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  • Akcent-Kylie Kylie Give Me Kylie Give Me Baby, You're The One That Melt My Heart I Swear I'm Not Lying Maybe Tonight I'm Gonna Try My Luck I Can See That You Want Me I'm Dreaming About You Every Night Every Night Kylie Give Me Just A Chance Let's04:07

  • Scorpions Feat. Lyn Leightry & Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraHere In My Heart (Sometimes There's A Time You Must Say , Though It Hurts You Must Learn To Try, I Know I've Got To Let You Go! But I Know Anywhere You Go, You'll Never Be Far!! Here In My Heart, - That's Where Y04:20

  • WaqsLet's Try Suicide, My Dear04:14

  • [Akcent -Kylie]Baby, You're The One That Melt My Heart I Swear I'm Not Lying Maybe Tonight I'm Gonna Try My Luck I Can See That You Want Me I'm Dreaming About You Every Night Every Night Refrein: Kylie Give Me Just A Chance Let's Go Out And Dance04:06

  • Michael Cretu & Andru Donalds Simple Obsession(What About Us Let's Think About Tomorrow With You Not In My Life What About Love As I Try To Make It Every Day I Live Even For The Day Out Of What You Go For It's Hard To Say Goodbye)04:10

  • BotsVIBig City Life Me Try Fi Get By Pressure Nah Ease Up No Matter How Hard Me Try. Big City Life Here My Heart Have No Base And Right Now Babylon De Pon Me Case. People In A Show All Lined In A Row. We Just Push On By It’s Funny How Hard We Try. Take A Moment To Relax. Before You Do Anything Rash. Dont You Wanna Know Me Be A Friend Of Mine. Ill Share Some Wisdom With You. Dont You Ever Get Lonely From Time To Time Dont Let The System Get You Down00:40

  • Backstreet BoysMr A When I Step Into The Club Everybody Shouts Hooray (a) Walking Down The Street They're Throwin' Me My Own Parade And When I Close My Eyes I See Everyone Lookin' At Me Don't Ask Me Why Never Have To Try So Let Me Introduce You03:04

  • ShowtekThe F-Track (Don’t Try To Fucking Understand Me, Just Let Me Escape From Reality Ain’t Nobody Telling Me What To Do Or What Not To Do This Is My Life, This Is My Music, So Fuck You!)04:23

  • NickelBackThink 'bout It Every Second I Can't Get Nothing Done Only Concern Is The Next Time, I'm 'gon Me Some Know I Should Stay Away From Cause It's No Good For Me I Try And Try But My Obsession, Won't Let Me Leave.03:30

  • Stellar KartOnly One 04:04

  • YellowcardOnly One (Here I Go, Scream My Lungs Out And Try To Get To You...You Are My Only One...I Let Go, There's Just No One Who Gets Me Like You Do...You Are My Only, My Only One!...)04:17

  • Zooey DeschanelYes Man!) Let’s Go For A Ride. There’s So Many Lanes That We Could Try. There Are So Many Rules No Need To Obey. Throw My Helmet On Hold On Tight... Oh Yeah You’re Mine Oh Mine. Yes Man!)03:11

  • Biosystem 55Anymore | Let's Try A New Direction, Let's See The Face I Have I Have No Compromises I Swear I Come From Hell I'm Here To Tell My Story I'm Sure You're Going To Bleed...04:48

  • Miley CyrusWrecking Ball (UGROZA Let's Try Trap Remix) | TRAP IS MY DRUG 04:41

  • Maybe I Was Truly Blind To Let You Leak Into My Mind NowI Try To Read The Answer In Your Eyes Are You Really Searching For Someone Who Will Give You More I Won't Let You Bruise My Soul Again, No More05:00

  • LorenzLet Me Try You With My Magic Powers05:42

  • Richard Davis , Sir Roland Hanna , Frederick Waits 1987 Persia My Dear 07 Let Me Try08:54

  • Ken LaszloLet My Try04:31

  • KEN LASZLO" Let My Try "04:25

  • Ken LaszloLet My Try04:31

  • Дима Билан и Юлия ВолковаBack To Her FutureDima Bilan:] I Close My Eyes Still I Can See You Clearly Let It Go Sweetheart Inside Hey [Julia Volkova:] Another Night I Miss You Here Beside Me Try To Figure Out My Life03:00

  • As We Let GoWhy You Try / Sinking Ships & My Love & As We Let Go - Split (2008)02:26

  • Nasri Feat. AkonClick Click Clap (DJDRemix) Clap-Clap Yo! Let's For Here That's Out For My Player, Outs For My Man, -You Know? -Yeah... I Got That One For A Girl, Done For Top Business, Like Too Hollywood Bull Shit, You Can Go And Take That And Try To Never 03:47

  • IniLet My Try Again00:34