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  • ♫ J.a.m.e.s. .B.l.u.n.t.You're Beautiful .. My Life Is Brilliant. My Love Is Pure. I Saw An Angel. In This I Am Sure. He Smiled At Me In The Subway. He Was With Another Woman. But I Will Not Lose Any Sleep About That Because I Have A Plan. You're Beautiful 03:33

  • Тёма♥You Are My Only Make Me Happy,when Skies Are`ll Never Know,dear,how Much I Love You))♥...please Don`t Take My Sunshine Away...♥02:48

  • ★Beyonce Say My Name ,baby ...Say My Name, Say My Name When No One Is Around You, Say Baby I Love You If You Ain't Runnin' Game Say My Name, Say My Name You Actin' Kinda Shady, Ain't Callin' Me Baby Why The Sudden Change? Say My Name, Say03:59

  • Sun Kil Moon I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love03:59

  • Dadas Man I My Love это Пиво (Cover O.T Genasis)03:42

  • Tomas NevergreenSearch And You Will Find There Is No Reason I Can't Convince Myself To Let You Go I Never Promised You It Would Be Easy It Seems To Me That Nothing's Fair In Love Since You've Been Gone Baby You've Been On My Mind Since You've 03:41

  • Christina Perri A Thousand YearsHeart Beats Fast Colors And Promises How To Be Brave How Can I Love When I'm Afraid To Fall But Watching You Stand Alone All Of My Doubt Suddenly Goes Away Somehow One Step Closer I Have Died Everyday Waiting For You Darling Don't Be Afraid, I Ha04:42

  • My Chemical RomanceI Don't Love You03:45

  • [ ♥ ] Hi, Baby, Here I Am Feel Like I'm Born Again You See It In My Eyes – My Heart Is On Fire Don't Hide Your Love Away – Don't Wait Another Day Show Me Your Love Show Me How Much You Care Talk To My Heart Whisper My Name Show Me Your Love I Need 02:55

  • Nicole Scherzinger -You Are My Baby LoveIn A Minute Now We're Still Holding It Down Butterflies Everytime He Come Around You Make Me, So Crazy, Its Crazy, Ohh Baby I Don't Ever Wanna Be With No One Else You're The Only One That Ever Made Me Mad You're Special, Boy It's Your,03:34

  • MorandiYou Came Down On Me Like Summer Rain Where Is Nothing But You Love I Can't Explain The Shivers I Get When You Call My Name Painting Rainbows On My Soul Beautiful Sunrise In Your Eyes Burning Like A Flame Beautiful Colors Inside Me Calling Out Your N04:04

  • My Chemical Romance - I_don't_love_youI Don't Love You03:58

  • F.R.David This Is Just A Simple Song That I've Made For You On My Own There's No Hidden Meaning You Know When I When I Say I Love You Honey Please Believe I Really Do Cause Words, Don't Come Easy To Me How Can I Find A Way To Make You See I Love You Wo03:26

  • ツ ツ ツ ...♥ιllιlι.ιl..♥.ιllιlι.ιl Listen To Me, Looking At Me,I Am Think Of You. I Am Whispering , I Am Singing This My Song For You. So Sad..You Must Be Think About I Am Waiting For Your Love. Just Look Around. I Need To Be With You Tonight,I Want Be With Like, So Don't Give Up03:37

  • Alexander Ivanov " Rondo" "I Don,t Love You" (cover Song "My Chemical Romance") 03:58

  • Come Here And Visit My World Come Here And Visit My World Dead History Shining Stars Our Love Is The Only Way Don't Get Lost Cause I Am Waiting Summer Feelings Are Waiting, Boy [Chorus] You And Me Is More Than A Hundred Miles You And Me Is More Than Hundred Miles02:46

  • Nadia Ali - Rapture Mi Amore Don`t You Know My Love I Want You So, Sugar You Make My Soul Complete Rapture Tastes So Sweet03:59

  • Lady GaGa Marry The Night 03:28

  • VladislavVladiszlav Baby Don't Hurt Me Don't Hurt Me No More Baby Don't Hurt Me Don't Hurt Me No More Borislav Yeah Oh I Don't Know Why You're Not Fair I Give You My Love But You Don't Care So What Is Right And What Is Wrong Gimme A Si03:25

  • Look At Me Now.Yellow Model Chick Yellow Bottle Sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow Top Missing Yeah Yeah That Sh-t Look Like A Toupee I Get What You Get In 10 Years, In Two Days Ladies Love Me I’m On My Cool J If You Get What I Get What Would You Say She Wax It All Off,03:28

  • I Never Return To Love Somebody Now All That I Need Is All I See In You And Only You And If You Get Lost I'll Always FindYou're All That I Need Your Heart Will Keep You True My Only You You Make Me Fall And I Can't Sleep You're Holding On But It's Too Deep And I Can't Give It Away03:36

  • Oh My Gosh I Love Him Isn't He PerfectDr Bieber (Final Version)01:48

  • DFM RADIOI Don't Know Just How It Happened, I Let Down My Guard... Swore I'd Never Fall In Love Again But I Fell Hard. Guess I Should Have Seen It Coming, Caught Me By Suprise... I Wasnt Looking Where I Was Going, I Fell Into Your Eyes. You Came I03:12

  • Sum 41 - No BrainsCan't Step In The Way Head First In Your Love And Dismay It's Like Beating The Dead (I Guess That's How It Is) I Can't Stop Going Out Of My Head Whatever This Could Be I'll Never Know I Never Said It'd Be The End All To Be All I H02:46

  • DVJ BAZUKAOH MY GODDESS 080 - MUZA [Season 9] 01.MUZA 02.I Don't Know 03.It's Not Your Move 04.Remember 05.Sexy Jack 06.Funky Good 07.Feelin 08.Melissa 09.Alright 10.I Love Bitchez 11.Breakin Loud 12.Turn Breath 13.Who Dat Venus 14.Rockin Bitchez 15.Hello [58:13

  • SoMo (Drake Cover)I Got My Eyes On You,You're Everything That I See,I Want Your Hot Love And Emotion Endlessly. I Can't Get Over You, You Left Your Mark On Me,I Want Your Hot Love And Emotion Endlessly. 03:22

  • Edward MayaI've Lost My Heart Inside Your Dreams...i Follow You But You Don't Care...far Away I'm Missing You,my Love!02:27

  • ♥ Lady GaGa Ft. Madonna - KaBoom ♥ KaBoom Be Talking To Me, Like Imma Could Be ‘cause I Could Bare It, He Wanna Touch My Boody We Are Pop In This Club, I’m Tryinna Leave So Soon Re-talk No Drink, Like In My Club, Where In, We Could Smoke, Do Rock. Don’t Wan’ Love, Just Gimme You Blin, B02:58

  • DJ M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. Ft B.K.Make Your Move (Record Mix) I Can Feel Every Bit Inside My Mind I’m Gonna Fly Up To The Sky Don’t Be Shy And Make A Move Into This Groove It’s My Life, It’s The Rhythm That I Make Some People Love, Some People Hate I’ve Been Dancing All The 03:04

  • HaddawayWhat Is Love (Ripto Remix) [Dubstep] - Baby Don't Hurt Me,Oh I Don't Know Why You're Not Fair I Give You My Love But You Don't Care So What Is Right And What Is Wrong,I Want No Other No Other Love,I Need You Forever Is It Love05:36