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  • .ιllιlι.Queen.ιllιlι.- Living On My Own * I,v Got Crazy, Oh So CrazySometimes I Feel I'm Gonna Break Down And Cry To Go Nothing To Do With My Time I Get Lonely So Lonely Living On My Own Sometimes I Feel I'm Always Walking Too Fast And Everything Is Coming Down On Me Down On Me03:38

  • EMINEMSomedays I Sit, Starin Out The Window Watchin This World Pass Me By Sometimes I Think, There's Nothin To Live For I Almost Break Down And Cry Sometimes I Think I'm Crazy I'm Crazy, Oh So Crazy!! Why Am I Here? Am I Just Wastin My Time?05:20

  • ●[ Poets Of The Fall-All The Way 4 You ]●Oh My Love, If It's All I Can Do, I'll Take The Fall 4 U Cos I Will Soar When I Lay Down With You And Give My All 4 U04:08

  • David Guetta Feat. Jay Sean & Lil JonI Was Lost I Was Frozen Walking Down The Streets Alone When I Saw This Place Was Open, Tonight And The Girls They Were Rocking Then An Alcohol Was Flowing And I Knew Right Away This Was My Night (Put Your Fucking Hands Up) Oh What A Night.03:36

  • Slade – The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome Label:RCA – PL 70116 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album Country:Europe Released:09 Dec 1983A1 Slam The Hammer Down 2:45 A2 In The Doghouse 2:44 A3 Run Runaway Producer – John Punter 4:59 A4 High And Dry 3:10 A5 My Oh My Producer – John Punter 4:11 A6 Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.) 3:25 Ready To Explode (8:28)20:53

  • Slade – Wall Of Hits Genre: Rock Style: Rock & Roll, Glam, Classic Rock Year: 1991 Tracklist A1 Get Down And Get With It A2 Coz I Luv You A3 Look Wot You Dun A4 Cum On Feel The Noize A5 Skweeze Me Pleeze Me A6 My Friend Stan B1 Far Far Away B2 My Oh My B3 Run Run Away B4 Radio Wall Of Sound B5 Universe B6 Merry Xmas Everybody44:34

  • Flip GraterIf You Plan To Stand Still Would You Move Aside If You Can Be Locked Down God Knows I Have Tried Oh My Word I’ve Been Waiting For You To Walk On By Oh My Word I’ve Been Staying Inside Safe And Dry Will You Live Underground And Crawl Out When It’s Light 02:54

  • тащитSee The Devil On The Doorstep Now. My, Oh My. Telling Everybody, Oh, Just How To Live Their Lives. Sliding Down The Information Highway, Buying Them Just Like A Bunch Of Fools. Time Is Tickin' And We Can't Go Back. My, Oh My.02:57

  • All Smiles, I Know What It Takes To Fool This Town I'll Do It 'til The Sun Goes Down And All Through The Night Time Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, I'll Tell You What You Wanna Hear Leave My Sunglasses On While I Shed A Tear It's Never The Right Time, YThe Beginning Privacy Remix (OST Запрос в друзья)02:55

  • Jay Sean Ft. Claude Kelly Feat. Lil JonI Was Lost I Was Frozen Walking Down The Streets Alone When I Saw This Place Was Open, Tonight And The Girls They Were Rocking And The Alcohol Was Flowing And I Knew Right Away This Was My Life Oh What A Night, Oh What A Night, Oh What A Night03:26

  • • Jason DeruloIn My Head (Cure & Curse Radio Edit)____In My Head, I See You All Over Me. In My Head, You Fulfill My Fantasy. You’ll Be Screaming Out. In My Head, It’s Going Down. In My Head, It’s Going Down. In My Head. Yeah. In My Head. Oh Yeah.____*04:19

  • Down SouthOh My01:41

  • Charlotte MartinThe Dance (Oh Why, Can`t)Inside My Mouth I Can Hear All The Voices Say,"Do Not Lean Over The Ledge" I Shouldn't Look Down And I Shouldn't Have Found...That Your Lips I Still Taste In My Head*04:35

  • Paul RobesonGo Down, Moses (“Oh! Let My People Go: The Song Of The Contrabands” – песня 1853/1862 Cover) 02:00

  • DVJ BAZUKAOH MY GODDESS 081 #iamBAZUKA [Album Mix] Track 01.So Much Love 02.Flowers 03.I Don’t Know 04.Touch Me 05.Rising 06.Losing You 07.Keep On Dancing 08.Shake It Down 09.Enough 10.Summer Love Www.dvjbazuka.com40:41

  • Within Temptation - All I NeedI'm Dying To Catch My Breath Oh Why Don't I Ever Learn I've Lost All My Trust That I'm Sure We Try To Turn It Around Can You Still See The Heart Of Me All My Agony Fades Away When You Hold Me In Your Embrace Don't Turn Me Down For Al04:48

  • Vbots.ruTake A Breath,Rest Your Head,Close Your Eyes.You're Alright.Just Lay Down.Turn My Side.Do You Feel My HeatOn Your Skin?Take Off Your Clothes,Blow Out The Fire.Don't Be So Shy.You're AlrightYou're AlrightTake Off My Clothes.Oh Bless Me Father!Don't Ask Me Why.You're AlrightYou're Alright00:22

  • Хор Московского Сретенского монастыряGo Down Moses (“Oh! Let My People Go: The Song Of The Contrabands” – песня 1853/1862 + Paul Robeson Cover) 03:17

  • Beastie Boys Root DownСэмпл: “Oh My God, That’s Some Funky Shit” Источник: Beastie Boys – “Root Down” (Ill Communication, 1994) Достоверность информации: 100% Комментарий: сэмпл задокументирован в буклете альбома: "Track 4 Excepts From "Root Down" Used Under Lic03:31

  • FM BelfastWe're Running Down The Streets In Our Underwear (Oh My Lord!)03:09

  • Down SouthOh My01:23

  • MorphineYou Speak My Language (Live At Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH (March 8, 1994)).05:50

  • Vbots.ruOh, Angels Sent From Up Above You Know You Make My World Light Up When I Was Down, When I Was Hurt You Came To Lift Me Up Life Is A Drink, And Love's A Drug Oh Now I Think I Must Be Miles Up When I Was Hurt, Withered, Dried Up You Came To Rain A Flood [Coldplay & Beyoncé☺ So Drink From Me, Drink From Me When I Was So Thirsty00:22

  • DJ Format (A Right Earful (Volume 1) 2004Down South - Oh My01:24

  • [ Oh Girl Lets Take It Slow So As For You Well You Know Where To Go I Want To Take My Love And Hate You Till The End It's No[ I'm So Addicted Too All The Things You Do When You're Going Down On Me In Between The Sheets Or The Sound You Make With Every Breathe You Take It's Not Like Anything When You're Loving Me ]03:55

  • Down SouthOh My01:42

  • Elian MeussUh-Oh, My Brain Wants To Suck My Baby Down (bonus Track)11:06

  • Rush Till Down Presents Hedgehog AffairOh My God I'm A Dj03:10

  • Down SouthOh My01:36

  • Top 12 FinalistsScream & Shout/ All The Lovers/ Burning Down The House/ Oh My God (Live)03:51

  • Pin Me DownOh My Goddess03:03