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  • Ritmo You Still Have All Of My Heart02:35

  • Sander Van Doorn Feat. Carol LeeLove Is Darkness "... I Can Tell By Your Face That You're Leaving Me Again You Don't Know What You Want But You Just Need Some Time To Think I Know It's Over But I'm Still Waiting For Another Chance One More Change Of Heart" 03:18

  • Marie DigbyUmbrella (acoustic Rihanna Cover)You Have My Heart And We'll Never Be Worlds Apart May Be In Magazines But You'll Still Be My Star Baby Cause In The Dark You Can't See Shiny Cars And That's When You Need Me There With You I'll Always S03:09

  • Gary MooreStill Got The Blues (Used To Be So Easy To Give My Heart Away But I've Found That The Hard Way Is A Price You Have To Pay I Found That That Love Was No Friend Of Mine I Should Have Known Time After Time So Long, It Was So Long Ago But I Sti04:10

  • She Wants RevengeI Want To Hold You Close Skin Pressed Against Me Tight Lie Still, And Close Your Eyes Girl So Lovely, It Feels So Right I Want To Hold You Close Soft Breasts, Beating Heart As I Whisper In Your Ear: I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart!!04:44

  • RitmoYou Still Have All Of My Heart02:35

  • Within Temptation - All I NeedI'm Dying To Catch My Breath Oh Why Don't I Ever Learn I've Lost All My Trust That I'm Sure We Try To Turn It Around Can You Still See The Heart Of Me All My Agony Fades Away When You Hold Me In Your Embrace Don't Turn Me Down For Al04:48

  • Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk Feat. Bright Lights-Ghost (Original Radio Edit)Breaking Up Is Not What It Seems Cause I Can Still See You In My Dreams What Do You Want From Me? What Do You Want From Me? Am I Just Paranoid Cause I Can Hear, I Can Hear Your Voice Though We're Miles Apart You're Still Breaking Down My Heart!03:40

  • Anna TernheimMy Heart Still Beats For You (Kläder & Vapen Remix)04:33

  • ღVivien Ohara Feat. Adrian Sana And Akcent - Too Late To Cry (4.10.10 Европа Плюс) ღAll This Time When I With You Was Cryin.My Heart Was So Blind All This Time When I With You Was Cryin It's Too Late To Cry...Layin Down On The Floor I Try To Cry For You No More Layin Down On The Floor Still Love You, Still Lovin YouLayin Down On The04:13

  • TexasSummer Son. Before You Take My Heart, Reconsider. I've Opened The Door Here Comes The Summer's Son, He Burns My Skin, I Ache Again, I'm Over You. I Thought I Had A Dream To Hold, Maybe That Has Gone. Your Hands Reach Out And Touch Me Still,04:04

  • Still In Love With YouAnd Now I Know Why, Oh Why.Why You Had To Steal My Heart..When We're A World Apart.So Tell Me Baby What Should I Do....You're Always On My Mind03:31

  • J.LoIf You Only Knew What I've Been Going Through Waiting And Wanting You Could This Be Love How, Tell Me How Will I Know Will My Heart Make Me Believe It So Or Can I Trust The Way I Feel If You Could Read My Mind You See How Hard I've Tried Still I C04:29

  • Серебро Kiss I Still Remember The Time Being Alive. I Cherish The Moment That Painted My Heart. And All You Are Saying With Your Angel Eyes. And You Don't Believe In What I Feel For You. But It's Just Because You Had Sad Love A Few But I Am In Love W03:18

  • Rihanna Feat Leona Lewis для танцев, Go-go, Strip, Pole Dance, растяжки, стрип-пластики Музыка для тренировок Workout Music ® Http:// Is Still Everything Is Restless In My Heart I Hate The Way This Feels Suddenly I'm Scared To Be Apart The Days Are Dark When You're Not Around The Air Is Getting Hard To Breathe I Wish That You Would Just Put Me Down I Wish That I Could03:26

  • Surrounded By Your Glory,What Will My Heart Feel?Will I Dance For You Jesus?Or In Awe Of You Be Still?I Can Only Imagine04:09

  • Benny Benassi Feat. DhanyHit My Heart....I’m Not The Kind Of Girl I Know What I Deserve My Trust In You Was Wrong, Darling I Won’t Do It Any More You Swear That You Still Care For Me You Dare To Come Back Again, Honey But You Have Always Been The Same Won’t You Tell Me B03:16

  • Jan Amit & LowsunMy Heart Still Beats For You06:24

  • Within Temptation*такая красивая песня*Angels (I Still Remember. The Smile When You Tore Me Apart. You Took My Heart. Sparkling Angel, I Couldn't See. Your Dark Intentions, Your Feelings For Me. Fallen Angel, Tell Me Why? What Is The Reason, The Thorn In Your Eye?...) 04:01

  • SpyairSamurai Heart (AMV - You Still Fly In Clouds » Sengoku Basara)03:30

  • ٠•●๑۩ Akon ۩๑●•٠ - Until You Come Back... Until You Come Back I Can't Breath Until You Come Back I Got No Reason Got My Heart, My Heart Down On It's Knees I Still Need You Beside Me04:31

  • My Heart Still BeatsMmmmmm,I Love You,my Husband<304:08

  • Jordin SparksYou're Still The Part Of Everything I Are In My Heart Just Like A Tatoo...I'll Always Have You...03:51

  • Anna TernheimMy Heart Still Beats For You04:30

  • WestlifeCloser(2010) - БЛИЖЕ.... I Know Who You Are_ You Are In My Heart_ So Don't Say A Word_ I've Already Heard_ I Know Your Secrets... All You Are Is What I Need_ Cause You Know I Still Believe_ So Don't Give Up, Don't Let Go_ Come On Get Clos04:06

