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  • Fall Out BoyI'm Like A Lawyer With The Way Im Always Trying To Get You Off (me And You)03:31

  • Sia - Titanium You Shout It Out, But I Can't Hear A Word You Say I'm Talking Loud, Not Saying Much I'm Criticized, But All Your Bullets Ricochet You Shoot Me Down, But I Get Up [Chorus:] I'm Bulletproof, Nothing To Lose Fire Away, Fire Away Ricochet, Yo03:30

  • JackBastardsOut To Get Me []07:26

  • Fall Out BoyI'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)03:36

  • I'm In Here, I'm Calling Out But You Can't Hear, Can Anybody Help? Can't You Hear My Call?Are You Coming To Get Me Now? I've Been Waiting For, You To Come Rescue Me, I Need You To Hold, All Of The Sadness I Can Not, Living Inside Of Me.03:43

  • Panic! At The DiscoReady To Go (Get Me Out Of My03:37

  • King Lil GOut To Get Me Ft. RC & PJ The Gator02:52

  • So One Thing Led To Another You Were Calling Her A Lover Her Brothers Her Brother Yeah If You Want Me To Do It, IGuess That I'll Do It, But I'm Telling You One Wrong Move And Yeah We're Through Hey There Sister Wife Get The Hell Out It's My Night You Don't Know The Way To His Heart Like I Do03:18

  • Zola JesusRun Me Out (OST TV Series How To Get Away With Murder)03:19

  • GorillazMelancholy Hill (Up On Melancholy Hill There’s A Plastic Tree Are You Here With Me Just Looking Out On The Day Of Another Dream Well You Can’t Get What You Want But You Can Get Me So Let’s Set Up And See ‘Cause You Are My Medicine When You’re Close To Me04:15

  • Die HappyI'm An Angel I'm A Devil I Am Sometimes In Between I'm As Bad As It Can Get And Good As It Can Be Sometimes I'm A Million Colors Sometimes I'm Black And White I Am All Extremes Try To Figure Me Out You Never Can So Many Things I Am03:43

  • Feels Good, But We Know You Want To Cryyy Out U Say You Want Passion Boy I Know You Found ItGet Ready For Action Don't Be Astounded We'll Give U A Gift When U Feel Surrounded Tell Me Where You Want Your Gift05:23

  • Неизвестный исполнитель[I Just Wanna Lose Control.Take You To The Danger Zone.Shout It Out.So Shout It Out.Do You Tell Your Body Sweat That's What I Want And What I Get So Shout It Out.And Shout It Out.Don’t You Want Me To.Do Those Things To You.Don’t You Want Me To]03:06

  • Panic! At The DiscoReady To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)02:51

  • ClowfingerOut To Get Me03:45

  • Eminem-Say Goodbye HollywoodI Thought I Had It All Figured Out I Did I Thought I Was Tough Enuff To Stick It Out With Kim But I Wasnt Tough Enuff To Juggle Two Things At Once I Found Myself Planted On My Knees In Cuffs Which Shoulda Been A Reason Enuff For Me To Get My Stuff And Jus04:32

  • Candy HeartsThe One To Get Me Out02:47

  • Cheese PeopleUaaaa I’m Dancing On My Own, Come On!!! 1 2 3 GET OUT!!! I Don’t Want To Be A Honey On Your Piece Of Bread You Can Tell Me That You Love Me, But I Know You Mad I Don’t Want To Be A Flower In Your Hill Of Dung Now I Want To03:39

  • Aimee AllenDont Touch Me Trust Me U Disgust Me Try To Show Me In Your Daddys Money But Im Better On My Own,i Got Some Things That I Do, Betta On My Own, I Show U How U Turn My Insides Out Get The Hell Away From Me, Its An Emergency, Turn Me Black And Blue Get The H02:59

  • ♥Jonas Brothers - Tell Me Why♥ Why? Tried To Turn On The TV To Get You Out Of My Head Feeling Something Deep Inside That I Just Won't Admit It's Not Like I Don't Wanna Commit (wanna Commit) I Just Don't Now Why I Can't Stop Feeling Like This Tell Me Why? Why? Why? 02:53

  • Sunrise AvenueI'm Gonna Hunt Until I Get You And When I Get You I Will Love You I Will Hold You, Satisfy You You'll Never Wanna Let Me Go I'm Gonna Kick Them Out Of My Way I'm Gonna Find Us A Place To Stay You Will Love Me, Satisfy Me I'm Gonna Win03:15

  • ClawfingerOut To Get Me03:42

  • Britney SpearsHe About To Lose Me (I'm Telling Lies And If It Shows I See That He Don't Care I Know He Wants To Take Me Home And Get On Out Of Here ........)03:48

  • Addicted To LOVEYou Came To Me Was Like A Dream But Maybe Its Time I Let You Go Gotta Get You Out Of My Head One Day I Will Run Away From You And This Is Love01:58

  • Jack JonesShow Me The Way To Get Out Of This World02:29

  • King Lil GOut To Get Me03:58