You Take A Leap Of Faith ...What Would I Give, To Feel The Sunlight On My Face .What Would I Give,To Be Lost In Your Embrace...03:49

  • Nicole ScherzingerPoison [dance]Got Venom Dripping From My Lips Know Who You're About To Kiss Think That You Can Handle It, Boy, It's On Just Step Into The Danger Zone Shake It If You Wanna Roll, Never Bend, Just Take Control, Stakes Are On03:52