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  • Puppy DoggTha Moscow Gangsta02:34

  • Puppy DoggThe Moscow Gangsta02:16

  • Puppy DoggMoscow Bitches05:50

  • Puppy DoggFatty Thang04:19

  • Puppy DoggRobbery03:21

  • Puppy DoggGot Some Anna04:34

  • Puppy DoggBeggin For A Homicide04:27

  • Puppy DoggDevil Robbery03:27

  • Puppy DoggFeeling04:00

  • Puppy DoggStupid Bitches05:09

  • Nate DoggPuppy Love (feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt & Daz)04:28


  • Puppy DoggPuppy Dogg03:17

  • Puppy DoggPayback Is A Muthafucka03:09

  • Puppy DoggGangsta Shit03:11

  • Puppy DoggInterlude02:16

  • Puppy DoggPayback01:26

  • Puppy DoggIntro02:09

  • Puppy Dogg Motown Hatas03:05

  • Puppy Dogg Posse Song04:35

  • Nate DoggPuppy Love04:32

  • Puppy Dogg Snitches02:06

  • Puppy Dogg Ya'll Ain't No Gangstas03:39

  • Puppy DoggSkit 100:34

  • Puppy DoggShout Outs04:03

  • Puppy Dogg Shouts Out04:04

  • Snoop Doggy DoggPuppy Love04:28

  • Puppy DoggPosse Song (feat. Lil Blo, Top Knotch, John Dog, Lil Puppy & Lo Kee)04:35

  • Puppy DoggSkit 201:05

  • Puppy DoggGangsta Shit03:34

  • Puppy DoggPut Us Out04:59

  • Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurupt, Das DillingerPuppy Love04:28

  • Snoop Doggy DoggPuppy Love (Feat. Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, & Nate Dogg)04:32

  • Snoop Dogg(and Others)Puppy Love04:30

  • Snoop DoggPuppy Love (Featuring Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg & Kurupt)04:32

  • Puppy DoggDedication09:04

  • Snoop Doggy DoggPuppy Love04:28


  • Snoop DoggPuppy Love Ft Kurupt And Daz Dillinger And Nate Dogg04:22

  • Snoop DoggPuppy Love (Ft. Kurupt And Daz Dillinger And Nate Dogg)04:22


  • Snoop DoggPuppy Love (feat. Kurupt And Daz Dillinger And Nate Dogg)04:22