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  • Thomas Anders & Uwe Fahrenkrog - GigoloI Get Glass I Get Style You’re In Love You Want Me To Stay For A While Novel Be The Man By Side Mister IT Got No Heart Got My Soul It’s So Cool I Let You Think That You’re In Control It’s A Game You Just Can’t Way You Can Win Just Remem03:21

  • Cool Caz ,Sway And King Tech, Motion Man, Mysterme, The B.U.M.S.Wake Up Show Theme Intro (1994)03:19

  • Joe PetersenNah It's Cool Man03:20

  • Cypress HillHit 'em High (The Monstar's Anthem) Feat. Method Man, Coolio, Ll Cool J & Busta Rhymes04:18

  • Cool Man CoolIt's Over (Basement Love Edit)02:47

  • XXL Feat. P. ''Cool Man'' SteinerIt's Cool Man03:07

  • 2Pac,Notarious B.I.G.,Method Man,LL Cool J&EminemWhat's The Beat04:52

  • A&A Groove Armada History - "Oh, I'd Rather Walk Away, Pretend That It's All Okay, Than Ask Mister Cool To Stay, The Man's In A World Alone"04:12

  • XXL Feat. Peter SteinerIt's Cool Man03:08

  • Cool Man Cool It's Over (Basement Love Edit)02:48

  • CYPRESS HILLHit 'Em High (The Monstar's Anthem) Feat. METHOD MAN, COOLIO, LL COOL J & BUSTA RHYMES04:18

  • B-Real Feat. Method Man ,Coolio,LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes Hit 'em High (The Monstar's Anthem)04:17

  • Chris ReaThe Man's So Cool04:14

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Video Cut)03:09

  • Very Cool PeopleIt's A Man's, Man's, Man's World04:40

  • Trees On MarsHey Man, That's Not Cool02:27

  • XXL Featuring: P. "Cool Man" SteinerIt's Cool Man (La Montana Berg Cut)03:15

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (La Montana Cut)04:14

  • The Cool KidsWhat's Up Man? (CR^NKN Remix) {DUB PRO}04:32

  • Two CowboysEverybody Gonfi-Gon (It's Cool Man-Remix)05:23

  • XXL Meets P.'Cool Man' Steiner It's Cool Man (Apres Ski Cut)03:18

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Base Line Cut)04:00

  • Die MainzelmännchenIn Den Pool Gehen (It's Cool Man)03:08

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Italian Remix Cut)05:17

  • B-Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method ManHit 'Em High (The Monstar's Anthem) (Remix)04:31

  • MainzelmännchenIn Den Pool Gehen (It's Cool Man)03:10

  • The Cool KidsWhat Up Man (What's Happening Bro)03:29

  • WaldoCool Lover (Re-Union's Cool Man Mix)04:24

  • XXL Feat. P. ''COOL MAN'' STEINERIt's Cool Man (La Montana Cut)04:14

  • Cool HouseRock This Party Right (Martin's Boogie Man Mix)05:06

  • XXL Feat. P. ''COOL MAN'' STEINERIt's Cool Man (Apres Ski Cut)03:17

  • You're Scared MehThat's Not Cool, Man00:06

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Italian Remix 2 Cut)04:35

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Delete Cut)06:03

  • THE COOL KIDSWhat's Up Man03:00

  • B-Real,Busta Rhymes,Coolio,LL Cool J & Method ManHit 'Em High (The Monstar's Anthem)[Extended Version]04:45

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Apres Ski Cut)03:17

  • Two CowboysEverybody Gonfi-Gon (It's Cool Man Remix)05:23

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Lila Schocki Cut)03:51

  • MAN'S COOLAlways (Microbots Trance Dance Mix)01:38

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (La Montana Berg Cut)03:15

  • Cool Wise ManKing's Boogaloo (feat. King Stitt)04:49

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Wicked Cut)05:49

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (Beard Cut)05:42

  • Cool Story Teller's Anti-butthurt One-man Musical ProjectWireless03:44

  • Eyes Everywhere Big Girl (Thee Cool Cats Remix) S.MAN06:49

  • Daft PunkStronger (Cool Keedz & Voltech Remix) S.MAN05:31

  • Electric ZoomIt`s Cool Man02:29

  • Man In The Moon Feat. Oli S.Cool Off Chillout - Perfect Ha02:30

  • Cool Story Teller's Anti-butthurt One-man Musical ProjectTurn The Tide (Stage 04)03:01

  • Joe KThis Feeling (Cool Keedz & Antdot Remix) S.MAN06:53

  • La-Le-Lu — Electronic Mix, Vol. 1It's Cool Man Originally Performed By XXL; Karaoke Version03:04

  • Cool Story Teller's Anti-butthurt One-man Musical ProjectHyoukai01:52

  • XXLIt's Cool Man (1993г)03:08

  • EDXCool You Off (Deep Matter Remix) S.MAN05:02

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