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  • The KinksThis Time Tomorrow03:27

  • The KinksAll Day And All Of The Night01:39

  • The KinksSo Mystifying02:53

  • The KinksI Took My Baby Home01:48

  • ScorpionsAll Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks Cover)03:15

  • The KinksVillage Green02:11

  • The KinksLola04:03

  • The KinksSunny Afternoon (Alternate Stereo Mix)03:48

  • The KinksPowerman [OST The Darjeeling Limited]04:18

  • The KinksSunny Afternoon (Dive Bella Dive)03:28

  • The KinksI'm Not Like Everybody Else (OST God Bless America/Боже, благослови Америку)03:30

  • The KinksSunny Afternoon03:24

  • The KinksYou're Lookin' Fine02:48

  • Van HalenYou Really Got Me (The Kinks Cover)02:38

  • The KinksSunny Afternoon01:03

  • The KinksYou Really Got Me (Live)OST Battlefield Vietnam (Пылающий дротик)03:40

  • The KinksLittle Miss Queen Of Darkness03:14

  • KinksDays02:53

  • The KinksLiving On A Thin Line04:16

  • The KinksAll Day And All Of The Night 02:38

  • The CrawlsSunny Afternoon (The Kinks Cover)03:08

  • The KinksSunny Afternoon02:52

  • Uncle Acid And The DeadbeatsWicked Annabella (The Kinks Cover)03:10

  • The KinksThe Contenders02:42

  • The KinksYou Really Got Me (OST Миньоны 2015)02:14

  • The KinksVillage Green02:12

  • MotorhedKink Of Kinks03:58

  • Royal KinksBorrowed Time08:35

  • The KinksGotta Get The First Plane Home01:49

  • Temples Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks Cover)03:27

  • The KinksStrangers03:20