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  • 2 Pac--Can U Get Away When Im Gone ?- I Refuse To Give Up - Cause I Believe In What We Share You're Livin In Prison And What He's Givin Can't Compare Cause Everything I Feel For You I Wanna Let You Know Passion It Be Yours And I'll Never Let You Go Tell Me Can You Get Away ?04:44

  • MattafixBig City Life [ Don't You Wanna Know Me? Be A Friend Of Mine. I'll Share Some Wisdom With You. Don't You Ever Get Lonely, From Time To Time Don't Let The System Get You Down ]03:55

  • All Time LowUmbrella (Rihanna Cover)You Have My Heart And We'll Never Be Worlds Apart May Be In Magazines But You'll Still Be My Star Baby Cause In The Dark You Can't See Shiny Cars And That's When You Need Me There With You I'll Always Share03:49

  • BeyonceMy Man No Matter What You Say I Ain't Goin No Where No Matter What You Think I'ma Always Be There The Love That We Share It Lives Inside Of Me 03:07

  • Dive: "I Can Tell About Neymare Only The Good. He Is Very Happy Person. His Views And Customs Are Similar To Mine In The Sense That He Looks At Life To Enjoy It, To Be With Friends, To Enjoy Such City As Barcelona. We Could Share The Good Moments NotTauchen: "Ich Kann über Neymare Nur Den Nutzen Erzählen. Er Ist Sehr Glückliche Person. Seine Ansichten Und Zoll Sind Meinigen Im Sinn ähnlich, Dass Er Auf Das Leben Schaut, Um Ihn Zu Genießen, Mit Freunden Zu Sein, Solche St03:28

  • BotsVIBig City Life Me Try Fi Get By Pressure Nah Ease Up No Matter How Hard Me Try. Big City Life Here My Heart Have No Base And Right Now Babylon De Pon Me Case. People In A Show All Lined In A Row. We Just Push On By It’s Funny How Hard We Try. Take A Moment To Relax. Before You Do Anything Rash. Dont You Wanna Know Me Be A Friend Of Mine. Ill Share Some Wisdom With You. Dont You Ever Get Lonely From Time To Time Dont Let The System Get You Down00:40

  • Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life. (...When You Find That You're Always Waiting For A Love We Used To Share Just Call My Name, And I'll Be There...)04:16

  • Dance Party. Dance! Dance!We Share Our Laughter, We Share All The Jokes, And We Could Speak Without Any Words, But Why Are We Scared Of Saying Goodbye, I Only Let Your Hand If I Die, But Why Are We Scared To Be So Free, I Guess The Answer Is Simple And It’s Called L.O.V.E.02:30

  • Gigi D'AgostinoStay With Me Forever Sharing Love Together Keep My Dream Alive Touch With Me The Sky Is Got To Be The Reason Share With You My Freedom Steal A Ray Of Sun While I’m Here With You You Must Come Along Everywhere I03:38

  • Dee Edwards[Why Can't There Be Love]i'm Only Asking For A Chance To Share A Love With You.I Know You've Got The Kind Of Love To Make My Dreams Come True=)02:44

  • Killy MThe Problem Should Be Share05:56

  • Howard ShareMay It Be03:09

  • JangaramongaraShare In Order To Be Creative07:53

  • Merc Ft Danny Claire I'll Be On My Way - Repost & Share (Original Mix)07:52

  • 09 Killy MThe Problem Should Be Share05:56

  • Sunny & Share Love YouYou Gotta Suffer A Lot To Be Happy02:56

  • JangaramongaraShare In Order To Be Creative07:53

  • LION'S SHAREJust In Time To Be Late03:11

  • LION'S SHAREJust In Time To Be Late03:02

  • Tiesto Feat. Sneaky Sound SystemI Will Be Here (Arvin Share Original Remix)03:57

  • U Gonan To Be Share 8 BIT01:10