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  • SoKoTake My Heart02:59

  • Jennifer Love HewittTake My Heart Back (OST "If Only" - "Если только")03:51

  • BirdyTake My Heart04:11

  • SoKoYou Can Take My Heart02:59

  • SokoTake My Heart03:04

  • FERDOWTake My Heart (Original Chillout Love Mix)07:24

  • Oliver-Koletzki-ft-Fran-HypnotizedI Catch Your Eyes, Try Not To Smile. I Check Your Style. I Feel Your Wise. We Have A Drink, Then Go Outside. Talk For A While, And Then We ... Kiss! We Play The Game, Start To Move. I Feel My Heart, You Feel The Beat. I Take Your Hands, You Turn Arou03:33

  • DJ AIRIS (AirisToffee)Take My Heart44:20

  • Lisa StansfieldTake My Heart04:37

  • Eddie Amador & Ultra NatéTake Care Of My Heart (Cristian Poow Vocal Mix)05:12

  • BibTake My Heart02:29

  • No Such ThingTake My Heart02:52

  • BIBTake My Heart02:29

  • Modern TalkingModern Talking Megamix 2000 (Incl.: Sexy Sexy Lover / You Are Not Alone / China In Her Eyes / Don't Take Away My Heart)05:14

  • Misty Edwards (Мисти Эдвардс)Take My Heart & All I Know.wmv (Сердцем всем)09:15

  • RoyalprodTake My Heart03:13

  • BAL & Faces Just Take My Heart (Nosak Remix)05:34

  • Am_Mia_-_Mi_amor-amor-amoreTake_my_heart_take_my_hand_Amor-amor-amore_Our_love_will_never_end_Fly_(

  • DonoraTake My Heart02:32

  • Katy PerryMy Heart Stops When You Look At Me....Just One Touch,now Baby I Believe....This Is Real,so Take A Chance And Don't Ever Look Back...*03:47

  • Take Care Of Us, Captain OSTCorner Of My Heart03:32

  • Ń Ҝ Ø Ή ∀Take My Heart01:36

  • Mike BaileNow That I've Lost Everything To You, You Say You Want To Start Something New. And It's Breaking My Heart You're Leaving - Baby I'm Grieving. And If You Wanna Leave Take Good Care. Hope You Have A Lot Of Nice Things To Wear, A Lot Of Nice 03:42

  • Club RAЙ - Mix By Dj MillerYour Love Is Amazing, It Makes Me Go Crazy, You Take Me Higher, My Heart Is On Fire...03:50

  • женя меркельTake My Heart (soko Cover)02:51

  • Man Of GoodwillTake It From My Heart03:20

  • Joss StoneLove Is All That I Can Give To You Love Is More Than Just A Game For Two Two In Love Can Make It Take My Heart And Please Dont Break It Love Was Made For Me And You★01:24

  • Orazio FantiniTake My Heart (Original)06:45

  • DeEtta Little & Nelson PigfordYou Take My Heart Away04:46

  • Modern TalkingDon't Take Away My Heart (2000)03:38

  • LaurenceTake Heart, My Lungs 02:45

  • GleddenTake My Heart03:02

  • Fedor SmirnoffTake My Heart (original Mix) Cut03:59

  • INNA [Verse 1] Come On Ladies Get Ready The Music Is Playing One More Time Let's Go Crazy Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I'mma Gonna Take You So High [Chorus] Can You Hear My Heart Beating For You? Dream Wide Awake, Boy, Make It True Can You Hear My HYalla02:49

  • Armin Van Buuren Feat. Laura V Cause It Feels Like I’m Right For The First Time And Everytime I Take You In I Think My Heart Skip A Beat Again I Am Drowning In Your Love Cause I’m Drowning In Your Love04:00

  • Boyce AvenueTeenage Dream...My Heart Stops When You Look At Me Just One Touch Now Baby I Believe This Is Real So Take A Chance And Don't Ever Look Back, Don't Ever Look Back03:55

  • Conducta & TwoFoldTake My Heart03:05

  • MoniqueaIf I Let You Take My Heart04:40

  • Jennifer Love HewwitTake My Heart Back03:49

  • Прожекторперисхилтон и Сергей МазаевTake My Heart02:57

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt_ .·•° ♫_ Take My Heart BackМИНУС _ задавка_ Club1892108903:51