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  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • InnaHot [You Belong To Me... I Belong To You... Fire From My Heart.. Burning Just For You.. When You're Far Away I`m In Love With You Feeling That So High Walking Like Do You... Walking Like Do You... Fly Like You Do It Like You&#03:35

  • ZlataMy Bunny, I Love You.. I Love You) My Honey, I Need You.. I Need You. So Love Me)03:28

  • Elvis PreslyOh, My Love, My Darling I've Hungered For Your Touch, A Long Lonely Time And Time Goes By, So Slowly And Time Can Do So Much Are You, Still Mine? I Need Your Love, I Need Your Love God Speed Your Love To Me Lonely Rivers 03:36

  • Simple PlanYour Love Is A Lie...You Look So Innocent But The Guilt In Your Voice Gives You Away Yeah You Know What I Mean How Does It Feel When You Kiss When You Know That I Trust You And Do You Think About Me When He Fucks You? Could You Be More Obscene?03:42

  • InnaFLY LIKE A WOMAN (You Belong To Me I Belong To You. Fire From My Heart's Burning Just 4 You. When You're Far Away I`m In Love With U.Feeling That So High.Walking Like Do You... Walking Like Do You...Fly Like You Do It.) 03:37

  • Selena GomezI'm So Sick Of That Same Old Love, That Shit, It Tears Me Up03:49

  • CascadaI Need A Miracle (orginal) Boy Meets Girl You Were My Dream,my World But I Was Blind You Cheated On Me From Behind So On My Own I Feel So All Alone Though I Know It's True I'm Still In Love With You I Need A Miracle I Wanna Be03:37

  • Lana Del Rey-Diet Mtn Dew You're No Good For Me Baby You're No Good For Me You're No Good For Me But Baby I Want You, I Want You [Chorus:] Diet Mountain Dew, Baby, New York City Never Was There Ever A Girl So Pretty Do You Think We'll Be In Love Forever? Do You Th03:39

  • STILNIKღ My Baby Love Me You So Much Forever You And I... I Love You...Oh I Love You So Much Forever You And I ღ03:25

  • Rihanna & Calvin Harris Vs. Carly Ray JepsenMaybe We Found Love (So Call Me) Http://

  • Lalo Project Feat AelynListen To Me (Dj KreCer Mash-up 2011) - By Jagel Collection.I Think Of You. I Am Whispering , I Am Singing This My Song For You. So Sad… You Must Be Think About I Am Waiting For Your Love... Just Look Around. I Need… To Be With You Tonight. I Want Be W04:46

  • John NewmanLove Me Again No I've Done Wrong, Left Your Heart Torn Is That What Devils Do? Took You So Long, Where All That Force Go? I Shook The Angel In You Now I'm Rising From The Ground Rising Up Toward You Filled With All The Strength I've Fou02:56

  • A Fine FrenzyNear To You - I Loved Him So But I Let Him Go 'Cause I Knew He'd Never Love Me Back04:35

  • Dan BalanCrazy Loop(You’ll Be Hurt If You’ll Kiss Me You Gotta Gotta Believe Me But If You Want It So Badly Then Why Don’t You Say So, Lady.And If You’d Wanna Take It BackYou Don’t Wanna Take It Back You Don’t Wanna Take It Back, My Love Don’t You Wanna Love?Bab03:34

  • Nicole Scherzinger -You Are My Baby LoveIn A Minute Now We're Still Holding It Down Butterflies Everytime He Come Around You Make Me, So Crazy, Its Crazy, Ohh Baby I Don't Ever Wanna Be With No One Else You're The Only One That Ever Made Me Mad You're Special, Boy It's Your,03:34

  • CiaraLove Sex And Magic Your Touch Is So Magic To Me The Strangest Things Can Happen The Way That You React To Me I Wanna Do Something You Can’t Imagine Imagine If There Was A Million Me’s Talking Sexy To You Like That You Think You Can Handle Boy If I Give Yo03:36

  • Greensleeves - флейта Alas, My Love You Do Me Wrong To Cast Me Off Discourteously And I Have Loved You So Long Delighting In Your Company. Greensleeves Was All My Joy Greensleeves Was My Delight Greensleeves Was My Heart Of Gold And Who But My Lady Greensleeves. I Have B01:43

  • Modjo Lady...hear Me Tonight Cos My Feelin’ Is Just So Right As We Dance By The Moonlight Cant You See Your My DelightLady.. I Just Feel Like I Wont Get You Out Of My Mind I Feel Love For The First Time And I Know That Its True I Can Tell By The Look In Yeas (03:54

