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  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow RocksShake Your Tail02:00

  • MLP EQG - Rainbow RocksShake Your Tail01:59

  • Ray Charles & The Blues BrothersShake Your Tail Feather02:47

  • MLP EG RR[d] Девочки из Эквестрии 2 - Радужный Рок - Shake Your Tail [Official Russian Dubbing] - YouTube01:58

  • 2.6. MLP:RR "Карусель"Shake Your Tail/Выше нос02:04

  • Equestria Girls Rainbow RocksShake Your Tail. Russian Official01:59

  • MLP: Equestria Girls & Daniel IngramShake Your Tail01:53

  • Band From TVShake Your Tail Feather12:49

  • Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Shake Your Tail [German]02:04

  • Stars On 33Shake Your Tail02:24

  • ПониShake Your Tail (мужская версия)01:59

  • The Blues BrothersShake Your Tail Feather03:00

  • Радужный РокShake Your Tail RUS01:58

  • The Quick Brown FoxShake Your Tail02:43

  • Daniel IngramShake Your Tail (MIM Remix)05:25

  • Shereen Cutkelvin (cover)Shake Your Tail Feather02:56

  • Equestria Girls Rainbow RocksShake Your Tail 01:59

  • Ray Charles & The Blues Brothers Twist It (Shake Your Tail Feather) (OST The Blues Brothers)02:40

  • GermanShake Your Tail01:59

  • SvixShake Your Tail03:50

  • Tim WoodShake Your Tail (Play Birds 2007)00:59

  • Английский языкUnit 3, Lesson 4, Exercise 1, Song - Shake Your Dragon Tail01:02

  • TheAljavisShake Your Tail METALIZED03:17

  • MaslinaShake Your Tail02:20

  • FrenchShake Your Tail02:07

  • Band From TVShake Your Tail Feather06:04

  • Ray CharlesShake Your Tail Feather02:57

  • Dmitriev MLP ChannelShake Your Tail! 02:05

  • PolishShake Your Tail01:56

  • Ray CharlesTwist It (Shake Your Tail Feather)02:48

  • Greek Shake Your Tail01:56

  • TurkishShake Your Tail01:55

  • SpanishShake Your Tail01:59

  • Daniel IngramShake Your Tail (Vocals Only)02:01

  • Equestria Girls (Daniel Ingram)Shake Your Tail (Alex376 Instrumental Cover)01:58

  • Equestria Girls : RRShake Your Tail (MIM Remix)05:27

  • East(AppleJack)Shake Your Tail02:07

  • DanishShake Your Tail02:00

  • SvixShake Your Tail03:50

  • SwedishShake Your Tail01:59

  • PortugeseShake Your Tail01:55

  • Shake Your TailInstrumental00:58

  • NorwegianShake Your Tail01:59