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  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:30

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:31

  • SugarcultThis May Never Start We Could Fall Apart And I'd Be Your Memory Lost Your Sense Of Fear Feelings Insincere Can I Be Your Memory So Get Back Back Back To Where We Lasted03:46

  • Way Out West..i Miss You Most Of All My Darling When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall........вот где мурашки-те!02:36

  • The Mangle(с текстом) I'm About To Fall Apart Already Halfway There So I Guess That's A Start I'm Just A Children's Toy For All The Girls And Boys To Break Me Down And Put Me Back Together Oh The Joy Now, I Hang From All The Wires And I Swing Onto Whoever'04:30

  • Cecile BredieI Miss You Most Of All My Darling When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall05:44

  • Tony Burns/Данила КозловскийBiblical Baby If You Could Would You Go Back To The Start? Take Any Fresh Steps Or Watch It All Fall Apart, Again Play Another Song Here Then You Can Leave With Your Delicate Wings, I Use To Weave Maybe There's An Under-tow Pier. Or Maybe This Is Stu03:58

  • TerranovaPlastic Stress(Oh I'm On My Own I Danced To The Traffic You Know That, You've Been There And Oh Just Out Of Me I'm Here, I Scream I Need To Renew I Start With My Shoes I Buy Some New High When I Fall Off I Cry When You Follow You Die......)04:36

  • ShakiraI Messed Up Tonight I Lost Another Fight I Still Mess Up But I'll Just Start Again I Keep Falling Down I Keep On Hitting The Ground I Always Get Up Now To See What's Next Birds Don't Just Fly They Fall Down And Get Up Nobody Learns Without Get03:16

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:31

  • Taio Cruz Feat. LudacrisIf You Fall For Me I'm Not Easy To Please Imma Tear You Apart Told You From The Start, Baby From The Start.06:12

  • Death & LegacyStart To Fall03:36

  • Hold Your Breath And Count To TenFall Apart And Start Again04:36

  • From Dawn To FallNew Start03:10

  • Article OneSet To Start (Fall For Love)05:53

  • Way Out WestThe Fall (But I Miss You Most Of All My Darling When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall...)07:08

  • Cafe Del Mar Ft. Cecile BredieBut I Miss You Most Of All My Darling When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall 05:44

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:31

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall00:34

  • Chris RandleWhen The Pieces Start To Fall (LA Cops Theme)02:38

  • When Autum Leaves Start To Fall03:10

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall (minus )03:30

  • IOEarthMountains Start To Fall03:47

  • Low Orbit SatelliteStart To Fall (Original Mix)06:48

  • Serge GorbenkoWhen The Snow Will Start To Fall -- Main Theme Version02:12

  • Ray G. DuelinsWhen Stars Start To Fall02:34

  • Chick Corea & Bobby McferrinWhen Autumn Leaves Start To Fall ...11:37

  • Cal RayeMy Tears Start To Fall02:53