  • Jesse RhodesLove Me So Bad(Ost GirlHouse)03:28

  • ツ ツ ツ ...♥ιllιlι.ιl..♥.ιllιlι.ιl Listen To Me, Looking At Me,I Am Think Of You. I Am Whispering , I Am Singing This My Song For You. So Sad..You Must Be Think About I Am Waiting For Your Love. Just Look Around. I Need To Be With You Tonight,I Want Be With Like, So Don't Give Up03:37

  • Bruno MarsWell Looky Here Looky Here Ah What Do We Have? Another Pretty Thang Ready For Me To Grab But Little Does She Know That I'm A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing 'Cause At The End Of The Night It Is Her I'll Be Holding I Love You So That's Wha02:22

  • KameliaI’m Sitting Alone Drinking Alcohol I'm Writing A Song About You I Know It’s So Sad, Maybe Even Mad But I Know What You’re Doing Behind My Back You Say You're In Love, In Love With Me But I Know That You're Lying To Me02:53

  • Beyonce - ✭Baby Boy✭Crazy In Love✭ (X-SIVE Special For Mari By Anton (c) )Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind, I Think About You All The Time!! ✭ Lookin So Crazy Your Love's Got Me Lookin.. Got Me Lookin So Crazy Your Love!!)04:02

  • Merry ChristmasCristmas Is All Around I Feel It In My Fingers I Feel It In My Toes Christmas Is All Around Me And So The Feeling Grows It's Written In The Wind It's Everywhere I Go So If You Really Love Christmas C'mon And Let It Snow You Know I Love Chri03:52

  • De Javu-I Cant Stop (Ibiza Sunshine Remix) (2010)The Moment's Looking Right..Just Love And Not A Fight..So Tonight I Think We're Gonna Make…it Happen..Your Voice Gives Me Desire…Just You Can Give That Fire…So Baby Can't You See…You Are The Only One For Me…I Can't Stop Thinking Of You..&a04:22

  • ••★●•° Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West - E.T. (Noisia Remix - Vocal DJ Edit)Kiss Me, K-k-kiss Me..infect Me With Your Love, And Fill Me With Your Poison..take Me, T-t-take Me..wanna Be Your Victim, Ready For Abduction..boy, You're An Alien, Your Touch So Far Away..its Supernatural, Win..••★●•°04:15

  • DabstepI Love You...and Miss You So...Don't Leave, Be With Me Always..03:20

  • Urge OverkillGirl, You'll Be A Woman... Soon I Love You So Much, Can't Count All The Ways I've Died For You Girl And All They Can Say Is "He's Not Your Kind" They Never Get Tired Of Putting Me Down And I'll Never Know When I Com02:58

  • TiestoI See You And You See Me Theres Only One Thing This Could Be I Think You Know Just What I Mean When I'm With You I Feel So Free And I Love You And I Hope You Love Me Too And I Need You And I Hope You Need Me Too Babe I Just Hope That You Know 05:05

  • Ariana GrandeLove Me Harder (feat. The Weeknd) On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright Then This Thing Turned Out So Evil I Don't Know Why I'm Still Surprised Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes And You Take That To New Extremes But03:56

  • Из Tom's Love LettersMake Me Feel So Good03:09

  • FilterHappy Together (OST "Околофутбола")Imagine Me And You, I Do I Think About You Day And Night, It's Only Right To Think About The Girl You Love And Hold Her Tight So Happy Together If I Should Call You Up, Invest A Dime And You Say You Belong03:03

  • Sunny, Yesterday My Life Was Filled With Rain. Sunny, You Smiled At Me And Really Eased The Pain. The Dark Days Are Gone, And The Bright Days Are Here, My Sunny One Shines So Sincere. Sunny One So True, I Love You. Sunny, Thank You For The Sunshine BouquАлиса Кожикина - 02:01

  • ♥ Lady GaGa Ft. Madonna - KaBoom ♥ KaBoom Be Talking To Me, Like Imma Could Be ‘cause I Could Bare It, He Wanna Touch My Boody We Are Pop In This Club, I’m Tryinna Leave So Soon Re-talk No Drink, Like In My Club, Where In, We Could Smoke, Do Rock. Don’t Wan’ Love, Just Gimme You Blin, B02:58

  • HalocaThis Love This Love I Was So High I Did Not Recognize The Fire Burning In Her Eyes The Chaos That Controlled My Mind Whispered Goodbye And She Got On A Plane Never To Return Again But Always In My Heart This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me She Said Goodb03:26

  • EnigmaI`m All Out Of Love, I`m So Lost Without You I Know You Were Right, Believing For So Long I`m All Out Of Love, What Am I Without You I Can`t Be Too Late To Say I Was So Wrong I Want You To Come Back And Carry Me Home04:11