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  • Bruno MarsJust The Way You Are, When I See Your Face.... There's Not A Thing That I Would Change.... Cause You're Amazing.... Just The Way You Are... And When You Smile... The Whole World Stops And Stares For A While... Cause Girl You're Amazing.... Jus04:03

  • F.R.David This Is Just A Simple Song That I've Made For You On My Own There's No Hidden Meaning You Know When I When I Say I Love You Honey Please Believe I Really Do Cause Words, Don't Come Easy To Me How Can I Find A Way To Make You See I Love You Wo03:26

  • Secondhand SerenadeOr I Won't Live To See Another Day I Swear It's True Because A Girl Like You Is Impossible To Find You're Impossible To Find This Is Not What I Intended I Always Swore To You I'd Never Fall Apart You Always Thought That I Was Stronger I M03:04

  • BusshunterIt's A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It Does Do I Care ? I Just Dont Know How To Run It's A Saturday Night And I Hope You Believe My Heart Is Calling Your Name So Hear Me Out When I Say I Can See It In H03:14

  • De Javu-I Cant Stop (Ibiza Sunshine Remix) (2010)The Moment's Looking Right..Just Love And Not A Fight..So Tonight I Think We're Gonna Make…it Happen..Your Voice Gives Me Desire…Just You Can Give That Fire…So Baby Can't You See…You Are The Only One For Me…I Can't Stop Thinking Of You..&a04:22

  • Vazquez Sounds There's A Fire Starting In My Heart,  Reaching A Fever Pitch And It's Bringing Me Out The Dark  Finally, I Can See You Crystal Clear.  Go Ahead And Sell Me Out And I'll Lay Your Ship Bare.  See How I Leave With Every Piece Of YRolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)03:48

  • Chris BrownIt's Been A Long Day Without You, My Friend And I'll Tell You All About It When I See You Again We've Come A Long Way From Where We Began Oh, I'll Tell You All About It When I See You Again When I See You Again [Verse 1: Tyga] Looking Bac03:35

  • I Wasnt Jealous Before We Met, Now Every Women I See Is A Potential Threat!!!!!!=(I Still Get Jealous!When They Look At You!I May Not Show It!But I Do!It`s More Than I Can Bear!When They Start To Stare!Cause They Think You`re Too Good To Be True!I Still Get Jealous,when We Kiss Goodnight.Unless You Hold Me E03:15

  • The Rasmus - Living In A World Without YouThere’s A World Without You. I See The Light. Living In A World Without You. There Is Hope To Guide Me. I Will Survive. Living In A World Without You.03:51

  • The Chemical BrothersLet Me Introduce To You A Brand New Dance... I Know You Gonna Love It If You Give It One Chance... It’s Not Complicated, It's Not Too Hard... You Don't Even Have To Be A Hip-hop Star! See Anyone Can Do It, All You Need Is Style..:)04:15

  • Heath HunterWhat A World What A Place To Be See The People Ev'rywhere The Pain Of Nations - I Tell You Mother Earth Needs The Help Of All The Children Of The World A Revolution Here We Go - Hear Me Say It's Revolution In Paradise Here We Go - He03:29

  • Avril LavigneAdia (Live) Adia I Do Believe I Failed You Adia I Know I Let You Down Don’t You Know I Tried So Hard To Love You In My Way It's Easy Let It Go... Adia I’m Empty Since You Left Me Trying To Find A Way To Carry On I Search Myself And Everyone To See W04:06

  • ..ιlιlι.. Bruno Mars - Only When You're Lonely Here I Am Again, Doing Things I Said That I Wouldn't Do It's 3 A.m. And I'm Rushing Out The Door To See You Waiting, All Day, But Now You Wanna Call Me Why Do You Do This To Me All The Time? After All The Things You Put Me Through, 03:44

  • Linkin Park_A Place For My Head отрывокYou Try To Take The Best Of Me. Go Away! I Want To Be In Another Place. I Hate When You Say You Don't Understand (You'll See It's Not Meant To Be). I Want To Be In The Energy, Not With The Enemy. A Place For My Head. I'm Sick Of T01:09

