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  • TRVP | THE REAL TRAP SHIT!#8 Track Is Bomb [Bass.Prod By Destr]03:36

  • TRVP | THE REAL TRAP SHIT!#6 Track Is Bomb [Bass.Prod By Destr]04:31

  • 5th ElementShit Is Real (Instrumental)03:27

  • TRVP | THE REAL TRAP SHIT!#4 Track Is Bomb [Bass.Prod By Destr]04:50

  • TRVP | THE REAL TRAP SHIT!#7 Track Is Bomb [Bass.Prod By Destr]04:02

  • Ace NikoShit Is Real By Ace Niko [Prod By Ace Niko]03:29

  • Fat JoeThe Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)04:36

  • Lil JojoShit Is Real Ft. Hittz & P.Rico04:19

  • ULA FORTUNAThis Is Real Fuckin' Shit [prod By THE ARTISANS]02:47

  • Aggressive Rap InstrumentalThis Shit Is For The Real Gangsta Nigga02:33

  • Fat Joe Shit Is Real [DJ Premier Instrumental]04:27

  • Lil JoJoShit Is Real04:16

  • Fat JoeThe Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)04:36


  • Dange Beats Shit Is Real02:46

  • Fat JoeThe Shit Is Real (Honda Mix)04:36

  • Real Niggaz Muthafuckas Gangsters Bloodz Of Tupac And Old School Mackdonalds New York Mysik Recordz Studio Fucking Beach (R.N.M.Real Shit Mathafucka Gangsters Of Creeps 50 Cent It Is Cool Bullshit I Am Love Ghetto And Jay-z, And All Reapers курить In The Windows Mathufucka Gta San Andreas Is Love Game And I Am Win And I No Gay And Pidoras And Natural!!! VEry Very Very 02:02

  • DuckThis Shit Is Real Ft Dutchie 2times Brick Bte04:31

  • Shyheim & Gp WuShit Is Real (remix)04:01

  • Shyheim (Rugged Gladiation [Feat. GP Wu])Shit Is Real Remix04:01

  • LOVE IS REAL TRAP SHITВкусный Trap03:05

  • JoJo & P.RicoShit Is Real04:19