  • All Time LowUmbrella (Rihanna Cover)You Have My Heart And We'll Never Be Worlds Apart May Be In Magazines But You'll Still Be My Star Baby Cause In The Dark You Can't See Shiny Cars And That's When You Need Me There With You I'll Always Share03:49

  • Микаэль КиладзеYou Still In My Heart03:34

  • Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken HeartEven If You Were A Million Miles Away I Could Still Feel You In My Bed Near Me, Touch Me, Feel Me And Even In The Bottom Of The Sea I Could Still Hear Inside My Head Telling Me, Touch Me, Feel Me And All The Time You Were Telling Me Lies So Tonight I'04:09

  • AgnesOne Last Time Beat. I’m Gonna Lose Him Just Like Water Through My Hands Light Hits Your Face And You Look At Me Like I’m A Stranger So Far Away, But Still So Near And You Can Blame It On My Crazy Heart. I Got Lost, You Got Torn Apart I Wish You Wou03:59

  • Amatory - Don't Fuck With My Heart (Black Eyed Peas Cover)I Wonder If I Take You Home Would You Still Be In Love, Baby (in Love, Baby) Girl, You Know You Got Me, Got Me With Your Pistol Shot Me, Shot Me And I'm Here Helplessly In Love And Nothing Can Stop Me You Can't Stop Me Cause Once I Start I03:46

  • Guns'n'RosesThis I Love (I Just Can’t Let It Die Cause Her Heart’s Just Like Mine And She Holds Her Pain Inside So If You Ask Me Why She Wouldn’t Say Goodbye I Know Somewhere Inside There Is A Special Light Still Shining Bright And Even On The Darkest Night 05:34

  • SCSI-9 Ft Katya RybaLine Of One, I Start To Run Line Of Two, I Start For You Line Of Three, My Heart Is Free Line Of Four, I Run For More Line Of Five, I Close My Eyes Line Of Six, I Still Exist Line Of Seven, Could Be Heaven Line Of Eight, Don’t Need It Late 05:00

  • Nightwish Sweet Little Words Made For Silence Not Talk Young Heart For Love Not Heartache Dark Hair For Catching The Wind Not To Veil The Sight Of A Cold World Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red While He's Still Silent Rest While Bosom Is Still UnWhile You're Lips Still Red04:18

  • OovieMy Heart Still Beats For You (Original Mix)05:08

  • AelynBelieve In Us You Still Need Me So You Want To Return This Love - I Feel It! I Still Believe In Us You Are Loving Me - No Doubts! I Feel It In My Heart Let`s Believe! Believe In Us! 03:28

  • Robert MilesOne And One (After All Is Said And Done One And One Still Is One When We Cry, When We Laugh I Am Half, You Are Half The Heart Isn't Always True And I Am Not Always Fine We All Have An Angry Heart Sometimes...)03:59

  • Sting Feet. Puff DaddyWords Can't Express What You Mean To Me Even Though You're Gone, We Still A Team Can't Imagine All The Pain I Feel Give Anything To Hear Half Your Breath I Know You In Heaven Smiling Down In My Heart Is Where I Keep You Memories Give Me The 03:43

  • Anna TernheimMy Heart Still Beats For You04:30

  • The Black Eyed PeasDon't Phunk With My Heart I Wonder If I Take You Home Would You Still Be In Love, Baby 04:01

  • Anna_ternheimMy Heart Still Beats For You (subbas Remix)03:23

  • Robert PattinsonI Should Never Think What's In Your Heart What's In Our Home So I Won't You'll Learn To Hate Me But Still Call Me Baby Oh Love So Call Me By My Name And Save Your Soul Save Your Soul Before Your To Far Gone Before Nothing Can Be Done I&04:29

  • The CallingI Know Now, Just Quite How, My Life And Love May Still Go On In Your Heart, In Your Mind, I'll Stay With You For All Of Time03:25

  • We Still RememberI Hate You (My Heart Is Crashed)03:11

  • Микаель КиладзеYou Still In My Heart03:34

  • BeyonceMy Heart Still Beats (..just Hold Me,touch Me,feel Me,as Long As You Love Me,reach For Me And Need Me,if You Could Trust Me And Teach Me,if I Let Go On Me,because You Have For Me,my Heart Still Beats..)04:07

  • RitmoYou Still Have All Of My Heart04:05

  • Jason DeruloImagination [In My Mind You're Still Here I Still Feel You Here No You Never Left My Side My Heart Says You're Here And I Believe That You're Here No I Don't Have To Say Goodbye] (2008)04:38

  • TheFatRatYou, You're Gonna Break My Heart You're Gonna Tear It Apart No Matter What You Do I'll Still Be There For You And When You Call My Name I Won't Be Far Away No Matter Where You Go You'll Never Be Alone, Be Alone, Be Alone, No, You'l04:20

  • O.GYou Break My Heart, But I Am Still Dancing (Demo, 2 Part)04:47

  • Chet Baker 1958 It Could Happen To You05 My Heart Stood Still03:26

  • Beyonce-still In LoveI've Never Met A Love Quite Before, Until I Saw Your Face And Watching Stars Without You My Soul Cries! My Hething Heart Is Full Of Pain When We're Apart... The Aching04:36

  • Дженифер Лав Хьюит (from "If Only")It'll Be Alright-you Said-tomorrow.Don't You Cry.Don't You Shed A Tear.When You Wake Up,I Will Still Be Here.When You Wake Up,We'll Battle All Your Fears. And Now I'll...Take My Heart Back.03:41

  • Jan Amit And LowsunMy Heart Still Beats For You06:24

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