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  • Baby Don't Hurt MeWhat Is Love?03:25

  • Jay-Z Feat. Kanye WestWhy I Love You So03:26

  • AmerieWhy Dont We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)03:19

  • Beyonce Why Dont You Love Me (Jump Smokers Mix)03:40

  • Promise LandWhy I Still Love You (Original Mix)04:19

  • DEATH SPELLSWhy Is Love So Disastrous?02:05

  • GarbageWhy Do You Love Me03:53

  • Dee EdwardsWhy Can't There Be Love02:53

  • Benny Benassi X Black RoseWhy Love Is Gonna Save Us (Sergevegas Remix)03:30

  • BashunterAll I Ever Wanted Was To See You Smiling I Know That I Love You Oh Baby Why Don’t You See All I Ever Wanted Was To See You Smiling All I Ever Wanted Was To Make You Mine I Know That I Love You Oh Baby Why Don’t You See That All I Ever Wanted Was You And M02:59

  • оленибитсWhy Love Ends?02:48

  • BeyonceI Don't Know Why You Love Me 03:58

  • Dan BalanJady's Love Line (New 2o1o)Dan - She Looked Me In The Eyes Saw Another The Game But Why Am I Freaked Out Might Have To Fake My Name Maybe This Could Be Stronger And Stronger Now She's Staring Longer And Longer, Stronger Girl - He Looked Me03:34

  • Jay Z & Kanye West Feat. Mr. Hudson & CassiusWhy I Love You So (Schoolboy Remix)04:20

  • OSTWhy Can't There Be Love (песня из рекламы Adidas)02:44

  • Suzy (miss A) 왜 이럴까 (Why Am I Like This) - 너사시 (The Time We Were Not In Love) OST03:38

  • Rnkrn†Why Trample My Love03:47

  • CassiusI <3 U So (Ooh, I Love You So But Why I Love You I'll Never Know)03:45

  • Ne-yoMiss Independent---she Got A Wrong Thing Thats Why I Love Her...03:51

  • Kaimo K & Sarah RussellWhy Can't You Love Me (Original Mix)06:50

  • Miley CyrusWe Clawed03:48

  • Axwell & Sebastian IngrossoWe Come We Rave We Love (Dirty Dishes & Why Stop Bootleg)03:04

  • The KolorsWhy Don't You Love Me?02:40

  • Zedd&FoxesIf Our Love Is Tragedy Why Are You My Remedy?03:28

  • Phony PPLWhy III Love The Moon05:31

  • Promise LandWhy I Still Love You (Original Mix)03:15

  • Ivan NevilleWhy Can`t I Fall In Love?04:02

  • медляк Thomas Anders ♥ Time To Decide Say Hi Or Good Bye Why... Why Do You Cry, Wonderful Lady? Why Do You Cry Fighting A Fear? Just Tell Me Why? I’m Like A Blind Running Behind You. How Many People Just Wanna Be Friends Of Mine How Many Girls I’ve Known In My Life Why Do You Cry Open Your Mind Give Me Your Palm, I Can't Live Without You... Without Your Love… ♥03:49

  • Jay-z Feat. Kanye WestWhy I Love You (dubstep Remix)03:12

  • GarbageWhy Do You Love Me (HeavyGrinder Refix)03:58

  • BeyonceWhy Don't You Love Me (Jump Smokers Remix)03:33

  • Tony MartinWhy Love04:01

  • Влад СоколовскийWhy I Love You04:28

  • RihannaLove The Way You Li On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright Then This Thing Turned Out So Evil I Don't Know Why I'm Still Surprised Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes And You Take That To New Extremes But You'll Alw04:56

  • Ricky TuffWhy Love05:26

  • ★Beyonce Say My Name ,baby ...Say My Name, Say My Name When No One Is Around You, Say Baby I Love You If You Ain't Runnin' Game Say My Name, Say My Name You Actin' Kinda Shady, Ain't Callin' Me Baby Why The Sudden Change? Say My Name, Say03:59

  • BeyonceWhy Don't You Love Me (Remix)03:57

  • Beyonce – Love On TopBring The Beat In! Honey, Honey I Can See The Stars All The Way From Here Can't You See The Glow On The Window Pane? I Can Feel The Sun Whenever You're Near Every Time You Touch Me I Just Melt Away Now Everybody Asks Me Why I'm S04:47

  • Toni BraxtonWhy Wont You Love Me (prod By Harvey Mason)04:30

  • DJ Blago Why Dont You Love Me05:19