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  • MotorheadGod Save The Queen03:20

  • Ronnie OatesGod Save The Queen 02:14

  • Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen (A&M Records, March 1977)03:25

  • God Save The QueenThe Show Must Go On03:52

  • фанаты сб. АнглииGod Save The Queen00:37

  • Sex PistolsMedley: Anarchy/Pretty Vacant/God Save The Queen02:44

  • English FansGod Save The Queen00:45

  • QuorthonGod Save The Queen (cover Sex Pistols)03:13

  • MotörheadGod Save The Queen (Sex Pistols Cover)03:20

  • Pocket Band OrchGod Save The Queen ! British National Anthem Боже Храни Королеву! Английский Нац Гимн 00:40

  • Ysa FerrerGod Save The Queen (Iversoon & Alex Daf Club Mix)02:49

  • Nouvelle VagueGod Save The Queen (Sex Pistols Cover)04:20

  • God Save The QueenWe Are The Champions05:15

  • Гимн АнглииGod Save The Queen00:45

  • AnthraxGod Save The Queen (Sex Pistols Cover)03:02

  • Banana GangGod Save The Queen02:39

  • Алена ЯрушинаGod Save The Queen (Chicago)03:39

  • Neil Young & Crazy HorseGod Save The Queen [Americana|2012]04:08

  • MotorheadGod Save The Queen (Sex Pistol03:21

  • Гимн ВеликобританииGod, Save The Queen.02:14

  • QueenGod Save The Queen (Live Magic)01:18

  • MotörheadGod Save The Queen03:19


  • The Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen03:35

  • PianoGod Save The Queen02:28

  • National Anthem EnglandGod Save The Queen Ceremonial01:43

  • The UkrainiansХай живе (Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen)03:08

  • Гімн ВеликобританіїGod Save The Queen01:02

  • MotorheadGod Save The Queen (The Sex Pistols)03:18

  • OrganGod Save The Queen02:21

  • Ray CharlesGod Save The Queen 03:05

  • PhantomPhazeGod Save The Queen [AIRHORN MLG REMIX]01:57

  • God Save The QueenDont Stop Me Now04:19

  • OUT OF FOCUS - Wake Up! (1970)02.God Save The Queen, Cried Jesus07:32

  • Неизвестный хорGod Save The Queen на русском02:57

  • QueenGod Save The Queen (Live Magic)01:15

  • Thomas Wander & Harald KloserGod Save The Queen02:18

  • Glory Dies InsideOnly God Can Save The Queen02:23

  • UK AnthemGod Save The Queen02:16

  • 14 BisGod Save The Queen03:36

  • God Save The QueenWe Are The Champios05:15

  • QueenTie Your Mother Down / The Show Must Go On / God Save The Queen (Live Innuendo In Montreal Remix By PiotreQ)08:58

  • MotorheadGod Save The Queen (Sex Pistols Cover)03:32