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  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In03:09

  • Earl HayesNever Give Up ("30 Days In May 2013")03:49

  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • Explosions In The SkyNever, Never, Never Give Up (OST Уцелевший)02:44

  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In03:09

  • One RepublicTell Me What You Want To Hear/Something That Were Like Those Years /Sick Of All The Insincere /So I'm Gonna Give All My Secrets Away /This Time, Don't Need Another Perfect Line /Don't Care If Critics Never Jump In Line /I'm Gonna Give All 03:44

  • Marina And The DiamondsYou’re Hard To Hug, Tough To Talk To, You Never Fall Asleep, When You’re In My Bed, All You Give Me Is A Heart Beat. I’ve Turned Into A Statue And It Makes Me Feel Depressed. Cause The Only Time You Open Up Is When We Get Undressed. 03:31

  • Floyd MayweatherNever Give Up (30 Days In May)02:04

  • In This ChestNever Give Up04:45

  • I Never Return To Love Somebody Now All That I Need Is All I See In You And Only You And If You Get Lost I'll Always FindYou're All That I Need Your Heart Will Keep You True My Only You You Make Me Fall And I Can't Sleep You're Holding On But It's Too Deep And I Can't Give It Away03:36

  • White Lion ParadeNever Give In05:12

  • One DirectionMaybe It's The Way She Walked, Straight Into My Heart And Stole It Through The Doors And Past The Guards, Just Like She Already Own It I Said Can You Give It Back To Me, She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams And We Danced All Night To The Be03:05

  • BiohazardNever Give In03:57

  • Weisse WolfeNever Give In !06:10

  • The BeatlesThe Abbey Road Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money/Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window10:46

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Radio Edit) [ → 08.09.2012 ]03:15

  • Matches & Ms. MadaNever Give In (Original Mix)05:51

  • Winston Churchill Never Give In. Never Give In. Never, Never, Never, Never00:22

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Remix)06:47

  • Weisse Wölfe12. Never Give In! (2012 - Politisch Unkorrekt. CD1)06:10

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael And Abebe Bekeela Remix) 04:42

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Remix) [Vendace Records]06:47

  • In This ChestNever Give Up04:40

  • Akira Yamaoka Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn[Silent Hill 4]Room Of Angel (Mix) [..You Lie Silent There Before Me Your Tears They Mean Nothing To Me The Wind Howling At The Window The Love You Never Gave I Give To You Really Don't Deserve It But Now There's Nothing You Can Do So Sleep In Your Only Memory 04:31

  • FeverNever Know How Much I Love You Never Know How Much I Care When You Put Your Arms Around Me I Get A Fever That's So Hard To Bear You Give Me Fever When You Kiss Me Fever When You Hold Me Tight Fever In The Morning Fever All Through The Night.02:36

  • Biohazard {2012 - Reborn In Defiance}12. Never Give In03:57

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Remix) (Armin Van Buuren's ASOT 507 CUT) | Vendace Records04:34

  • Biohazard [new York Hardcore]Never Give In (2012)03:57

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubI'm A Constant Sinner A Conscience Killer I'm A Righteous Heartache Never Gonna Let You Get Close To Mine I'm A Punk Every Time Give Me Little Room And I'll Spit In Your Eye Cause It Don't Mean All That Much, Does It? But We Never Rea03:45

  • All That’s Beautiful My Senses Touch Your Word I Never Pictured Now I Give My Hope To You I Surrender I Pray In My Heart That ThI See You Walking Through A Dream I See You My Light In Darkness Breathing Hope Of New Life Now I Live Through You And You Through Me Enchanting I Pray In My Heart That This Dream Never Ends 04:15

  • "Танцевальный рай для влюбленных" Michaela WrightNever Gonna’ Give In04:11

  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In03:08

  • Keep NoiseNever Give In03:43

  • мое корявое исполнение( Http:// )Black Veil Brides-never Give In03:05

  • Stas S. МинусEasy Come Easy Go That's Just How You Live Oh Take Take Take It All But You Never Give. Should Of Known You Were Trouble From The First Kiss Had Your Eyes Wide Open, Why Were They Open? Gave You All I Had And You Tossed It In The Trash, You Tossed It 03:34

  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In (обр)00:34

  • RuslanaDancing In The Sky)))))))) You Were The One, Who Seemed To Come To Save Me, You Were The One, Who Seemed To Give Me Hope, You Were The One, Who Came For Good To Stay With Me, You Were The One, The One Who Said We’d Never Stop, Never Stop The Jou03:31

  • Sou KanaiNever Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Remix), ASOT 50705:38

  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In03:09

  • Sou Kanai Never Give In (Aknael & Abebe Bekeela Remix) [ | Bassboosted]06:47

  • The Beatles (Abbey Road / 1969)9. You Never Give Me Your Money / Sun King / Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window10:45

  • CakeNever Gonna Give You Up (An American Werewolf In Paris OST)03:50

  • New EthicNever Give In02:17

  • Oi PolloiNever Give In02:38

  • Young HeartsNever Give Up, Never Give In02:43

  • MaysaWhen I Fall In Love, It Will Be Forever Or I'll Never Fall In Love. In A Restless World Like This Is, Love Is Ended Before It's Begun And Too Many Moonlight Kisses Seem To Cool In The Warmth Of The Sun. When I Give My Heart, It Will Be Co02:44

  • Explosions In The SkyNever, Never, Never Give Up02:44

  • Black Veil BridesNever Give In03:09

  • DJ-sea BrizeNever Give Up And In And Out Of Love08:31

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