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  • Sara Bareilles - GravitySet Me Free, Leave Me Be. I Don't Want To Fall Another Moment Into Your Gravity. Here I Am And I Stand So Tall, Just The Way I'm Supposed To Be. But You're On To Me And All Over Me. You Loved Me 'cause I'm Fragile. When I Thought That03:52

  • Джастин Бибер Down To EarthDown To Earth (оригинал Justin Bieber) Спуститься вниз на землю (перевод Юлия J из Николаева) I Never Thought That It Be Easy Я никогда не думал, что это будет просто, Cause We Both So Distant Now Ведь мы так далеки друг от друг, And The Wal04:05

  • ♥♥♥ AkcentIt's My Name ♥♥♥ - All The Time I Thought About You I Saw Your Eyes And They Were So Blue I Could Read There Just One Name My Name, My Name, My Name Because Of You I`m Flying Higher You Give Me Love, You Set On Fire You05:01

  • AnastasiaWanna Breath Can't Find Air Thought You Were Sent From Up Above But You And Me Never Had Love So Much More I Have To Say 04:17

  • ♥I'm Looking At You Through The Glass ♥How Much Is Real, So Much To Question An Epidemic Of The Mannequins Contaminating Everything When Thought Came From The Heart But Never Did Right From The Start Just Listen To The Noises (null And Void Instead Of Voices) Before You Tell Yourse04:42

  • Toni Braxton - Yesterday[...You, You Are So Yesterday Never Thought You’d Loose My Love This Way Now You Come Begging Me To Stay. Say, You, You Are So Yesterday I Won’t Let You Rain On My Parade Don’t Wanna Hear A Thing You Say So Yesterday...]03:48

  • Poets Of The FallWar - When I Thought That I Fought This War Alone You Were There By My Side On The Frontline So Will You Please Show Me Your Real Face Draw The Line In The Horizon Cos I Only Need Your Name To Call The Reasons Why I Fought05:05

  • I Hold On So Nervously To Me And My Drink I Wish It Was Cooling Me But So Far, Has Not Been Good It’s Been Shitty And I Feel Awkward, As I Should This Club Has Got To Be The Most Pretentious Thing Since I Thought You And Me Well I Am Imagining A Dark LitParalyzer |радио|телевизор|форум|

  • I Think I Love Don't Think I'm Crazy When I Tell You This...but If You Ever Hurt Me, I'll Fucking Kill YouYou Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, Pull The Diamonds Out, Gimme What I Need.02:52

  • Sterling Knight - What You Mean To Me I Can't Blame You For Thinking That You Never Really Knew Me At All I Tried To Deny You But Nothing Ever Made Me Feel So Wrong I Thought I Was Protecting You From Everything That I Go Through But I Know That We Got Lost Along The Way Here I Am04:17

  • Sash!I Had A Dream Last Night You Were There You Held My Hand So Tight I Thought I'd Just Die Do You Remember?When We Use To Have So Much Fun I Used To Cry Sometimes Those Days Are Gone Did You Remember?03:31

  • Jakwob Feat. Maiday - Fade (Vocal) Find Myself Picking Up The Pieces Of Me That You Discarded So This Is What They Talk About When They Say Broken Hearted Thought I Was A Together Kind Of Person ,the Type Who Had It Handled As Fate Would Have It I'm Exploding Like A Roman Candle, Oh, 03:23

  • Boooh! Madonna Should Quit Boooh! This Song’s Pure Shit. It’s Child Abuse For Me To Hear It. The Name Of This Song Is So Pitiful And Classless I Thought It Would Make Me Seem Hip To Say The Word Bitch Why Are You Acting Like A Teen When You’re FiBitch I`m Madonna Ft Nicki Minaj PARODY02:12

  • Melanie CNow I Know That We Were Close Before. I'm Glad I Realised I Need You So Much More....I Thought That We Would Just Be Friends. Things Will Never Be The Same Again. It's Just The Beginning It's Not The End.04:54

  • Bebe And Cece WinansNever Thought I'd Be So Happy04:59

  • Daniel Mustard I Thought You Loved Me Too ( I Am So Sorry)05:17

  • Anastacia - Heavy On My Heart Try To Fly Away But It's Impossible And Every Breath I Take Gives Birth To Deeper Sighs And For A Moment I Am Weak So It's Hard For Me To Speak Even Thought We're Underneath The Same Blue Sky If I Could Paint A Picture Of This Melody It Would04:26

  • Ollie WhosoeverSo I Thought (Flyleaf Cover)04:29

  • AkonTell Me Oh Why Am I Lookin At A Woman So Fine Oh Me Oh My Never Thought That Id Be Staring At A Goddess My Ego My Pride Wont Let Me Leave Without Her Tonight Can You Believe It Once I Got Her To The Crib She Want Sex With The Lights On)))02:31

  • Jenya Mew« It's Been Said And Done Every Beautiful Thought's Been Already Sung And I Guess Right Now Here's Another One So Your Melody Will Play On And On, With Best We Own You Are Beautiful, Like A Dream Come Alive, Incredible A Center Full Of Mi03:08

  • I Keep Your Picture Beside My Bed And I Still Remember Everything You Said I Always Thought Our Love Was So Right I Guess I Was Always Thought You`d Be By My Side Papa Now You`re Gone What I Wanna Know Baby What We Had Was Good How Come You Don`t Call Me 04:23

  • InkcomaHope Is An Excellent Thing At Least I Thought So Before04:18

  • ♫ Gouache-love SongI Was Simply Hiding From Myself Tearing Out My Heart I Never Thought I Lived In Hell Worst In Trying I've Got The Only Way To Go Got The Gold Go To Gain You Choose To Rock My Feelings And So Brought My Golden Chain I'm Gonna Sing Love Song Now Be03:41

  • Toni Braxton-YesterdayYou You Are So Yesterday, Never Thought You'll Loose My Love This Way,Now You Come Begging Me To Stay,See You You Are So Yesterday,I Won't Let You Rain On My Parade,Don't Wanna Hear A Thing You Say,So Yesterday...03:48

  • EiafuawnThe Coffin Was So Light I Thought It Might Float Away03:53

  • 7 BirchesOr So I Thought03:21

  • Дима Билан и Юлия ВолковаBack To The Future Throwing The Hands Up We Were Going Away She Said She Would Not Be Soon Here Thought I Would Chase Her, She Don't Feel The Same And If I Don't Make A Move I'm Sure Gonna Lose The Biggest Part Of Me So Whatever The Takes I03:00

  • Александр РыбакSUOMI I Used To Be In Search For Beauty Used To Be In Search For Grace Now I See Your Lakes And Forests You Have Put A Smile On My Face Once I Thought I'd Seen It All Now You Show That Life Is So Much More Suomi Feeling In My Heart Forever Suomi Fe03:58

  • Plusculaar So I Thought I'd Play A Podcast02:02:47

  • Robert PattinsonLullbaye Being Made Of Stone Will Make You Strong, But I've Been Alone For Oh So Long. Then There You Were, A Silent Mind, With Beauty That I Thought I'd Never Find Something Strange Is Happening And I Don't Know What To Do I Haven&#05:41

  • FlyleafSo I Thought (Live In Sydney 17/8/13)04:28

  • Baby, F**k You,The Things You Did,I Never Thought I’d Get A Clue,Now I’m Gonna Give Him What He Wants And More...You Are So....Dramatic))) Всем мужчинам,кто в прошлом, посвящается.. !!03:21