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  • Bruno Mars/just The Way You Are/piano Vocal Cover. Oh Her Eyes, Her Eyes Make The Stars Look Like They’re Not Shining Her Hair, Her Hair Falls Perfectly Without Her Trying She’s So Beautiful And I Tell Her Every Day Yeah I Know, I Know When I Compliment Her She Won’t Believe Me And It’s So, It’s So Sad04:26

  • One DirectionTake Me Home (Summer Love, She's Not Afraid, Loved You First, Nobody Compares, Still The One.)02:07

  • The High StrungShe's Not Even Mad At You01:49

  • She's Not RealI Never Knew You (Like You Knew Me)04:15

  • Romeo, Jo Jo, Drake, Teyana TaylorFuck That New Girl That You Like So Bad She’s Not Crazy Like Me I Bet You Like That I Said Fuck That New Girl That’s Been In Your Bed And When You’re In Her I Know I’m In Your Head I Mean, I’m Just Saying You Can Do Better 04:55

  • The Local Man & Nedarb NagromShe's Not You02:27

  • David ArchuletaShe's Not You (Delux Bonus)03:19

  • Akon - I'm So High,So High,Sexual High,A Sexual High,Know She Got Me When You See That Redness In My EyeShawty Got Her Back And Her Body Got Curves,When She Bring It Back It's Like Somebody Hit A Nerve,Just Like That, I Love It When You Flirt,Take It To The Back And Hang A Do Not Disturb Sign On The Door Cause Your Boyfriend's A Her**04:36

  • David ArchuletaShe's Not You03:18

  • Arctic Monkeys-Are You Mine?I’m A Puppet On A String Tracy Island Time-traveling Diamond Coulda Shaped Heartaches Come To Find Ya Fall In Some Velvet Morning Years Too Late She’s A Silver Lining Lone Ranger Riding Through An Open Space In My Mind When She’s Not Right There Beside Me03:25

  • Place 2b & PaimonSame Old Story Back Again She's Not A Lover She's Just A Friend I'm Sick And Tired For You To Blame On Me Now You Think It's Funny Now You Wanna Spend Your Money On Girls But You Forgot When You Were Down That I Was Around Call My Lover, 06:03

  • The Amazing Rhythm AcesShe's Not You04:11

  • Ana Maria FerentzShe's Not Over You (Radio Edit) By GygY @ Www.Mp3Alese.com03:31

  • Lena DunhamNot That Kind Of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned'06:10:36

  • She's Not RealIf You Leave Me One Day Silently (320)03:52

  • She's Not RealI Never Knew You (Like You Knew Me) (320)04:17

  • Daniel De BourgDoing It Wrong (Drake Cover) When A Good Thing Goes Bad It's Not The End Of The World It's Just The End Of A World That You Had With One Girl And She's The Reason It Happened, But She's Overreacting And It's All Because She Don'03:21

  • Make Me FamousJust The Way You Are (Bruno Mars Cover) • Her Eyes, Her Eyes Make The Stars Look Like They're Not Shining, Her Hair, Her Hair Falls Perfectly Without Her Trying, She's So Beautiful03:52

  • Dan ReedShe's Not You05:06


  • NovembersoundsbetterShe's Not My You03:56

  • IDEAL OST ClientHappy? (... I’m Happy, She’s Happy, So Why The Fuck Are You Not Happy?)04:01

  • [black][Jacob Black.She's Not Coming Back.La Push Has Come To Shove And She's Through With You.Don't Cha See Your Just A Dog To Me.If You Come Near Her Again.I'll Eat You Too]03:54

  • Spin DoctorsShe's Not You05:06

  • John O'BanionShe's Not For You04:01

  • Elvis PresleyShe's Not You (take 2, Wp Take 4)03:45

  • The Amazing Rhythm AcesShe's Not You04:11

  • Jaded HeartShe's Not You03:28

  • Jaded HeartShe's Not You03:30

  • The Mike Eldred TrioShe's Not You02:06

  • David ArchuletaShe's Not You03:18

  • RT CaneShe's Gone (You Are Not Part Of Us)54:11