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  • Eddie FloydKnock On Wood02:57

  • Ike & Tina Turner And The Kings Of RhythmKnock On Wood02:37

  • South Central Cartel & Jayo Felony & B.G. Knocc Out & Gansta Dre'staKnock On Wood (Remix)04:20

  • Emma StoneKnock On Wood (OST Отличница легкого поведения)01:29

  • Eddie FloydKnock On Wood02:41

  • Amii StewartKnock On Wood (1979)06:20

  • SealSoul Medley (Live): Get It Together / Here I Am (Come And Take Me) / Knock On Wood03:51

  • Syd DaleKnock On Wood02:47

  • Студия 54 (Studio 54) - 1998 Ost10. Mary Griffin - Knock On Wood03:42

  • Murder SquadKnock On Wood (Feat. Gripsta, Sh'Killa, L.V.)05:12

  • [HardStyle] Dj StephanieKnock On Wood05:32

  • Dooley WilsonKnock On Wood (Alternate Version) (OST Casablanca)01:23

  • Max SteinerKnock On Wood (OST Casablanca)01:20

  • Dooley WilsonKnock On Wood01:16

  • Justin KingKnock On Wood02:22

  • Ryan ShawKnock On Wood03:14

  • Murder Squad Nationwide Feat. LV, Gripsta, Sh'KillaKnock On Wood05:12

  • Jose SebeloueKnock On Wood03:52

  • Eric ClaptonKnock On Wood03:19

  • Justine Bateman & The MysteryKnock On Wood02:49

  • Murder Squad Feat. B.G. Knocc Out & Gangsta DrestaKnock On Wood 04:20

  • 14. Amii StewartKnock On Wood-(Последние дни диско / The Last Days Of Disco (1998): OST)03:52

  • SealSoul Medley (Live): Get It Together / Here I Am (Come And Take Me) / Knock On Wood04:26

  • Mary GriffinKnock On Wood03:42

  • Dance UniqueKnock On Wood (Jive)02:25

  • Eric ClaptonKnock On Wood03:19

  • Jackie ShaneKnock On Wood03:48

  • Carlo CalabroKnock On Wood (Original Mix)07:27

  • Triple C's Feat. Rick Ross, Nitty Torch, Gunplay MurdokKnock On Wood05:05

  • Reuben WilsonKnock On Wood06:11

  • Dennis Cruz Knock On Wood (Original Mix)07:02

  • Celine DionKnock On Wood03:56

  • Dj StephanieKnock On Wood04:20

  • Murder SquadKnock On Wood04:51

  • Archie Bell & The DrellsKnock On Wood02:27

  • CloudyheadKnock On Wood05:21

  • North RunnerKnock On Wood03:41

  • Amy StewartKnock On Wood05:26

  • King CurtisKnock On Wood03:02

  • Michael Odex Band Knock On Wood 03:15

  • Диско 90х DISCO BABESKnock On Wood03:20