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  • Cheat Codes & Dante KleinLet Me Hold You (Turn Me On) (le Swedes Remix)03:45

  • Mag.tLet Me Hold You02:35

  • Bow WowLet Me Hold You03:44

  • Josh KrajcikLet Me Hold You [Album 2013: Blindly, Lonely, Lovely] 04:05

  • Josh ButlerLet Me Hold You (Original Mix)05:17

  • Blue SenseLet Me Hold You (Sunlight Project Remix) X09:07

  • Cheat Codes - Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) [Official Video]02:51

  • Bow Wow Feat. OmarionLet Me Hold You03:20

  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me I Want To Hold I Want To Be Close To You I Never Want To Let Go I Wish That This Night Would Never End I Need To Know Could I 04:21

  • CLUB LIFE 48436 - Cheat Codes & Dante Klein - Let Me Hold You04:13

  • Cheat Codes & Dante Klein Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) (le Swedes Remix)03:45

  • Blue SenseLet Me Hold You (Original Mix) X08:59

  • Bring Me Flowers And Talk For Hours And Ooh I Like YouAnd Ooh I Like How You Make Me Feel Kiss My Face Your Warm Embrace And Ooh I Like You.I’m A Little Scared To Hold You Closer Cause I Just Might Never Ever Let You Go Caught Up In Your Smile I’m Happy As A Child03:48

  • CalibreLet Me Hold You06:36

  • AgnesLet Me Hold You (ONE LAST TIME)03:58

  • [Ringtone] Cheat Codes & Dante Klein Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) 00:30

  • Enrique Iglesias With Whitney HoustonOver And Over I Look In Your Eyes,You Are All I Desire,You Have Captured Me,I Want To Hold You,I Want To Be Close To You,I Never Want To Let Go...Could I Look Into Your Eyes?Could I Hold You For All Time?Could I Could I Have This Kiss Forever, Forever... 04:21

  • SkilletThe Secret Side Of Me I Never Let You See. I Keep It Caged But I Can’t Control It. So Stay Away From Me: The Beast Is Ugly. I Feel The Rage And I Just Can’t Hold It. It’s Scratchin On The Walls In The Closet, In The Halls. It Comes Awake And I Can’t Cont03:12

  • Armin Van Buuren Vs Sophie Ellis-BextorLet’s Bring It Back To You And Me There’s No One Else Around Now Don’t Get Lost In Gravity ‘Cause I Want You To Hold Me Now Nothing Else Matters It’s Just The Two Of Us And If It All Falls Down Nothing Else Matters I Know We’re Strong Enough...02:53

  • EvanescenceIf Only Night Can Hold You Where I Can See You, My Love Then Let Me Never Ever Wake Again And Maybe Tonight, We'll Fly So Far Away We'll Be Lost Before The Dawn03:13

  • Cheat Codes & Dante Klein Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) (DJ.SONGES Edit)04:40

  • If Your Love Is Courage I Can Be Held Go On Do Your Worst I’m Under Your Spell Hold Me Till It Hurts I Close My Eyes Grab Me In Your Waist And Say You’re Mine I Won't Ever Let You Slip Away From My Hands, From My Hands It's Like I'm InSlipping Away!!!03:55

  • (Rington) Cheat Codes & Dante KleinLet Me Hold You (Turn Me On) - Rington.Org00:30

  • Hold Me, Do Not Let ... I Am Only Yours You Always Know About It ..Без названия04:03

  • Lady AntebellumYou Can Make Me Laugh When I Wanna Cry, Don't Let Go,Hold Onto The Love We're Making, Cause Baby When The Ground Starts Shakin, You Gotta Know When You've Gotta Good Thing04:57

  • 13. Laidback Luke Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Till Tonight (Ferry Corsten Fix).mp3Till Tonight ... So Open Up Your Arms, Spread Them Wide_ Nothings Gonna Hold Me Back This Time_ I'll Be Waiting For You All My Life_ Counting Down The Minutes Till Tonight_ Open Up Your Heart, Let Me In_ Let The Love Finally Begin_07:01

  • Shattered MindLet Me Hold You (Enzo Leep Remix)08:23

  • P★A★R★V★I★NIt's Been About A Month And Twenty Days... And Were Going Round And Round Playing Silly Games... Now Your Saying, Slow It Down, Not Right Now... Then You Wink At Me And Walk Away.. Now, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be Known... Hold On, Don03:25

  • Bow Wow Ft.Omarion Let Me Hold You Instrumental04:12

  • Blue SenseLet Me Hold You (Radio Edit)04:19

  • Blue Sense Let Me Hold You (Original Mix)09:37

  • ✰ Bow Wow Ft. OmarionLet Me Hold You ✰06:14

  • Litesound Hold On To Me, I’ll Never Let You Fall (We Are The Heroes)02:58

  • Josh ButlerLet Me Hold You (forthcoming Cajual Rec)02:27

  • Sunrise AvenueI'm Gonna Hunt Until I Get You And When I Get You I Will Love You I Will Hold You, Satisfy You You'll Never Wanna Let Me Go I'm Gonna Kick Them Out Of My Way I'm Gonna Find Us A Place To Stay You Will Love Me, Satisfy Me I'm Gonna Win03:15