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  • Laurie JohnsonHappy-Go-Lively01:57

  • •3x18• Laurie JohnsonBlood In The Gutter02:06

  • Skeewiff & Laurie JohnsonShopping On Acid03:04

  • Laurie JohnsonAnimal Magic00:39

  • Laurie JohnsonTry A Little Tenderness (Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb)01:54

  • Laurie JohnsonBlood In The Gutter02:05

  • Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson10 - Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson - Shopping On Acid03:04

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Bomb Run (Dr. Strangelove OST)02:40

  • Laurie Johnson OrchestraTheme From The Avengers02:18

  • Laurie Johnson's London Big BandThe Professionals05:20

  • Laurie JohnsonMan About Town02:14

  • Laurie JohnsonA Flavour Of The New Avengers07:01

  • Laurie JohnsonModern Moon Landing01:54

  • Laurie JohnsonTubular Bells (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)00:38

  • Laurie JohnsonHijack (Pt.1)03:05

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Avengers Theme (Original 1965 Composition)01:32

  • Laurie JohnsonStalking The Prey (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)03:00

  • Laurie JohnsonChase That Car02:24

  • Laurie JohnsonBloom Of Youth; Father Returns From The Dead (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)03:40

  • The Laurie Johnson OrchestraChapeau Melon Et Bottes De Cuir05:39

  • Laurie Johnson And The London Studio OrchestraJason King Theme02:02

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Ren And Stimpy14:59

  • Laurie JohnsonGirl Attacked By Bats (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)01:14

  • Laurie JohnsonWhen Chiquita Says02:00

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Professionals01:54

  • Laurie JohnsonDoctor Is A Vampire; Peace At Last (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)04:23

  • Laurie JohnsonKronos Goes To The Castle; Carla Is Bait (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)01:34

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Sphere01:15

  • Laurie JohnsonMan About Town01:31

  • Laurie JohnsonNight Of My Nights02:17

  • Laurie JohnsonCaptain Kronos. Vampire Hunter03:13

  • The Laurie Johnson OrchestraThe Avengers Theme02:20

  • Laurie JohnsonThe End Of Lady Durwood (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)01:09

  • Laurie JohnsonFX # 2 - Spooky Strings (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)00:33

  • Laurie JohnsonDoctor Rides To The Castle; Doctor Enters The Castles (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)01:28

  • Laurie JohnsonGala Premiere02:49

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Moon Calf04:21

  • [THE NEW AVENGERS Theme]Composer: Laurie Johnson (from "The New Avengers TV Series. 1976-77, ITV) JUKEBOX CAFE. VK NEW00:47

  • Laurie JohnsonBlood In The Gutter02:05

  • Laurie Johnson & London Big BandThe Profession 03:34

  • Laurie JohnsonI'm Beginning To See The Light02:32

  • Laurie Johnson - Orq. Sinf. De LondresFirst Men In The Moon02:38

  • Laurie JohnsonBlood In The Gutter02:03

  • Laurie JohnsonChase That Car02:24

  • Laurie JohnsonSound Effects # 2 (Captain Kronos. Vampire Hunter OST)00:15

  • Laurie JohnsonSilent01:03

  • Laurie JohnsonThe Bachelor Life00:56

  • Laurie JohnsonOn A Clear Day You Can See Forever02:15

  • Laurie JohnsonMy Foolish Heart02:03

  • Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson10 - Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson - Shopping On Acid03:04

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