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  • MalukahSkyrim: The Dragonborn Comes (by Female Cover)02:01

  • MalukahFrozen Sleep03:05

  • MalukahMisty Mountains (The Hobbit Cover)01:58

  • MalukahReignite03:13

  • MalukahGame Of Thrones02:03

  • Elder Scrolls Online Song By MalukahBeauty Of Dawn03:32

  • MalukahAlways Running05:55

  • MalukahThe Age Of Aggression (Skyrim Cover)02:13

  • MalukahLeliana's Song02:52

  • MalukahSisters Of Salvation04:07

  • Epic ScoreMalukah02:51

  • MalukahThe Rains Of Castamere 01:56

  • MalukahWhere Are We Going02:24

  • Jeremy SouleThe Dragonborn Comes (OST The Elder Scrolls V- Skyrim) (Malukah Bard Cover) [NIKITOS Mix Long Version]04:59

  • НеизвестенMe Singing _The Dragonborn Comes_ - Skyrim - (Malukah's Version)01:58

  • MalukahI Can't Make It Rain04:00

  • MalukahRains Of Castamere02:45

  • MalukahFrozen Sleep - Halo 4 / Cortana Tribute Song03:09

  • Reignite By Headhunterz & Malukah (TLP Vocal Remix)Без названия04:59

  • MalukahThree Hearts As One02:14

  • MalukahPriscilla's Song - The Wolven Storm - The Witcher 3 Cover04:00

  • MalukahThe Dragonborn Comes (Skyrim)02:01

  • Age Of Aggression Skyrim Cover By Malukah02:11

  • MalukahFrozen Sleep03:01

  • MalukahTale Of The Tongues03:32

  • MalukahDragon03:34

  • Elena Siegman Feat. MalukahArchangel05:10

  • MalukahTale Of The Tongues – Skyrim03:32

  • MalukahReignite (MuzMes Remix)04:13

  • MalukahThe Banner Saga Medley 03:18

  • MalukahReignite (MuzMes Remix)◄DUBstep F.B.and S►04:13

  • R. Armando MorabitoOne More Time (feat. Malukah & Tina Guo)06:47

  • Song By Malukah The Elder Scrolls OnlineBeauty Of Dawn03:34

  • Miracle Of Sound Ft. MalukahLegends Of The Frost03:30

  • MalukahBeauty Of Dawn03:43

  • MalukahThree Hearts As One - The Elder Scrolls Online Bard Song (cover)02:11

  • Malukah Reignite (Mass Effect Shepard Tribute Song) (D3mo Trance Version)04:34

  • MalukahGame Of Thrones Theme & The Children Cover03:19

  • Guild Wars 2 Cover By Taylor, Lara, And MalukahFear Not This Night04:57

  • MalukahReignite (Mass Effect 3: Shepard Tribute Song)03:13

  • Syna Vs Malukah The Rains Of Castamere (Game Of Thrones Remix)02:20

  • MalukahMisty Mountains - The Hobbit Cover 01:56

  • The Dragonborn Comes (Skyrim) Female Cover - By MalukahThe Dragonborn Comes (Skyrim) Female Cover - By Malukah02:01

  • MalukahReignite (OST Mass Effect)03:10

  • СадираЯ восстану вновь (Mass Effect, Malukah Cover)03:27

  • Leliana's Song Dragon Age- Origins Cover By Malukah02:58

  • MalukahTales Of Tongues03:32

  • MalukahTale Of The Tongues (песня бардов Скайрима-сказ о Языках) - Skyrim Cover02:16

  • Miracle Of Sound Ft. MalukahLegends Of The Frost (Original Skyrim Song)03:04

  • Headhunterz Ft. MalukahReignite (The Pelgrimz Remix)06:22

  • MalukahAlways Running05:59

  • Malukah Age Of Oppression02:49

  • Headhunterz Feat. MalukahReignite (Twist3d Boys Bootleg) 04:03

  • Malukah FenixFrozen Sleep - Halo 4 Cortana Tribute03:09

  • Alex Pfeffer Feat. MalukahThrough The Night03:05

  • MalukahMalu's Original Bard Song Tribute To Skyrim.128.mp300:47

  • MalukahThe Banner Saga Medley (ft.Taylor Davis)02:39

  • MalukahI Follow The Moon03:48

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