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  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away04:38

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix)04:54

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix)04:22

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Rory Phillips Remix)05:49

  • Ariana Grande Feat The Weeknd Love Me Harder(M&N PRO REMIX) {2014} ~( Me Something I Need To Know Then Take My Breath And Never Let It Go If You Just Let Me Invade Your Space I'll Take The Pleasure, Take Away The Pain And If In The Moment I B04:58

  • Christina Aguilera\Seems Like It Was Yesterday When I Saw Your Face You Told Me How Proud You Were, But I Walked Away If Only I Knew What I Know Today Ooh, Ooh I Would Hold You In My Arms I Would Take The Pain Away Thank You For All You've Done Forgive All Your M04:05

  • DEAD COLONYTake Away My Pain ( Single 2015 )03:38

  • Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain06:03

  • Sandy RiveraTake Away My Pain (Original Mix)

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Rory Phillips Remix) 05:49

  • DreamTheaterTake Away My Pain06:01

  • Enrique Iglesias Hero I Can Be Your Hero, Baby. I Can Kiss Away The Pain. I Will Stand By You Forever. You Can Take My Breath AwHero & Escape (Live @ World Music Awards 2002)05:08

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Strip Steve Remix)04:53

  • Moullinex Take My Pain Away04:44

  • Puddle Of MudBlurry-Can You Take It All Away Can You Take It All Away When Ya Shoved It In My Face This Pain You Gave To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:06

  • XecsNoinTake Away My Pain02:41

  • [5] MoulinexTake My Pain Away [Eurovibes By Euronews Vol.02]03:21

  • AnarborTake My Pain Away03:33

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix) []04:54

  • Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain06:03

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away04:37

  • KageTake Away My Pain04:02


  • Toni Braxton Don't Leave Me In All This Pain  Don't Leave Me Out In The Rain  Come Back And Bring Back My Smile  Come And Take These Tears Away  I Need Your Arms To Hold Me Now  The Nights Are So Unkind  Bring Back Those Nights When I Held You BesUnbreak My Heart04:51

  • Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain (Demo)06:50

  • My Chemical Romance*The Sharpest Lives* Give Me A Shot To Remember And You Can Take All The Pain Away From Me A Kiss And I Will Surrender The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead A Light To Burn All The Empires So Bright The Sun Is Ashamed To Rise And Be In Love W03:20

  • Cut The ShitTake My Pain Away00:58

  • Moullinex Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix) (320 кбит)03:47

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (DJ Steef Remix)06:22

  • Paloma FaithBaby Give Me Diamonds, Give Me Gold Малыш, дай мне бриллианты, дай мне золото. Take The Pain Away From In My Soul Успокой боль в моей душе. I'm Ready For The Good Life Я готова к сладкой жизни, Cause I've Been Slain' Потому что я была мертва03:00

  • Lil D (ft Ken, Back Boy Sav & $pla$h Almighty)Take My Pain Away 04:07

  • BrokencydeYour Eyes They Flow From All The Pain I Caused I Lost My Cause I Only Broke Your Heart Alone I Cry I Tried So Hard To Break You I Love You I Hate You Why Wont You Let Me Go? I, I Feel The Raindrops Fall These Tears Wont Take You Away, I'05:39

  • Killing TimeTake My Pain Away04:36

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Radio Edit)03:55

  • Tamara & Lucky PetersonYou Gotta Love Me Baby (Take My Pain Away)04:46

  • Moullinex 'Take My Pain Away' (Rory Phillips Mix)PREVIEW01:41

  • ♪ DeepcentralIt's Up To You To Break These Chains, Come Take My Loneliness Away, Don't Let Me Down, Release The Pain, Tonight You Will Be My Cocaine))) крутаааяяяя)03:50

  • Conceit Take My Pain Away Off04:33

  • AnarborTake My Pain Away (Acoustic)03:33

  • Juelz SantanaTake My Pain Away Ft Trav04:41

  • MoullinexTake My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix)04:54

  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Jennifer LopezTonight We're Going All The Way You Want My Lips To Kiss The Pain Away Body To Body We Can Cause A Flame We Can Ignite, Ignite, Ignite You Wanna Dance You Wanna Move I'm On A Mission To Just Take You To The Moon We Like To Party We're In The03:48

  • Vbots.ruThe Ship Is Slowly SinkingThey Think I'm Crazy But They Don't Know The Feeling.They're All Around Me,Circling Like VulturesThey Wanna Break Me And Wash Away My Colors.Wash Away My Colors!Take Me High And I'll SingOh You Make Everything OK.We Are One In The SameOh You Take All Of The Pain Away.Save Me If I BecomeMy Demons.00:21