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  • JebediahShe's Like A Comet03:43

  • PerturbatorShe Moves Like A Knife05:26

  • ♥Brian McFadden♥She Changed My Life.She Cleaned Me Up She Found My Heart Like Only A Woman Can She Pulls Me Up When She Knows I’m Sad She Knows Her Man Like Only A Woman Can..._03:40

  • Pharrell WilliamsHappy ( EFIX & ALLISON Cover ) [Verse 1:] It Might Seem Crazy What I'm About To Say Sunshine She's Here, You Can Take A Break I'm A Hot Air Balloon That Could Go To Space With The Air, Like I Don't Care Baby By The Way [Hook:] Because05:55

  • Love Like...ElectrocutionWith Horses In Her Eyes, She Spat Like A Wildcat01:12

  • The BeatlesAnd I Love Her I Give Her All My Love, That's All I Do, And If You Saw My Love You'd Love Her Too, And I Love Her. She Gives Me Everything And Tenderly The Kiss My Lover Bring She Brings To Me And I Love Her. A Love Like Ours Coul02:33

  • Look At Me Now.Yellow Model Chick Yellow Bottle Sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow Top Missing Yeah Yeah That Sh-t Look Like A Toupee I Get What You Get In 10 Years, In Two Days Ladies Love Me I’m On My Cool J If You Get What I Get What Would You Say She Wax It All Off,03:28

  • Roald VeldenShe's Like A Sunset (Original Mix)08:21

  • Lou BegaSweet Like Cola She Tastes Like Cola, Sweet, Sweet Sugar Cola! When I Took A Sip For My Lip She`s Set Me On A Trip She Keeps Me Up In Night In A Song, Be Cause She Kicks. I` M Your Darling, Baby, You Don`t Have To Slim Down (down, Down Don`t Slim D03:25

  • A-Ha-Velvet Her Skin Is Like Velvet Her Face Cut From Stone Her Eyes When She's Smiling Will Never Reach Home But Hear How She Sings Her Touch Would Be Tender Her Lips Would Be Warm But When We're Together I'm Always Alone But Hear How She Sings But Hea04:18

  • I'm Langston, A Monster, Your Daughter Loch Ness, Yeah I'm Goin' Underwater Only If It's Clean Though, Swag No I Ain't Omarion But I Can Make Her Scream Oooo Now She Wanna Be My Main She Wanna Chill Like The Ice On My Chain Her Sex Game Is Crazy, Her Brain Is Insane I'm A Monster It's Runnin' Through My Veins03:40

  • Mujuice Feat. Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)Load Up On Guns And Bring Your Friends It's Fun To Lose And To Pretend She's Over Bored And Self Assured Oh No, I Know A Dirty Word Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low? (x3) Hello, Hello, Hello! With The Lights Out, It's Less Dangerous Here We 02:54

  • H.E.A.TShe's Like The Wind03:55

  • I Wish I Could Be Close To YouI Can’t Sleep At Night I’m Staring At The Phone Knowing You Are Not Alone She Is Right There By Your Side I’m Trying Just To Hide All The Things I Feel Inside I Can Sense The Chemistry When You Are Standing Close To Me I Feel Like A Ship Is Lost At Sea Is04:40

  • CorporeShe Came Like A Hurricane01:34

  • Ulay, Oh There She Was Like A Picture03:21

  • Roald Velden She's Like A Sunset (Original Mix)05:09

  • Michael Sembello She's A Maniac, Maniac On The Floor And She's Dancing Like She's Never Danced Before...;)04:12

  • Katerine[She Work It Girl, She Work The Pole She Break It Down, She Take It Low...Her Money Money, She Makin' Makin' Got The Way She Shakin'...Dance In You're Lap Till You're Ready To Pop...Baby It's A New Age, You Like My New Craze...Ayo]03:38

  • Hans Zimmer & Rupert Gregson-Williams12. She Was Like A Bright Light [OST Любовь сквозь время / Winter's Tale]01:35

  • PerturbatorShe Moves Like A Knife05:33

  • Roald Velden She's Like A Sunset (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)07:51

  • ★★Nicole Scherzinger ///////// Feat. TI Whatever You Like (Dj Lesnik Dnb Mix) I 'll Do The Thing, I'll Do The Thing You Wanna (I Know What You Want) I'm Gonna Do, Do Anything You Wanna (She Hot As A Stove) I'll Do The Thing, I'll Do The Thing You Wanna ★★04:03

  • NasI Know, I Can (Be, B-Boys And Girls, Listen Up You Can Be Anything In The World, In God We Trust An Architect, Doctor, Maybe An Actress But Nothing Comes Easy It Takes Much Practice Like, I Met A Woman Who's Becoming A Star She Was Very Beautiful, Lea04:16

  • MLPShe Fluttered Like A BUTTERFLY01:43

  • Roald VeldenShe's Like A Sunset (Original Mix)08:21

  • Britney SpearsShattered Glass Flashlight RemixWas It Really Worth It? Was She Everything, That You Were Looking For? (Feel Like A Man). I Hope You Know That, You Can't Go Back. Cause All We Had, Is Broken Like Shattered Glass.03:22

  • Make Like A TreeWhen She Cuts Oranges02:38

  • AraBian Beat ( She's LiKe A Cobra ) By Nabil ProD03:39

  • Adaen02 She Is Screaming Like A Whale03:10