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  • ATBWhy Don’t You Kidnap Me For Old Time’s Sake And I’ll Come Break Into Your House Again I Know You Love It When I Show You That I Really Care I Never Felt So Safe When I’m Lying On Your Favourite Chair. Of A New Day A New Day04:59

  • The Grizzled MightyFor The Sake Of It All02:49

  • Phoebe LovahJust For The Sake Of It03:06

  • Motoi SakurabaFor The Sake Of It All...00:21

  • ARTCH (1991) For The Sake Of MankindTo Whom It May Concern04:18

  • Sick Of It AllPetes Sake00:58

  • Sick Of It AllPete's Sake00:54

  • D.AvenueAngels Which Got Down For The Sake Of It06:08

  • Sick Of It AllPete's Sake00:58

  • IguanaSTREETJAZZBand -Let It Ring..(Participants;MoscowChillOutStars&the Closed Club In Style The WorldRoof:Sonik Flavia- Double-dramm, Arseny- Electronica&percussions, Max- Guitar\vocal, Natalia- Folk.Record Is Made On 1 Of Coasts During A Sunset.They Can Be Met &on Citystreets.Simple People,able To Give Pleasure Not Only For The Sake Of $..12:28

  • Sick Of It AllPete's Sake01:13

  • TEEFLiving For The Sake Of It!01:26

  • OSAMENTAHPete's Sake (sick Of It All Cover)01:00

  • Keiji Haino & CoaIn Spite Of It Having Been Laid, All For The Sake Of All05:33

  • Cold As LifePete's Sake (Sick Of It All Cover)00:57

  • Fred HyasJust For The Sake Of It All( Demo Cut)03:34

  • Sick Of It AllPete's Sake00:54

  • PoussezDo It For The Sake Of Love04:21

  • Екатерина ДуюноваAdagio (Overcoming Pains, Losses And Barriers For The Sake Of It...for The Sake Of Music...Adagio)04:24

  • Вселенная СтивенаAll For The Sake Of It (him) RUS02:04

  • 001Sick Of It AllPete's Sake00:58

  • Sick Of It AllPete's Sake00:49

  • Denis RichersAnd For The Sake Of It Was Necessary To Live!!!03:04

  • Posh VandalsJust For The Sake Of It04:52

  • SefFor The Sake Of It Is Necessary To Live05:57