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  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments01:42

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments01:42

  • Blink-182Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover Live At Reading 2014)01:26

  • Green DayHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:46

  • Blink-182Hybrid Moments (The Misfits Cover)01:31

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments (Michale Graves Vocal)01:24

  • No Use For A NameHybrid Moments(Misfits)01:37

  • The Bouncing SoulsHybrid Moments (The Misfits Cover)02:28

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments01:32

  • Hybrid MomentsHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:52

  • Digital OctopusHybrid Moments (The Misfits Remix)07:52

  • The 23Hybrid Moments(The Misfits Cover)01:31

  • Антон ПетровичHybrid Moments(The Misfits Acoustic Cover)01:27

  • PinsHybrid Moments (The Misfits Cover)01:34

  • Green DayHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover Special For Metallica)01:42

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments01:39

  • Adult Books Hybrid Moments [Misfits Cover]03:08

  • Blink-182Hybrid Moments (The Misfits Cover)(Reading Festival 2014)01:36

  • The Crimson GhostsHybrid Moments [Misfits Cover]01:16

  • Drag The RiverHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)02:58

  • Old ChapsHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:47

  • Планета УтокHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:26

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments01:42

  • The StrayedHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:30

  • Green DayHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover02:22

  • Old ChapsHybrid Moments (Misfits Organ Cover)01:45

  • Me For RentHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)02:08

  • Digital OctopusHybrid Moments (Misfits)01:58

  • ● 1,2,3Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:44

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments02:17

  • The CrittersHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:25

  • Red Key RiotHybrid Moments ["Misfits" Cover]01:33

  • THe Misfits Hybrid Moments01:51

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments01:40

  • Future IdiotsHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:43

  • Pangea UltimaHybrid Moments Misfits Cover (Demo)01:27

  • WavvesHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:38

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments (Rare Version)01:45

  • The MisfitsHybrid Moments (recorded At C.I. Recording, Inc. In 1978)01:48

  • Red ArmyHybrid Moments ((c) Misfits)01:40

  • No Use For A NameHybrid Moments [Misfits Cover]01:37

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments (8 Bit)01:17

  • A Sunny Day In GlasgowHybrid Moments (The Misfits Cover)01:40

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments (`96 Live)01:27

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments01:40

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments01:32

  • Zumbis Do Espaço05. Hybrid Moments (misfits Cover)01:28

  • ArchfiendHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:57

  • AbdullahHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:25

  • Dreams In HellHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover) (demo)02:01

  • Idiot PilotHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)02:07

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments 01:39

  • MisfitsHybrid Moments01:40

  • The Murder City DevilsHybrid Moments (misfits Cover)01:47

  • Too SquareHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:30

  • Old Yellow Hippie CarHybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)01:38

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