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  • Le ButcherettesDemon Stuck In Your Eye02:22

  • Le ButcherettesThey Fuck You Over02:18

  • Le ButcherettesShame, You're All I've Got (feat. Shirley Manson)04:18

  • Le ButcherettesWitchless C Spot03:58

  • Le ButcherettesShave The Pride02:35

  • Le ButcherettesLa Uva (feat. Iggy Pop)03:34

  • Le ButcherettesThe Gold Chair Ate The Fire Man04:59

  • Le ButcherettesReason To Die Young03:41

  • Le ButcherettesLonely & Drunk03:43

  • Le ButcherettesYour Weakness Gives Me Life03:53

  • Le ButcherettesHenry Don't Got Love04:49

  • Le ButcherettesStab My Back04:08

  • Le ButcherettesBurn The Scab03:31

  • Le ButcherettesMy Mallely03:37

  • Le ButcherettesMy Child03:00

  • Le ButcherettesBang!01:46

  • Le ButcherettesThe Hitch Hiker02:48

  • Le ButcherettesMy Half04:42

  • Le ButcherettesMy Half (feat. John Frusciante)04:39

  • Le ButcherettesCrying Out To The Flies05:57

  • Le ButcherettesSold Less Than Gold02:01

  • Le ButcherettesNormal You Were05:11

  • Le ButcherettesPoet From Nowhere03:15

  • Le ButcherettesBoulders Love Over Layers Of Rock02:42

  • Le ButcherettesBlackhead (BONUS TRACK)04:07

  • Le ButcherettesShame, You're All I've Got Ft. Shirley Manson04:12

  • Le ButcherettesBurn The Scab03:31

  • Le ButcherettesThe Hitch Hiker02:48

  • Le Butcherettes02. New York01:58

  • Le ButcherettesOil The Shoe If The Critter Knew Any Better04:10

  • Le Butcherettes04. The Leibniz Language05:31

  • Le Butcherettes13. Mr. Tolstoi03:21

  • Le Butcherettes03. Henry Don't Got Love04:49

  • Le ButcherettesKiss & Kill02:54

  • Le Butcherettes04. Kiss & Kill02:54

  • Le ButcherettesEmpty Dimes04:25

  • Le ButcherettesLonely & Drunk03:43

  • Adanowsky Y Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes)Dont Try To Fool Me12:17

  • Le ButcherettesBang!01:49

  • Le Butcherettes01. Tonight02:37

  • Le ButcherettesFeminist Politics01:05

  • Le ButcherettesThe Devil Lived03:26

  • Le Butcherettes09. The Actress That Ate Rousseau03:04

  • Le Butcherettes05. Moment Of Guilt (by Henry Rollins)01:05

  • Le Butcherettes07. For Your Bleeding03:29

  • Le Butcherettes03. The Leibniz Language (Live)05:45

  • Le Butcherettes01. Feminist Politics01:05

  • Le Butcherettes02. I'm Queen01:37

  • Le ButcherettesThey Fuck You Over02:16

  • Le Butcherettes07. I'm Getting Sick Of You04:05

  • Le Butcherettes01. The Devil Lived (Live)02:27

  • Le ButcherettesDress Off02:14

  • Le ButcherettesI'm Getting Sick Of You04:05

  • Le Butcherettes06. Gold Notebook (Live)02:25

  • Le ButcherettesSix More01:49

  • Le Butcherettes04. Dress Off (Live)01:57

  • Le Butcherettes08. Riko's Smooth Talking Mothers01:49

  • Le Butcherettes11. Dress Off02:14

  • Le Butcherettes06. All You See In Me Is Death02:10

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