  • Lionel Richie Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?(Every Time I See You And I Look Into Your Eyes There's A Feeling That I Get And It's Way Down Deep Inside, Girl I've Been Trying To Hold On, But You Say That You're Not Sure04:13

  • Einshine And SkyDoesMinecraft♫ Let's Have Some FUN In Minecraft ♫ - A Minecraft Parody Of When Can I See You Again?05:13

  • Hana Pestle [Not Worth Today....♥][You're Not Too Blame For The Bleeding. It's Just A Pain And I Greed It. I Can't Deny You'll See My Name So This Is "good-bye, My Friend..." Don't Wanna Leave Two Week To Stay, And I'm Sorry To Say: Tomorrow's Just 03:36

  • Garbage_QueerHey Boy,take A Look At Me_Let Me Dirty Up Your Mind_I'll Strip Away Your Hard Veneer_And See What I Can Find_I Know What's Good For You_I Know You're Dying Too(you Can Touch Me If You Want) But You Can't Stop Music Http://Demon-Art.ru04:36

  • Danny CopeThere’s Nothing In The Way There’s Nothing Left To Say There’s Just A Perfect Day For Us To Use. There’s Nothing Else To See No Better Place To Be Now That You’re Here With Me And I’m With You. Why Don’t We Wait, Here. I Just Wanna Stay Here. Why Don’t 03:24

  • DJ Tom Boxer Feat. JayA Beautiful Day - "It's A Beautiful World It's A Beautiful Day The Sun Is Shining To My Heart Every Morning In Every Day I See No Reasons To Cry I Feel No Reasons To Run Just Look Inside Your Lonely Heart Open Your Eyes, You'll See The 05:07

  • Flo RidaHook: Sage The Gemini I Know What You Came Here To See If You're A Freak, Then Ya Coming Home With Me And I Know What You Came Here To Do Now Bust It Open Let Me See You Get Low It's Going Down For Real It's Going Down For Real It's Goin02:50

  • Adrena RossMoon River, Wider Than A Mile I'm Crossing You In Style Some Day Oh, Dream Maker, You Heart Breaker Wherever You're Going, I'm Going Your Way Two Drifters, Off To See The World There's Such A Lot Of World To See We're After The Same R03:09

  • You Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, PulDo You See Me Laughing? You Think That It's A Joke Imma Start Harassing, All Your Little Hoes That Be Trying To Pass Here, You Better Tell Them Imma Kick They Ass In! WHAT! Who Are You Talking To? You Better Hang Up Or I'm Through With You02:52

  • Kurt NilsenStay, Stay A Little Longer... Well, I'll Take What I Can Before You Leave... That Is Just A Smile! I'll See You More That's Why I Can Watch You Breathe... That Is All Right! Come On And Show Me That Silky Skin... You Are So Fine!03:23

  • Robert PattisonLet Me Sign Standing By A Broken Tree Her Hands Are All Twisted She's Pointing At Me I Was Damned By Light Coming Over I See She Spoke With A Voice That Disrupted The Sky She Said Walk On Over Here It's A Bit Of Shade I Will Wrap You In My Arms A02:22

  • All That’s Beautiful My Senses Touch Your Word I Never Pictured Now I Give My Hope To You I Surrender I Pray In My Heart That ThI See You Walking Through A Dream I See You My Light In Darkness Breathing Hope Of New Life Now I Live Through You And You Through Me Enchanting I Pray In My Heart That This Dream Never Ends 04:15

  • Akon - I'm So High,So High,Sexual High,A Sexual High,Know She Got Me When You See That Redness In My EyeShawty Got Her Back And Her Body Got Curves,When She Bring It Back It's Like Somebody Hit A Nerve,Just Like That, I Love It When You Flirt,Take It To The Back And Hang A Do Not Disturb Sign On The Door Cause Your Boyfriend's A Her**04:36