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  • Nat King Cole16 Li-zhen's Dialogue/Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is The Moonlight) (In The Mood For Love OST)02:36

  • Nat King Cole(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons03:10

  • Nat King Cole (Natalie Cole) - L.O.V.E ( Love)LOVE(-)02:30

  • Nat King ColeI Wish You Love02:59

  • Nat King ColeLove Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow02:35

  • Nat King ColeBrazilian Love Song (Michaelangelo L'Acqua Mix)04:48

  • Nat King Cole Love (1965)/ LP29:35

  • Nat King Cole Love (минус)02:16

  • Nat "King" ColeA House With Love In It02:11

  • Nat King ColeLove Walked In03:28

  • Nat King Cole Feat. Michaelangelo L'Acqua & Bebel GilbertoBrazilian Love Song 04:48

  • Nat King ColeLove02:32

  • Nat King ColeTakin' A Chance On Love02:05

  • Nat King ColeFor Sentimental Reasons ( I Love You ) [OST As Good As It Gets]03:07

  • Nat King Cole (Natalie Cole) - L.O.V.E ( Love)Без названия02:32

  • Nat King Cole (Natalie Cole) _ .·•° ♫_ L.O.V.E ( Love)МИНУС _оригинал_ Club1892108902:41

  • Nat King Cole Feat Bebel GilbertoBrazilian Love Song [club47976767]04:35

  • Nat King ColeThis Can't Be Love02:33

  • Nat King Cole Love Is All That I Can Give To You Love Is More Than Just A Game For Two Two In Love Can Make It Take My Heart And Please Don't Break It Love Was Made For Me And You... ♥ 04:39

  • Nat King ColeWild Is Love02:03

  • Nat 'King' ColeWhen I Fall In Love03:11

  • Natalie ColeWhen I Fall In Love (duet With Nat 'King' Cole)04:11

  • Nat King ColeThe Way I Love You02:52

  • Nat King ColeI Got Love02:12

  • Nat King Cole TrioI'm Thru' With Love (1946)02:55

  • Nat King ColeI Just Found Out About Love02:47

  • Nat King ColeI Wish You Love02:59

  • Nat King ColeLove Is Here To Stay02:49

  • Nat "King" ColeLove Is The Thing/ 1996/ LP 43:01

  • Nat King ColeLOVE 02:28

  • Nat King ColeI Love You (For Sentimental Reason)03:03

  • Nat King Cole Cherie I Love You (SW 28)02:59

  • Nat King ColeLet There Be Love 02:44