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  • Sigala Feat. Imani & DJ FreshSay You Do (Radio Edit)03:22

  • DJ TiestoI Don’t Need To Neet You... Tell Me What To Do... Tell Me What To Say…03:24

  • Ost Мальчишник в ВегасеWhat Do You Say03:43

  • SigalaSay You Do (feat. Imani & DJ Fresh) [Kove Remix]04:19

  • Lionel RichieHello! Is It Me You're Looking For? I Can See It In Your Eyes, I Can See It In Your Smile. You're All I've Ever Wanted And My Arms Are Open Wide. Cause You Know Just What To Say And You Know Just What To Do And I Want To Tell You So Much..04:01

  • Levi Brown/Junior MintzSay You Do (Vox)01:48

  • Dierks BentleySay You Do03:40

  • Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean (JVST SAY YES Bootleg)03:39

  • Andrea FissoreWhat Do You Wanna Say (Original Mix)05:47

  • RihannaYour Love...You Say You Love Me,But That Don't Do Nothing For Me,You Got To Do More Than Tell Me What Your Feeling,Because If You Want Me, Love Me, Want Me,I Better Become Your Only, Because Thats The Only Way That I'll Be With It ...03:58

  • Mickey AvalonWhat Do You Say? 03:39

  • ✰ Never Win I Don't Need To Need You. Tell Me What To Do, Tell Me What To Say...03:59

  • FilterWhat Do You Say03:48

  • медляк Thomas Anders ♥ Time To Decide Say Hi Or Good Bye Why... Why Do You Cry, Wonderful Lady? Why Do You Cry Fighting A Fear? Just Tell Me Why? I’m Like A Blind Running Behind You. How Many People Just Wanna Be Friends Of Mine How Many Girls I’ve Known In My Life Why Do You Cry Open Your Mind Give Me Your Palm, I Can't Live Without You... Without Your Love… ♥03:49

  • Joe CockerWhat Do You Say?04:41

  • Tommy ReeveI'm Sorry For Your Pain, I'm Sorry For Your Tears, For All The Little Things I Didn't Know, I'm Sorry For The Words I Didn't Say, But What I Still Do- I'm Still Loving You03:42

  • Claps For CarolineSo Be Careful What You Say And Do (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:32

  • ● Simple PlanYour Love Is A Lie...You Can Tell Me That There Nobody Else,but I Feel It..And Do You Think About Me,when He Fuck You??So Dont Try To Say You Are Sorry,it Is Too Late....03:42

  • ACES What Do You Think Theyll Say About Me03:41

  • Gregor HormGod Is A Girl, Whatever You Want Do You Believe It, Can You Receive It God Is A Girl, Whatever You Say Do You Believe It, Can You Receive It God Is A Girl, However You Live Do You Believe It, Can You Receive It God Is A Girl, She's Only A Girl Do You 03:01

  • Dead By AprilWhat Can I Say , What Can I Do, This Is Who I Am And I Am Hurting You… What Can I Say, What Can I Do, No Matter How Strong My Feelings Are. I Always End Up Hurting You… I Always End Up Hurting You… Im Hurting You… I Try Hard Only To Be Here, You03:04

  • Kina GrannisLove, It's A Special Day... We Should Celebrate And Appreciate...That You And Me Found Something Pretty Neat... And I Know Some Say This Day Is Arbitrary... But It's A Good Excuse To Put Our Love To Use Baby... I Know What To Do Baby... I...02:32

  • Sigala & DJ FreshSay You Do (Kove Remix)04:19

  • KwanShine (I Can See It In Your Eyes So Why Don't You, DO Something? You Wont Lose It Baby Don't Be Afraid There Will Be A Day, When IT IS TOO LATE You Say That You Don't Believe In Love But Love Is Already In You DON'T WAIT TOO LONG)03:54

  • Radio RecordSigala, Imani, Dj Fresh - Say You Do Http://

  • SigalaSay You Do (feat. Imani, DJ Fresh)03:23

  • Thomas Anders You Know, My Girl, I Need You To Write My Story. You Love To Fly But Now You Are By My Side. It’s You I Need, And There Is No Point In Worrying. Time To Decide Say Hi Or Good Bye Why... Why Do You Cry, Wonderful Lady? Why Do You Cry Fighting A Fear? Why 03:42

  • 1.Mickey AvalonWhat Do You Say (Мальчишник в Вегасе)03:43

  • F.R.David This Is Just A Simple Song That I've Made For You On My Own There's No Hidden Meaning You Know When I When I Say I Love You Honey Please Believe I Really Do Cause Words, Don't Come Easy To Me How Can I Find A Way To Make You See I Love You Wo03:26

  • Dierks BentleySay You Do03:34

  • John LegendWho Did That To You? Now I'm Not Afraid To Do The Last Work, You Say Vengeance Is Here, But Imma Do It First. I'm Done Handle My Business In The Name Of The Love. Now If He Made You Cry, Oh, I Gotta Know, If He's Not Ready To Die, He Best P03:45

  • Tien TienSay You Do03:40