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  • Яков ГоловкоNature Boy (cover Nat King Cole)02:11

  • Jack StrifyNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover), Live @ St. Petersburg 09.02.201403:44

  • Peach Stealing Monkeys, Nat King Cole OrchestraNature Boy (PSM Remake)07:12

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:52

  • Jazz & Blues The Best Collection\CD 3Nat King Cole - Nature Boy02:53

  • Nat King Cole Nature Boy (Instrumental)03:47

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy (Ft. TV On The Radio)03:12

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy (The Greatest Thing, You Ever Learn, Is Just To Love...and Be Loved In Return...)02:52

  • L.K.Nature Boy - минус (Nat King Cole)04:18

  • Nat King Cole Nature Boy02:51

  • Did PetroNature Boy (cover Nat King Cole)03:56

  • Fila BrazilliaNature Boy (Originally Recorded By Nat King Cole)05:09

  • Nature Boy (Leo Zero Edit) Nat King Cole09:30

  • Nat King Cole Nature Boy (Griff Bootleg)05:37

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy (балет "Обнаженное танго", Омск)02:46

  • David Bowie & Massive AttackNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)04:08

  • Nat "King" ColeNature Boy (-)03:02

  • Evelina PikalovaNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)02:37

  • ♠ Nat King ColeNature Boy02:50

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy (Eden Ahbez Cover)02:50

  • OlvyaNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)03:05

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:51

  • Влад Макаров Nature Boy (Nat King Cole)03:02

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:53

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:52

  • Jennifer StoneNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)01:48

  • Nat King Cole Feat. TV On The RadioNature Boy03:12

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:29

  • Allison WilliamsNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)02:19

  • Nat King ColeNature Boy02:53

  • PomplamooseNature Boy (Nat King Cole сover)02:11

  • Burunduk EditionNature Boy (Nat King Cole Cover)00:57