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  • Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitazPain In My Heart03:10

  • Arma DrePain In My Heart (Only 2Lights)03:03

  • Mila JPain In My Heart (feat. Problem)03:58

  • 2pac Feat. StingPain In My Heart03:27

  • Oleg ByonicPain In My Heart Https://

  • ALЁnkaThe Pain In My Heart41:16

  • Slaves Of The SunsetPain In My Heart02:45

  • Helen Smith Pain In My Heart02:55

  • Otis ReddingPain In My Heart02:11

  • The Grateful DeadPain In My Heart [1966]04:19

  • Voki VonThe Pain Lives In My Heart So Grim02:00

  • Sting Feet. Puff DaddyWords Can't Express What You Mean To Me Even Though You're Gone, We Still A Team Can't Imagine All The Pain I Feel Give Anything To Hear Half Your Breath I Know You In Heaven Smiling Down In My Heart Is Where I Keep You Memories Give Me The 03:43

  • Отбор на Евровидение 2016 - Грузия - Ника Кочаров и Йанг Джорджан Лолитаз"Pain In My Heart"03:14

  • Mila JPain In My Heart (feat. Problem)03:58

  • Beyonce-still In LoveI've Never Met A Love Quite Before, Until I Saw Your Face And Watching Stars Without You My Soul Cries! My Hething Heart Is Full Of Pain When We're Apart... The Aching04:36

  • Henry Lee SummerPain In My Heart03:35

  • Toni Braxton Don't Leave Me In All This Pain  Don't Leave Me Out In The Rain  Come Back And Bring Back My Smile  Come And Take These Tears Away  I Need Your Arms To Hold Me Now  The Nights Are So Unkind  Bring Back Those Nights When I Held You BesUnbreak My Heart04:51

  • ZuluPain In My Heart (Club Mix)05:19

  • Helene SmithPain In My Heart02:53

  • LloydPut Out This Flame /Remember All The Promises Said, Baby Your Word You Gave. Don't Listen To The Rumors That You Hear In The Streets, I Am Yours,look At Me.If You Leave,than You'll Have More Than Pain,like A Drain In My Heart. No More Games/03:42

  • The Rack DollPain In My Heart04:34

  • David UsherBlack Black Heart (Something Ugly This Way Comes Through My Fingers Sliding Inside All These Blessings All These Burns I'm Godless Underneath Your Cover Search For Pleasure Search For Pain In This World Now I Am Undying I Unfurl My Flag My03:48

  • S.KobelevPain In My Heart02:27

  • VozbydiprodPain In My Heart I Pass Through Music03:35

  • Oleg ByonicPain In My Heart (Original Mix) [AZREC092] 03:45

  • The InnocentsPain In My Heart02:41

  • 2PacPain In My Heart 03:27

  • Randy HoldenPain In My Heart04:39

  • Dmitryi KisurinThe Pain In My Heart07:59

  • Blazhenchik740:00

  • Otis ReadingPain In My Heart02:23

  • DESKjet_MJC-DADMelt The Pain In My Heart ...02:45

  • GARY BURTON - Good Vibes (1970)04.Pain In My Heart04:25

  • Babes In ToylandPain In My Heart03:59

  • FRIJID PINK - Defrosted (1971)05. Pain In My Heart08:19

  • ChernolesieBlade In My Heart... My Eternal Pain07:42

  • Trudy LynnA Lovers Prayer-Pain In My Heart04:04

  • Otis ReddingPain In My Heart02:46

  • THREE BAD JACKSPain In My Heart03:07

  • Cadillac FunkPain In My Heart03:44

  • Mila JPain In My Heart (feat. Problem)03:59

  • You Do Not You Do Not Like It And I Know It! At The Sight Of You My Heart Burns! Pain Otchaenie That's Not My ... Chest Breaks, God Answer As It Achieved? You - This Is A Ray In A Dark World, You Are My Sunrise ... If Love Is A Sin, Then The Road To Me I04:51