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  • Tame ImpalaNew Person Same Old Mistakes06:11

  • One Direction[Up All Night]Same Mistakes03:19

  • The Echo-FriendlySame Mistakes03:10

  • RihannaSame Ol’ Mistakes06:02

  • One DirectionSame Mistakes03:19

  • Mans Zelmerloew - Brother Oh Brother (Ali Payami Original Mix)I've Been There I Thought She Was The One Until I Realized That She Was Gone, Ooooo Beauty Can't Describe The Way She Looked I Was A Fool, For Love Please Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Did, Don't Let Her Win Don't Give In 03:57

  • Sunshine JonesSame Mistakes (Soul Minority Remix)06:47

  • The Young Professionals Vs. The Echo Friendly Same Mistakes 03:42

  • 1DSame Mistakes (2011 Vs 2015)01:00

  • MicetroSame Mistakes Ft. Data Child03:36

  • Paper AeroplanesSame Mistakes (Piano Version)04:02

  • StereoRYZESame Mistakes01:47

  • Rihanna Same Ol' Mistakes (Chopped & Screwed)07:51

  • One Direction Same Mistakes (edit)02:41

  • RihannaSame Ol’ Mistakes01:03

  • SerezhadelalSame Mistakes01:56

  • Sunshine JonesSame Mistakes (Dana Bergquist Dub) GS06:29

  • RihannaSame Ol’ Mistakes00:40

  • Jump Back Jake And The Echo Friendly1. Same Mistakes03:10

  • The Echo FriendlySame Mistakes03:07

  • Brandon ScarbroughSame Mistakes (Original Mix)08:12

  • RitmoSame Mistakes03:00

  • Kelly ClarksonBecause Of You (Акапельно)Because Of You (оригинал Kelly Clarkson) Из-за тебя (перевод ) I I Will Not Make The Same Mistakes That You Did I Will Not Let Myself Cause My Heart So Much Misery I Will Not Break The Way You Did, You Fell So Hard I've Lea03:38

  • One DirectionSame Mistakes03:06

  • SUNSHINE JONESSame Mistakes (Original Mix)03:33


  • Tame ImpalaNew Person Same Old Mistakes (Bridge)01:00

  • One DirectionSame Mistakes (Version Of 2016)03:41

  • B.D.I. Presents Compassion CrewPaper Tears (Same Victories, Same Mistakes)06:12

  • Open SailsThese Same Mistakes02:46

  • Paper AeroplanesSame Mistakes03:05

  • ..ιlιlι.. Oi Va Voi - Yesterday's MistakesI Like To Think I'm Stronger Now Victim Of Common Sense The Truth Is That I Know I Still Confuse The Past With The Present Tense Condensing What We Had To A Single Frame That Sticks In My Mind When I Try To Move On The Same Image Comes Back Ev04:40

  • PhysiQueSame Mistakes03:46

  • PridesSame Mistakes04:54

  • Same MistakesБез названия01:00

  • RihannaSame Ol' Mistakes (Chopped & Screwed)05:00

  • Eternal TriangleSame Mistakes04:09

  • Sunshine JonesSame Mistakes (Soul Minority Remix)04:13

  • Meek Is MurderThe Same Mistakes01:47

  • BDIPaper Tears (Same Victories, Same Mistakes)06:12

  • MicetroSame Mistakes03:23

  • Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes RΣWVRD Remix04:47