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  • Bloody HammersSay Goodbye To The Sun05:40

  • Rising SunSay Goodbye - Piano Mix02:06

  • Celeste Prince (Сладкий ноябрь)Wherever You Are. Time Has Come, What's Done Is Done It's Time To Move On To Another Place, Another Space, Maybe Circling Some Other Sun Don't Ask Why, Don't Ask How I Still Can't Explain To Say Goodbye, Goodbye For Now04:17

  • Rising SunSay Goodbye - Vocal Mix02:34

  • BLOODY HAMMERSSay Goodbye To The Sun05:40

  • The Doctor And Rose's Farewell I'm Burning Up A Sun Just To Say Goodbye01:44

  • пятнадцатьминутSay Goodbye, Sun01:05

  • Rising SunSay Goodbye (Piano Mix)02:00

  • BEastSay Goodbye To The Sun01:23

  • Youn Sun NahHard To Say Goodbye03:45

  • Gracious!Super Nova: Arrival Of The Traveller, Blood Red Sun, Say Goodbye To Love, Prepare To Meet Thy Maker21:41

  • Spirit Of The Future SunLast Chance To Say Goodbye03:50

  • The Oxioma I Say Goodbye To The Summer Sun (2008)03:55