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  • EminemI'm Slim Shady, Yes I'm The Real Shady All You Other Slim Shadys Are Just Imitating So Won't The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up? 03:42

  • Alt-J Please Don't Go, I Love You So03:45

  • EssonitaSo Please (A.e.r.o. Chillout Mix)04:51

  • Bryan Adams-Please Forgive Me ٠ 1993 ٠ So Far So Good ٠ Bryan Adams, Mutt Lange ٠ AGP05:52

  • ..☆.. EnMass Feat. Cari Golden ..☆..So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix) By Cel't03:24

  • [I ❤ Music] EnMass Feat. Cari GoldenSo Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix) (Progressive Trance,Vocal Trance)08:05

  • E-RoticOh Nick Please Not So Quick03:22

  • Chris BrownSo Please Don’t Judge Me04:01

  • Photographer Feat. EnMass & Cari GoldenSo Please In Airport (RomCools Mashup)09:20

  • Katy Perry Ft Pink (The Hillywood Show)Thinking Of You/So What/Please Don't Leave Me09:44

  • Essonita - So Please (A.e.r.o Chillout Remix)04:36

  • EssonitaSo Please (A.E.R.O. Chillout Mix)04:51

  • EnMass Feat. Cari GoldenSo Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix) 08:05

  • Poets Of The FallSo Please Remember That I'm Gonna Follow Through All The Way04:08

  • Bobina & Betsie Larkin -You Belong To Me (Dgrow & Dub Head Remix) I’ve Only Been Alone Without You The Rest Was Just A Game (It’s So Far Away) You Fill My Empty Room With Starlight How Do I Find The Words To Make You Stay? And Here Inside I’ll Never Change We Can Last Forever Please Stay You Belong To Me Inside My Lo04:48

  • Please Don’t Go I Love You So00:30

  • EnMass Feat. Cari GoldenSo Please (Alexander Popov Remix)08:04

  • The BeatlesLove, Love Me Do. You Know I Love You, I`ll Always Be True, So Please, Love Me Do^^02:31

  • EssonitaSo Please (A.E.R.O. Chillout Mix)04:51

  • ChanBaekSoo Feat. YixingPlease, Don't Look So Sad (Shin Haechul Cover) @ 141226 KBS Gayo Daechukje 02:40

  • INSANE~~~all My Brain So Far Away From You Means I Insane And Over Soon~~ So White And Black Moon Lookin' To My Hand Killd Me With Your Smyle Don't You Wanna Fly Please One Time Try A Know That Im Wrong Cos Rinning To Your Soul Its Funny But Its Life 02:44

  • HedleyI’m Not Perfect But I Keep Trying ‘Cause That’s What I Said I Would Do From The Start I Am Not Alive If I’m Lonely So Please Don’t Leave Was It Something I Said Or Was It Just My Personality04:13

  • Sometimes Picture `s On The Phone When You Call Me. I `m So Happy But I Don `t Show It Now. Please Tell Me What Is The Problem? That I Miss Your Eyes, Because I Don `t Know. How? You Are So Close To Me But Tell Me How Can It Be? Refrain: Sometimes You Go Someti04:31

  • Armin Van Buuren Presents A State Of Trance Episode 441 Enmass - So Please (Alexander Popov Remix)06:38

  • Глаза в глаза, чтобы сказать: Please Girl, Hold On.Я не могу поверить в сон, I Fall In Love So Strong.02:01

  • Akcent - On & OnI Remember The Prison Of All Memories, And I’m Drowning In Tears, Come And Help Me Please, Stay With Me, Stay With Me Baby, When The Lights Go Down ... I Was So Crazy All The Time, I Made You Cry, You Walked Away And Never Said Goodbye... On And On, On An03:37

  • Da BuzzI Love You [I'll Tell My Secrets For You,I'll Give You All That I Have,please Don't Tell Me We're Through,cause I Need You So Bad,In Every Way I Can Give,I Want To Save It For You,I Want You Closer Than Everything,I Love You.. I Love You]03:30

  • Poets Of The FallWar - When I Thought That I Fought This War Alone You Were There By My Side On The Frontline So Will You Please Show Me Your Real Face Draw The Line In The Horizon Cos I Only Need Your Name To Call The Reasons Why I Fought05:05

  • SoniqueLook At Me, It Really Was Not Easy, But I Can Breathe And I’m So Grateful ‘cause I Can See I Am Free To Do Exactly What I Please, So Come With Me To A Place Where We Can Be..04:20

  • EnMass Feat. Cari GoldenSo Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix)08:05

  • Panic PilotI Know You (so Please)04:19

  • EnmassSo Please (Alexander Popov Remix)05:30

  • I Think I Love Don't Think I'm Crazy When I Tell You This...but If You Ever Hurt Me, I'll Fucking Kill YouYou Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, Pull The Diamonds Out, Gimme What I Need.02:52

  • Black TongueI'm So Tired Of Sighing. Please Lord Let It Be Night (Latin Fragment)01:35

  • Shin Hae Chul (신해철)Please, Don’t Look So Sad (슬픈 표정 하지 말아요) [OST Reply 1988]04:07

  • Akcent - Let`s Talk About It Let’s Just Talk About It. I Want You To Love Me. Don’t Leave Me Alone. Ohh... Let’s Just Talk About It. This Song Is About You, So Please Come Back Home. 03:44

  • PJ Harvey Feat Tori AmosIn The Forest Lives A Monster_And He Look So Very Much Like Me_Is There Someone Hear Me Singing?_Please Save Me,rescue Me_Who Will Love Me Now?Who Will Ever Love Me?Who Will Say To Me:you Are My Desire,I'll Set You Free...05:16

  • Enrique IglesiasBaby Baby Hold On, Oh Please Don’t Let Go Baby Baby Be Strong, So Much You Don’t Know Life Is Crazy Sometimes, I Know It’s Not Easy But Baby Baby Hold On 03:34

  • Mario Bischin Feat. DonkHeya Hey Sexy Mama, Heya Hey Move Your Body, Siente La Musica, Shake It Like Lambada, (2x) I Saw The Way Your Movin', So Just Please Don't Get Me Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Alone, But I Need To Be Alone, With You, If You Want Me Too, Well The04:15

  • I Know You (So Please) Skylar Grey (Panic Pilot Cover)04:19

  • EnMass Feat. Cari Golden So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix) [Sergio V Pres. S.V.. Edit]04:38

  • AyoDown On My Knees.I'm Begging You, Please, Please Don't Leave Me. Do You Really Think She Can Love You More Than Me, Do You Really, Really Think So Do You Really Think She Can Give You More Than Me, Baby I Know She Won't 05:11

  • Sonique - SkyLook At Me It Really Was Not Easy. But I Can Breathe. And I'm So Grateful 'cause I Can See. I Am Free To Do Exactly What I Please)04:26