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  • Instalok Excuses Ft. LUNITY02:56

  • InstalokExcuses Ft. LUNITY (PARODY Eminem,Rianna - Monster)02:56

  • InstalokAna Said Ft Lunity [Overwatch]. Uploaded By Dark Side Legion03:11

  • InstalokUse Your CC Ft. Lunity (Maroon 5 - Sugar PARODY)02:33

  • LUNITYDUO WITH YOU (I Really Like You By Carly Rae Jepsen) | League Of Legends 02:51

  • InstalokThis Is Harrowing Ft. Lunity, Sky, Redmercy, Lilypichu (This Is Halloween PARODY)02:26

  • Lunity (Paramore)AIN'T IT FUN03:53

  • LunityDear Mr. Feeder03:19

  • LUNITYBLAME ME (Break Free By Ariana Grande Ft Zedd)03:33

  • InstalokThe Curse Of The Random [TP's Up] Ft. Lunity (Evanescence - Bring Me To Life PARODY)03:14

  • InstalokExcuses Ft. LUNITY02:56

  • InstalokDoom Bots Ft. Lunity, Dunkey, Siv HD, Sp4zie, And Sky (Ariana Grande - Problem PARODY)02:41

  • LUNITYCHALLENGER (Royals By Lorde) - League Of Legends Parody03:37

  • InstalokExcuses Ft. LUNITY (Eminem - The Monster Ft. Rihanna PARODY)02:56

  • LUNITYWRECKING BALL - Miley Cyrus - League Of Legends Acoustic Parody02:48

  • LunityNEXUS (Jealous By Nick Jonas)03:18

  • LUNITYREALLY DON'T CARE Ft. Nicki Taylor -05:12

  • InstalokTaliyah (DNCE - Toothbrush PARODY) Ft. Lunity (Uploaded By Dark Side Legion)02:56

  • FalconshieldThis Is War 2 (Piltover Vs Zaun) [feat. AntiRivet, Badministrator, Lunity, Stephanos Rex, LilyPichu And Nicki Taylor]07:24

  • LUNITYKeep On Losin'03:00

  • InstalokThis Is Harrowing Ft. Lunity, Sky, Redmercy, Lilypichu (This Is Halloween PARODY)02:26


  • LunityWe Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Parody - League Of Legends03:04

  • LunityA Thousand Miles LoL Parody05:49

  • Instalok Ft. LunityGangplank Vs Miss Fortune (Rap Battle)02:08

  • Lunity Ft. Nicki Taylor (Demi Lovato Ft. Cher Lloyd Cover)REALLY DON'T CARE - League Of Legends Parody03:29

  • LUNITY (TEAM)TEAM (Lorde | LoL Parody)03:11

  • LunityLoL LOVE SONG (Mario Kart Love Song By Sam Hart) - League Of Legends Parody02:39

  • LunityOde To Support03:48

  • LunityA THOUSAND MILES - Vanessa Carlton - League Of Legends Parody04:20

  • LunitySTILL ULTING YOU - (Still Into You By Paramore) - League Of Legends Parody03:38

  • LunityMe Maybe Parody Cover - League Of Legends03:38

  • LUNITYMiles Away (memhis May Fire Cover)03:31

  • LunityCHRISTMAS MASH UP - League Of Legends Parody (1)03:04