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  • ♫ J.a.m.e.s. .B.l.u.n.t.You're Beautiful .. My Life Is Brilliant. My Love Is Pure. I Saw An Angel. In This I Am Sure. He Smiled At Me In The Subway. He Was With Another Woman. But I Will Not Lose Any Sleep About That Because I Have A Plan. You're Beautiful 03:33

  • MURA MASA & YUNG BAE I Bought My Girlfriend Omega Ruby For 3DS And She Called Me An Otaku02:38

  • HospitalTake Me By The Hand The Sun Goes Down Again In Your Cold Eyes I Saw An Empty Street I Saw The Blood Red Sky So Come With Me Tonight There Is Nothing I Can Do With My Feelings There Are So Many Mistakes I’ve Done Before Everytime You Rise I Am S03:30

  • CazwellMeet Me At The Ice Cream Truck I'll Be You An Ice Cream I'll Whip Out My Drumstick That Will Make Your Eyes Gleam Lick It Up Quick - Before It Melts On The Floor I Got It! Uno-dos-tres-quatro Gimme Some More OK!02:18

  • Laurent Wolf No Stress(I Don’t Wanna Work Today Maybe I Just Wanna Stay Just Take It Easy Cause There Is No Stress. I Know It’s Not An Awful Crime Something Special In My Mind Nothing’s Gonna Cause Me Distress.)05:34

  • 3-11 PorterSurround Me With Your Love04:20

  • David Guetta & Rihanna*Whos That Chick?* Feel The Adrenaline Moving Under My Skin, It's An Addiction, Such An Eruption, Sound Is My Remedy Feeding Me Energy Music Is All I Need Baby, I Just Wanna Dance, I Don't Really Care, I Just Wanna Dance I Don't Really Car05:05

  • ℒಎℬ-> Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand Darling.. Do You Feel My Heartbeating? Do You Understand..? Do You Feel The Same Or Am I Only Dreaming..Is This Burning An Eternal Flame?..03:32

  • HospitalGoral There Is03:30

  • Atomic Kitten-Eternal FlameClose Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand, Darlin` Do You Feel My Heart Beating Do You Understand Do You Feel The Same Or Am I Only Dreaming Is This Burning An Eternal Flame 03:13

  • Chuckie Vs LMFAOLet The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch When I Step On The Scene Ya'll Know Me, Cause I Walk With A Limp Like An Old School Pimp Or A Real O G I Rocking VANS I'm In The Sand I've A Got A Red Bull And Vodka Up In My Hand Hey, You're Looking04:51

  • P.Diddy Feat. Keyshia ColeLast Night, I Couldn’t Even Get An Answer. Tried To Call, But My Pride Wouldn’t Let Me Dial. And I’m Sitting Here, With This Blank Expression. And The Way I Feel, I Wanna Curl Up Like A Child. I Know You Can Hear Me I Know You Can Feel Me I Can’t Live Wi06:26

  • OST "Flash" By Grant GustinMy Name Is Barry Allen And I'm The Fastest Man Alive. When I Was A Child, I Saw My Mother's Killed By Something Impossible ,And My Father Went To Prison For Her Murder. An Accedent Made Me Impossible ... I Am The FLASH! 00:32

  • Chamillionaire Feat. Akon[Intro - Chamillionaire] I'm Lookin In My Rearview And I Can See A Clearer View Of You This Is The Remix... I See You Waitin, I Know You Hatin... [Chorus - Akon] I See Them Watchin, They Waitin For An Opportunity To Ride Up On Me Hopin They Don't03:11

  • Jazz Dance OrchestraEnglishman In New York [Lounge Fm]I Don't Drink Coffee I Take Tea My Dear I Like My Toast Done On The Side And You Can Hear It In My Accent When I Talk I'm An Englishman In New York See Me Walking Down Fifth Avenue A Walking Cane Here At My Side 04:50

  • David GreyLorem Ipsum Is Simply DI Wanna Hold You Now Sail Away With Me Honey I Put My Heart In Your Hands Sail Away With Me Honey Now, Now, Now Sail Away With Me What Will Be Will Be I Wanna Hold You Now Уплыви со мной, милая, Я отдаю свое сердце в твоиLorem Ipsum Is Simply Dummy Text Of The Printing And Typesetting Industry. Lorem Ipsum Has Been The Industry's Standard Dummy Text Ever Since The 1500s, When An Unknown Printer Took A Galley Of Type And Scrambled It To Make A Type Specimen Book. It Ha05:12

  • Aimee AllenDont Touch Me Trust Me U Disgust Me Try To Show Me In Your Daddys Money But Im Better On My Own,i Got Some Things That I Do, Betta On My Own, I Show U How U Turn My Insides Out Get The Hell Away From Me, Its An Emergency, Turn Me Black And Blue Get The H02:59

  • Andru Donalds Hurts To Be In Love More And More Your Kiss Feels Like An Half Open Door I Can't Get In Please Stop Me Before I Begin It Hurts To Be In Love When You've Never Gained Enough It Hurts To Be In Love Send This Urge Keeps My Body Right On The 03:31

  • ScorpionsSend Me An Angel - Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra (with My Vocal)05:19

  • Dj Ill Will Feat. Ya Boy - Life Of A Rockstar Big Bottles, Champagne Poppin' At My Table Wylin Out With Ya Dame Watchin' I Live The Life Where Being A Broke Nigga Is Not An Option Me And My Ballin' Friends Came For The Same Object Big Fancy Watches, Who Cares What The Time Is I 04:14

  • (Ohh Wooaahhh) X3 You Know You Love Me I Know You Care Just Shout Whenever, And I'll Be There You Want My Love You Want My Heart And We Would Never, Ever, Ever Be Apart Are We An Item? Girl Quit Playin' We're Just Friends, What Are YoOhh Wooaahhh) X3 You Know You Love Me I Know You Care Just Shout Whenever, And I'll Be There You Want My Love You Want My Heart And We Would Never, Ever, Ever Be Apart Are We An Item? Girl Quit Playin' We're Just Friends, What Are You Sa03:04

  • Arctic Monkeys-Are You Mine?I’m A Puppet On A String Tracy Island Time-traveling Diamond Coulda Shaped Heartaches Come To Find Ya Fall In Some Velvet Morning Years Too Late She’s A Silver Lining Lone Ranger Riding Through An Open Space In My Mind When She’s Not Right There Beside Me03:25

  • Patty RyanSeems You're An Angel From The Sky You Fill My Fantasy The Way You Look Takes Me So High You're Everything To Me...04:12