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  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackGoing Down For Speed Highway00:31

  • Sonic Adventure DXSoundtrack00:38

  • Sonic Adventure DX SoundtrackKnuckles Theme04:31

  • Sonic Adventure Soundtrack (Crush 40)It Doesn't Matter04:27

  • Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra ~Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack(2008)~The World Adventure - Orchestral Theme -04:13

  • Jaret ReddickEndless Possibility -Vocal Theme- (альбом: PLANETARY PIECES: SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [Disc 1])04:13

  • Sonic Adventure DX SoundtrackCasinopolis Nights02:32

  • Sonic Adventure DX SoundtrackEgg Carrier Theme04:30

  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackMystic Ruin02:25

  • Sonic Adventure Soundtrack (Crush 40)Open Your Heart (Main Theme)05:15

  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackWindy Hill ...for Windy Valley01:41

  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackWindy And Ripply ...for Emerald Coast03:11

  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackWelcome To Station Square03:14

  • Jaret Reddick ~Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack (2008)~Endless Possibility - Vocal Theme -04:10

  • Sonic Adventure SoundtrackPleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park01:55