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  • High And Dry Cover - Radiohead (2012)Без названия04:24

  • Luís SequeiraHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover) 03:17

  • YellowcardHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)03:55

  • RadioheadHigh And Dry - (Live Studio Session)04:12

  • The Bluegrass Tribute To RadioheadHigh And Dry07:20

  • ■ Luís SequeiraHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover) 04:36

  • SUNGJIN & WONPILHIGH AND DRY (Cover Radiohead)03:45

  • GedrovichHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:34

  • Eduard Geduev Learning GuitarRadiohead High And Dry (cover)04:25

  • Jamie CullumHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:53

  • PhyllotaxisHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:25

  • Jung Joon YoungHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover) 02:54

  • Onsoku LineHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:15

  • Zemfira & Alex VargasHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover) 08.02.1604:03

  • Jamie CullumHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:52

  • Ben BahHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)05:33

  • Red Band Ft. Ninet TayebHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)03:05

  • Pietro LoconteHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)03:48

  • HospiceHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)05:01

  • Alex Vargas & Zemfira High And Dry (live Radiohead Cover)04:35

  • Pasha ChahovskaHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)03:27

  • Severh (RADIOHEAD COVER)High And Dry04:38

  • НеизвестенRadiohead - High And Dry(midi)04:17

  • Dukespan NycAnd So It Goes - High And Dry (Radiohead Cover)06:15

  • Невідомий виконавецьHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:13

  • Jamie CullumHigh And Dry [Radiohead Cover]04:55

  • VAJamie Callum - High And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:54

  • Zalik's Guitar LearningHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)06:07

  • The ColorblindHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:40

  • Allison IrahetaHigh And Dry (cover Radiohead)04:13

  • Ковер-КвартетHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)07:08

  • Let's Talk!High And Dry (Radiohead Cover) Live04:19

  • Cheese MikeHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)03:57

  • НеизвестенHigh And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:26

  • DryHigh And Dry Radiohead Cover01:41

  • Colin & CarolineHigh And Dry - (Radiohead Cover)04:13

  • Fornesticks High And Dry (Radiohead 8bit-cover) 04:19

  • Dian Palupi High And Dry (Radiohead Cover)04:39

  • Kuvaldiss-Radiohead CoverHigh And Dry04:39

  • Let's Talk!High And Dry (Radiohead) Cover04:34

  • Leonid And His Boxed WineHigh And Dry(radiohead Cover)04:07

  • НеизвѣстенъHigh And Dry (radiohead Cover)04:24