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  • [OST Master's Sun] GummyDay And Night 03:41

  • [OST Master's Sun] Hong Dae KwangYou And I03:48

  • Yoon Mi Rae Touch Love [Master's Sun OST]04:04

  • OST Властитель солнца[Master's Sun] All About03:39

  • [OST Master's Sun] Hyo Rin (Sistar)Driving Me Crazy04:30

  • Hong Dae Kwang You And I (너와 나) (The Master's Sun OST Part.2)03:46

  • [OST The Master's Sun]Last One03:44

  • [OST Master's Sun] Youme (Feat. 주석)Last One 03:44

  • [OST Master's Sun] Jung Dong HaMystery03:48

  • [OST The Master’s Sun] (Gummy)Повелитель солнца03:41

  • [OST Master's Sun]Water In The Sky02:15

  • [OST Master's Sun] Hyo Rin (Sistar) Driving Me Crazy (Inst.)04:12

  • [OST Master's Sun] Oh Joon SungOut Of The Ghost01:29

  • 17. V.A.Joogoon's Sun / OST "The Master's Sun" / Joogooneui Taeyang / Повелитель солнца01:45

  • [OST Master's Sun]Dangerous Zone (Opening Title)01:29

  • Jeong Dong HaLove Is Like A Picture [OST The Master’s Sun]02:52

  • Jeong Dong HaGhost Presents [OST The Master’s Sun]01:52

  • [OST Master's Sun]Candy Love (Touch Love Guitar Ver.)04:04

  • OST Master's Sun: 멜로디데이All About03:39

  • Melody Day (멜로디데이)All About [The Master’s Sun OST/ Повелитель солнца]03:39

  • 오준성 (Oh Jeon Seong)Lake Wave [OST The Master’s Sun]02:24

  • [OST Master's Sun] Oh Joon SungWho Are U (Ending Rock Guitar Ver.) (Feat. Guitar 이병호)03:49

  • [OST Master's Sun] Seo In GukNo Matter What03:37

  • Gummy (거미)Day And Night (낮과 밤) (OST The Master's Sun)03:56

  • [OST Master's Sun] Yoon Mi RaeTouch Love (Inst.)04:04

  • [OST Master's Sun]In Memories02:04

  • Jung Dong HaMystery (the Master's Sun Ost)03:48

  • [OST Master's Sun] Oh Joon SungGoodmorning Miss Sun03:41

  • [OST Master's Sun]Tears In Rain01:47

  • [OST Master's Sun]Love Connection01:38

  • [OST Master’s Sun] TashaTouch Love04:04

  • [OST Master's Sun]Making Shadow01:30


  • Yoo Mi Feat. Joo SukLast One [The Master's Sun OST 8] 04:16

  • [OST Master's Sun] Oh Joon SungEnjoy Party01:27

  • [OST Master's Sun]Empty Garden01:50

  • [OST Master's Sun]High Jump01:22

  • 오준성 (Oh Joon Sung)출입금지 (Keep Out) [OST The Master’s Sun]01:46

  • [OST Master's Sun] Oh Joon SungThis Is Me02:30

  • [OST Master's Sun]Sad Wave02:38

  • [OST Master's Sun] Hyo Rin (Sistar)Driving Me Crazy (Inst.)04:30

  • [OST Master's Sun]Feather Kiss01:46

  • [OST Master's Sun]Painful Memory04:23

  • [OST Master's Sun] YoumeLast One (Inst.)03:44

  • Jeong Dong HaMystery (Inst.) [OST The Master’s Sun]03:48

  • [OST Master's Sun]Ghost Tango01:47

  • 오준성 (Oh Jeon Seong)Dirty Hands [OST The Master’s Sun]02:39

  • [OST Master's Sun]Like A Mosquito02:00

  • [OST Master's Sun]Ghost World01:31

  • [OST Master's Sun]Foolish Spy01:39

  • Hyorin(Sistar)Driving Me Crazy (OST Master's Sun) Cover04:30

  • [Ost The Sun Of My Master] Melody DayAll About03:39

  • Hong Dae KwangYou And I (Inst.)[OST Master's Sun] 03:48

  • [OST Master's Sun]White Flower02:07

  • Oh Jun Seong(오준성)Ghost Eyes (The Master's Sun OST)01:51

  • [OST The Master's Sun] Dangerous Zone (Opening Title)01:29

  • [OST Master's Sun] Melody DayAll About (Inst.)03:39

  • Hyorin (효린)미치게 만들어 [Crazy Of You] [Master's Sun OST]04:32

  • [OST Master's Sun] Seo In GukNo Matter What (inst.)03:37

  • GummyDay And Night (Inst.) [The Master's Sun OST 1] 03:41

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