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  • PhonjaxxStay Like This Forever03:20

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:33

  • Phonjaxx Stay Like This Forever (North Club Mix)06:17

  • Charice Feat. IyazPyramid, We Built This On A Solid Rock It Feels Just Like It's Heaven's Touch Together At The Top (at The Top Baby), Like A Pyramid And Even When The Wind Is Blowing We'll Never Fall Just Keep On Going Forever We Will Stay, Like A Pyramid04:06

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:33

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:33

  • Gina ReneU Must Be - ...all This Time I've Been Lookin For Someone Like You I Never Really Thought You Existed Now I See My Dreams Are All Comin True I Just Want To Stay Right Here With You...04:45

  • Stone SourThreadbare [Ohhh Not This Time I Never Wanted To Destroy Your Dream Come True.healing All This Time,I Never Wanted To Destroy Someone Like You.I Want You To Stay, So Give Me A Sign, Give Me Your Hand, I'll Take You Home.]05:46

  • Lil WayneShe Said Oh, She Said Whoa, I Said Slow? She Said No! She Said No, You Gotta Go, I Said I Know...she Said Nooooo!!! Man Everytime Im With This Chick, We Fuck Like Were In A Relashionship, I Wanna Stay Forever But I LOVE EM' AND LEAVE 03:38

  • Michael Fair - Love Me Like That(2003)10.Never Felt This Way/Stay The Night06:38

  • Ta$ha FriskyStay Like This(Euroland)04:34

  • Vbots.ruPop, Pop, Pop, Drop This Top, Top, Top I Roll Like A Rock, Rock N Roll To The Top I Dont Give A Motherfuck, Watchin' Starwars Smokin' Pot I Take What I Got, I Live Till It Stops Chop, Chop Chop, All My Lungs Stay Rot I Take What I Got, You Hate That You're Not Like Me And Me I Don't Give A Motherfuck What I Am, What I'm Not, Polo Down To My Socks00:23

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:36

  • (Rington) James MorrisonStay Like This - Rington.Org00:28

  • Duffy__Mercy (live Acoustic)I Love You_But I Gotta Stay True_My Morals Got Me On My Knees_I'm Begging Please Stop Playing Games_I Don't Know What This Is_Cos' You Got Me Good_Just Like You Knew You Would_I Don't Know What You Do_But You Do It Well_I'm Under Your 03:03

  • Skyline Ft Nick BatterhamStay Like This (Beat Tank Edit)03:59

  • Kennedy Cult Stay Like This04:02

  • 13 The Legendary TraxsterThangz Can't Stay Like This Feat. Johnny P04:40

  • 🌋Just Stay With Me Like This.03:26

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:33

  • NΣΣTCan We Stay Like This Forever05:07

  • Farmer BoysStay Like This Forever03:36

  • Kennedy CultStay Like This04:02