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  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Seishun Wa Non-Stop!04:17

  • The Show Must Go OnFive Nights At Freddy S ROCK SONG By MandoPony04:09

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!恋のメッセージ02:00

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! ハマって☆Rockin' Sweet 01:39

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Knocking' The Next-door FULL03:45

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Last Flower01:36

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Favorite Number 01:37


  • SHOW BY ROCK!!New World Order (Full)03:58

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! 流星群 01:49

  • Plasmagica (Show By Rock)Cyan (ep 1)00:27

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! シンクリズム-S.C.ISM-01:41


  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Fake And Going To Fade03:28

  • Plasmagica (Show By Rock)Cyan & ChuChu & Retoree (ep 6)00:55

  • Plasmagica (Show By Rock)Cyan & Chuchu & Retoree (ep 9)01:31

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! アリスのロッキン・ホラー・ショー04:14

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! HANA01:47

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!TSUBASA (Full)04:42

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Get The Sound01:50

  • Show By Rock!!Sadame04:16

  • Show By Rock200:55

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Gonna Be A Music Millionaire!01:08

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! 青い月 01:30

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Soldier Named The Shadow 01:21

  • PlasmagicaHave A Nice MUSIC!! (SHOW BY ROCK!!! OP)03:57

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Panoramatic Adventure FULL03:33

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Tsurezure Нару Ayatsuri Mugenan01:18

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!シンクリズム-S.C.ISM- (Full)03:00

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Small&StarLight 01:53

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Have A Nice MUSIC!!01:29

  • Dancekraft ShowFashion Episode 03 By Jeff Rock59:18

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Sunset 01:32

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! 流星群04:08

  • シンガンクリムゾンズ 【ShinganCrimsonZ】Last Flower (SHOW BY ROCK!!) 【Full!】02:19

  • Саша YayoRock Show [Prod. By WhiteBeatz]04:01

  • Show By RockParanormatic Adventure01:30

  • Dancekraft ShowLive Episode 216 By Bobby Rock59:12

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! New World Order 01:46

  • SHOW BY ROCK (Yasuharu Takanashi)Symphonic Knights01:57

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! 恋とメリーゴーランド (Full)05:03

  • Britney SpearsI Wanna Go! (by Mura Show Rock Cover)03:45

  • Show By Rock400:54

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! YUME01:39

  • SHOW BY ROCK (Yasuharu Takanashi)破滅のオーケストラ01:20

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!The Real Reason (ロム(CV:細谷佳正))04:55

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Flare04:33

  • SHOW BY ROCK (Yasuharu Takanashi)/SHOW BY ROCK!! OST PlusSoldiers Go On01:50

  • Show By Rock!! OST | ShinganCrimsonZFalling Roses03:58

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Knocking' The Next-door 01:39

  • Dancekraft ShowLive Episode 142 By Jeff Rock59:25

  • SHOW BY ROCK (Yasuharu Takanashi)/SHOW BY ROCK!! OST Plusやさしい気持ちで01:03

  • SHOW BY ROCK (Yasuharu Takanashi)JAMMING BATTLE CITY01:48

  • Show By Rock!! OP | Cyan (CV: Eri Inagawa)Seishun Wa Non-Stop! (Cyan Ver.)01:42

  • SHOW BY ROCK!!Last Flower FULL03:38

  • Re-Load [8-Bit] "The Show Must Go On" - Five Nights At Freddy's ROCK SONG By MandoPony04:36

  • D-ShepShow'd Up Show'd Out [Prod. By Fat Boi] Reggie Rock – Slapp

  • Show By Rock!! OST | PlasmagicaMeikyū Destiny04:01

  • SHOW BY ROCK!! Dramatic∞Drumstick ( モア(CV:佐倉綾音))04:13

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