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  • SantanaPut Your Lights On (Feat. Everlast)04:49

  • Santana Feat EverlastPut Your Lights On04:04

  • EverlastPut Your Lights On (from JRE #363)05:18

  • Natalia Kills Shut Up (Konvict) Shut Your Mouth And Close The Door I Wanna Watch You While You Take It Off I’m Gonna Take The Blindfold Put It On And Then I Drop The Leather To The Floor I Said Shut Up! (Chorus) Turning The Lights Out Burning The Candles And The M04:27

  • Stubby - Party UpPut Your Hands In The Sky Now, Yeah If You Wanna Get Fly We Could Do It All Night Now, Yeah Turn The Beat Up High One Time For The Ladies, Yeah And The Fellas C'mon We Gonna Go Crazy, Uh 'Til The Lights Come On Tomorrow I'm Gonna Be 03:16

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On (Everlast Cover) (vers 2)03:12

  • Carlos Santana Ft. EverlastPut Your Lights On04:44

  • D.O.G (НОВАЯ ВОЛНА 2012)Cover Version - Put Your Lights ON (Santana&EverlastCover)04:42

  • Everlast Feat. Carlos SantanaPut Your Lights On04:45

  • •••Christopher Wilde(Sterling Knight) & Stubby•••-Shades•••Pull Up In My Spot Looking Hot Everybody Knows Don't Got No Stress In My Head Cause Stress Dont Fly In My Fancy Clothes Yeah, They Want To Take My Picture Watch Out Those Lights'll Get Ya And They're Calling Your Name That's Where I Put On03:04

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On03:09

  • Done Again Put Your Lights On (In The Style Of Santana Feat. Everlast)04:40

  • The Late CallPut Your Lights On03:31

  • Kiefer Sutherland & ZZ LightfootPut Your Lights On (live)13:02

  • P. Paul Fenech 11.Put Your Lights On (2000 - Screaming In The 10th Key)08:02

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On (Everlast) (Акустика 25.12.2014)03:28

  • Carlos Santana и EverlastPut Your Lights On (-) [x-minus_org]04:41

  • Кияшко Роман Put Your Lights On (Cover Everlast)01:46

  • Carlos Santana (HBSOUND)Put Your Lights On <=HBS®UND=>03:25

  • XromBromsPut Your Lights On04:06

  • Paul FenechPut Your Lights On04:35

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On (Everlast) (Акусткиа Март 2015)02:50

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On (Live At Kivach Cafe-Bar)03:28

  • P. Paul FenechPut Your Lights On04:14

  • Sax Tribute To SantanaPut Your Lights On04:15

  • SantanaPut Your Lights On (Feat. Everlast)00:29

  • V.I. KimPut Your Lights On (Carlos Santana Feat. Everlast)04:42

  • STALKER BLUESPut Your Lights On (Everlast Cover) (Live At Kivach Bar)04:53

  • Santana (instrumental)Put Your Lights On04:13

  • 15 - EVERLAST (Live At Key Club)Put Your Lights On05:24

  • Club34388016 Put Your Lights On00:31

  • Carlos SantanaPut Your Lights On (минус)04:42

  • Everlast Put Your Lights On(solo Guitar)01:23